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IRCTC CKWL status means waitlist under Tatkal quota (not confirmed)

You might already know about general wait listing process in railways. It is represented by W/L followed by a number which represents your waitlist number. A W/L doesn’t grant you permission to board a train but a RAC does, which is the middle stage between W/L and a confirmed berth.

The above terminology applies if you booked a ticket in General quota. In case you booked your ticket under Tatkal quota and unfortunately get a waitlisted ticket, it will be indicated as CKWL followed by a number. Similar to General quota, RAC follows CKWL (there is no RAC in tatkal; from WL you will either directly get a confirmed berth or remain in WL). A CKWL status after the chart is prepared bars you from boarding the train. In such cases, the passenger will get his ticket price back, minus some transactional charges.

Under tatkal quota CKWL is very common since the ticket purchase happens very fast, especially in busy routes (starting at 10 am). Even though you see tickets status as available, after making your payment you may end up in the waitlist, since there are only few tickets under tatkal quota and many passengers trying to grab them, all at the same time.

Normally speaking, a General quota waitlist ticket has greater chances of getting confirmed than a tatkal ticket. This is even more pronounced in those trains which don’t have good number of berths allotted to tatkal quota.

Note: If you want me to tell if your WL ticket gets cleared or not, please mention the train number (or name), names of the station from where you board and get down, class of travel and date of travel. Better yet, just tell me your PNR number. It will automatically tell all the above details (and just those). I will edit out the PNR number (even though I think it is not something that is sensitive) just in case you mind.

Note 2: I will only monitor the comments once or twice a day, so if you have some thing urgent (like your train leaving in a few hours and you want to know your status), please use the contact form link above or message on facebook (like box on the right).

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  1. Hi Sai,

    I have booked ticket for three Adults as per below Information. Can you please advise if there is any chance of being confirmed.

    PNR No – 4230928061
    Train No – 12779
    DOJ – 19th April 2017
    Boarding Station – Pune
    Arrival – Nizamuddin
    Current Status – TQWL8 / 9 / 10

  2. Hi What does this mean- CKWL/46?
    Is my ticket confirmed?
    Will it be?
    At least will i be notified that my ticket is not confirmed or got canceled?

  3. Hi,

    Can you let me know if the below ticket will get confirmed or not?

  4. PNR NO. 4536829306 , YPR TO BIDR
    PNR STATUS: CKWL31. 32
    DOF: 15-07-2016


  5. ckwl 53. doj: 07/10/2016. from vskp to sbc .prashanthi exp, any chances ?

  6. Requesting you to let me know whether PNR of CKWL will get confirm or not.
    PNR No. 8351957773

  7. Hi,

    Can you please tell me where my ticket gets confrimed or not. Its a Tatkal ticket. When i was booking it is 146, but when i booked ticket itwent to WL/88

    PNR: 4424531650

  8. hi
    my ppnr 4535665325 status: CKWL/92

    is any chance to get tickets

  9. Hi,

    Can you tell me if this ticket will be confirmed ?

    PNR: 4842833025
    Train No: 12797
    Quota: tatkal WL
    waiting list now: CKWL55

  10. Hi Sai.
    I have booked 2 tickets from KJM to MAS.
    Journey Date: 12/8/2016
    PNR: 4422721055
    When I booked its was 62 and 63 CKWL. As of now the status is CKWL 26 and 27.

    Will it confirmed? Need your suggestion. If not confirm need to plan for another option. Awaiting for your reply. Please reply!!!

  11. PNR 4422198687

    Plz tell whether it will get confirmed r not

  12. waiting list (WL-26) passenger can travel in Rajdhani Exp.


      DOF: 15-07-2016


  14. Sir, my delhi-mumbai rajdhani WL is 37 as on date for AC 2 tier for tomorrow i.e. 29th May, 2016. I had booked it 10 days ago. Please advise chances of getting it confirmed.


  16. Hi

    I have booked 2 tatkal tickets in train 16524 Bangalore express..the date of journey is 7 May, 2016.
    1 ticket is confirmed and the other has status CKW1.

    The pnr no. is 4219601315

    What are the chances of ticket getting confirmed?

  17. Hello,

    I have booked a ticket from SBC to BGM in tatkal quota.
    Please see below the details.
    PNR No : 4319274339
    Date of Travel : 30-04-2016
    Train No : 16589
    Status : CKWL 41,42,43,44
    Kindly let me know that, will it get confirm…??

