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Jan Lokpal forming parallel Govt is rubbish (in layman’s terms)

When the Government says Jan Lokpal will create a parallel Government, it is simply trying to create doubts and raise useless discussions among people.

How can Jan Lokpal, an institution formed to curb corruption, form a parallel Government?

I thought there is much more that a Government does than simply punishing the corrupt people (at least when forced to). The Jan Lokpal will not take away your share in PSU’s, the Jan Lokpal cannot collect taxes on your behalf from people, the Jan Lokpal cannot issue tenders for building infrastructure projects and at least, it doesn’t even have a source of income by itself. It’s you, the Government who has to fund the institution.

As I said before, some points of the Jan Lokpal bill can be discussed and reached to a compromise state, but I’m utterly disappointed to see the Government not taking things forward by itself until they reach a situation where they have no option but have to.

After all, the Jan Lokpal is being formed to make your job easier so you can concentrate more on doing your actual job, which is to take care of your people and improve their living standards.

In layman’s term, it works like this:

(Jan Lokpal to Government)

“Look Government… you do all the good services you want to do, I’ll not interfere. But, if I find any bad person doing mischievous things, I’ll nail him so that you can continue with your work”.

For someone who doesn’t want to go deep, its as simple as that. And I really fail to think of single reason where Lokpal can even act like a parallel Government.

One thing is for sure, politicians are afraid, not because of what lokpal can to the country, but what it might do to them, their taken-for-granted source of money might stop all of a sudden.

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