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Janapriya Techome project at Miyapur

Janapriya Engineers Syndicate, a popular housing construction company in Andhra Pradesh has announced its latest project in the name of ‘Techome’ (Read it as Tech Home) along with Nile Valley. The ‘Tech’ in the name implies the complete automation of every flat in the project. Janapriya, in AP is always known for its low priced flats and when it comes to Home Automation, there is no better player than Alien Homes in Andhra Pradesh. It will be interesting to see what response Janapriya gets for this latest offering considering that the flats are competitively priced in spite of the home automation.

Flats area and Price

A Techome tower will have 36 flats in total with 4 flats per floor. Each flat ranges from 1355 – 1495 sft and all are 3BHK. The famous Janapriya Super saver offer applies to this project too, where 65% of the flat carpet area has to be paid as down payment at only Rs.1475 per sft. Payment for the rest 35% can be paid in installments.

In addition to the above price per sft, a price of Rs.225 per sft has to be paid for a complete automated home and Rs.60 for a semi automated home. Consumer will have the choice on which one to choose.

(Note that flats in 6th to 9th floor will cost an additional Rs.15 per sft)

A simple calculation for a 1400 sft completely automated flat (in the first 6 floors) at these prices tells us that the price for a flat is less than Rs.26 lakhs. Considering that the project is happening in Madinaguda area of Miyapur, this is extremely aggressive pricing.

Features of Home Automation

Video door phone – To see outside persons before letting them in

8 in 1 sensor and luminosity – To make the lights and fans automatically switch on and off depending on the movement of people

Mood lighting – Lighting in the rooms change in accordance with your mood (?)

Lighting sensors in common area and parking

Automatic opening of gates on approach of a car by making use of the ID card

Doors and Windows Alarm – In case some intrusion happens

Speakers in walls – to listen to pleasant music from the 5 speakers put inside the walls

Automated Curtains raisers for Balcony and Windows

Fan controller

A big LCD Touch screen panel to control any aspect of the home automation.

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  1. Hi,
    can someone give the details of this project? I cant find this in their website.

  2. I read the ad in the newspaper too and found the project interesting. Where can I get more details of this project? I checked the website ‘www.janapriya.com’ but found no details of techome. Also there is a mention of “Separate entry and exits, Privacy like that of an Independent house” in the newspaper ad. Is this true? Can someone give out more details on this.

  3. where can i get all details like brochure about these flats.

  4. I made a visit to janapriya techome see a model house with complete automation and was quite impressed by the standards

  5. I guess for the flat rate to be below Rs.26 lakh that is mentioned here, the rates for flooring, wood work, car parking etc will be additional.

  6. Is it Tech home or Tech me ? Awful naming any way.
    But the project looks good and cheap. I may consider investing.

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