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Janapriya Nile valley review

JANAPRIYA, engineers syndicate is undoubtedly one of those most respected realty developers in the state of Andhra Pradesh. It’s projects in Hyderabad include Metropolis, Janapriya Arcadia, Janapriya Utopia and now, another iconic project with a trend setting sale price. Janapriya presents Nile Valley, that’ll make other developers think about setting their price levels.

Apart from Hyderabad, Janapriya also has developed projects in Bangalore namely, Janapriya Greenwood, Janapriya 1st Avenue and Janapriya Lakeview.

Coming back to the new Nile Valley project from Janapriya, this project is situated in Madinaguda, Which comes in between Miyapur and BHEL. Also, this project isn’t to the road side, but placed a Kilometer or 2 to the right side of the Miyapur BHEL highway (while going to BHEL from Miyapur). So while its not the most convenient location, it atleast ensures that the noise and pollution of the highway stays away from you.

Nile Valley is spread across 44 acjanapriya-nilevalleyres of which 13 acres are currently under development in phase one. If one has to talk about one essential feature of Nile Valley, it has to be the pricing of the flats.

Each square feet is priced at only Rs.1450. But there are some conditions that apply but those are very reasonable. This Rs.1450/sft is applicable to 65% of the flat size/floor area and when paid as a down payment. The rest 35% is priced at Rs.2000/sft.

At this price, a 2 BHK flat with floor areas ranging from 940sft, 990sft and 1050sft will start from only Rs.22.09 lacs.

3 BHK flats have the floor space of 1205sft, 1325sft and 1490sft and will start from 27.61 lacs.

To make it easy for you to pay the initial down payment, Janapriya also provides Loan facilities in partnership with leading financial bodies.

Other basic amenities like Clubhouse, GYM, Swimming pool, Children’s park, Piped gas, Indoor courts for playing badminton, tennis and outdoor courts/space to play other sports etc exists by the way.

Will this be a good buy/investment?

It should be. The prices seem to be extremely competitive. Even the 35% price of Rs.2000/sft is low compared to other developers who are pricing their projects at near Rs.2400/sft on average. And that too, situated inside the Hyderabad city and not some where in the ‘Greater or Outer’ area where most projects arise, this should definitely be a good buy. With stock markets and the economy seeing a slow but steady revival from the ‘great fall’, there may be more good news coming to the reality sector. If that happens, the prices won’t be at these levels but zoom high. Just before that happens may be Janapriya is the one that you should invest in.

Update: The current (as on 30 May 20130) running rates of Nile valley are as follows:

2BHK 1030 sft: Rs.25.8 lakhs

3BHK 1205 sft: Rs.30.1 lakhs

3BHK 1430 sft: Rs.35.8 lakhs

3BHK 1540 sft: Rs.38.5 lakhs

All the above rates are negotiable.

And yes, there have been few complaints about the construction quality and now that the project is few years old, it is advisable to visit the project and thoroughly check for issues.

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  1. Could someone let us know what is the price for square feet in Nile Valley

  2. Please don’t get attracted with the Amenities provided by the builder here. Even though its mentioned swimming pool and gym is there. Its handled by a 3rd party and for each activity you need to pay more than what you pay outside. The people behavior in Club house also very rude. Only 3 activity in club house (swimming gym badminton (one court only)) and priced heavily, extra from the usual maintenance charge. Poorly managed parking slots

  3. Recently taken possession into 3BHK in Block-7, @mrunal as you said flats in Nilevalley at Madinguda very affordable and best in the industry..

    • Hi,

      I am planning to book a flat in Block-2, now price they are quoting is 2300 per sft.
      How is the construction quality. And the price they are quoting is more i think.

      please suggest.

      • I suggest you not book a flat in Nile Valley. Construction quality is way behind today’s standards. There are already leakages from pipes.

  4. Have you recently visited the project. they have finished a tower and it looks great. they are giving occupancy this month. The quality and the price is incomparable. Access is also completed now. I have decided to buy one.

  5. They dont even have a road, you have to cross a river on boat to reach there, cant even think of buying

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