    Thanks in advance

  18. My ticket booking status is ckwl 1 and ckwl 2 for 2AC in 18463 / PRASANTHI EXP From: BHUBANESWAR (BBS) Resv Upto: KSR BENGALURU (SBC), train is tomorrow at 05:30 will it get confirmed?

  19. Hi,

    PNR#4836847323, While booking the tatkal it was CKWL45. Is there any chance of getting confirmed.?
    Train number : 16232


  20. PNR : 4116464690
    tatkal booking

    Kindly let me know the possibility of getting the ticket confirm.

    Thanks in Advance

  21. Can you tell me if this ticket will be confirmed ?

  22. I booked tickets between Howrah and vishakapatnam in tatkal 3AC..and the current status of pnr reads ckwl 5 and ckwl 6..what are the chances of this getting confirmed.. Train is departing tomorrow (jan 22, 2016) night at 835pm

    Pnr no: 6248657491

    • Please predict chances of this PNR 2216220708 getting confirmed.
      Train-NDLS-SDAH rajdhani, Tatkal Quota.
      Current Status-CKWL-1,2

  23. Hello Sai,

    Please see the below journey details.

    Vijayawada to Ahmedabad
    Date : 16-1-2016
    PNR No : 4416042340
    Train No. & Name : 12656 / NAVAJIVAN EXP
    Class : SL : CK
    Status : CKWL/5

    Kindly let me know the possibility of getting the ticket confirm.

    Thanks in Advance

  24. Hi Sai,

    Any chances of the below PNR getting confirmed??


    Status while booking-W/L 24,current -W/L 2

    DOJ: 14/01/2016

  25. Hi,

    Can you tell me if this ticket will be confirmed ?

    PNR: 4315786923
    Train No: 12728
    From Secunderabad to visakhapatnam
    Quota: tatkal WL
    waiting list now: CKWL27, 28

  26. booked a ticket for secunderabad on 1jan 2016 for travel on 1feb 2016 for which i booked and cancelled immediately as i required lower berth and it was not available , i had booked through net banking and i was charged 1024/- for the ticket fare and was refunded only 790/-.

  27. PNR- 8643234955
    And PNR (for return journey)- 8243411168
    Kindly tell me the chances of confirmation…Thanks in advance πŸ™‚

  28. Booked two tickets on Amritsar shatabdi from Ludhiana to New delhi for 06.01.2016. Status on confirm one WL1. Tatkal Executive chair car.
    Chances of getting confirmed


  30. Hi,
    i booked a ticket in tatkal for prasanthi express ,Train No;18464 now it is in CKWL14 status ,is there any chance the ticket may get confirmed?Thanks…..!

  31. Please confirm for PNR 2313202083 25 dec Bhopal shatabdi.

  32. I have booked Tatkal ticket from Bangalore to Nagpur of Sanghamitra Express today and ticket is status CKWL 4. Please tell me the chances of its confirmation

  33. I have booked a tatkal ticket from bbs to howrah jn in puri howrah express, but my ticket has been waitlisted 8, 9, 10. Are there any chances of this ticket getting confirmed? The train leaves tommorrow at 21:47pm

  34. I booked tickets from rajahmundry to chennai for 2AC RLWL 5 and 7 will my tickets get confirmed.


  36. Hi
    I have booked a 2 ticket from Bangalore to Madurai in Taltkal & regular but in tatkal it is in CKWL1,2 & in regular WL31,32 so which ticket i want to cancel either Tatkal or WL train num is “11021”

    Please can you help me…..

  37. hi i haved booked 12864 train 3A ckwl 1 can get the confirmed

  38. i booked 1 ticket from lko to ndls. i got ckwl14 and status is CNF. but seat no. is not desplayed. will i get seat or not

  39. train no 16229 jurny date is 24/9/2015 ckwl 3. this ticket confirm or not

  40. I Booked tatkal ticket for 4th Sep 2015 Kanyakumari Island Express from SBC to ED, my waiting list was CKWL51, when I booked. Today morning it was CKWL 19, Is there any possibility to get ticket confirmed??

  41. I have booked a tatkal ticket in chennai mail. But I got a ckwl/2 . But at the PNR status it is showing the current status is CNF. But i not yet received any confirmation message and coach number details. What does it mean?

    • It means your ticket is confirmed. Coach and berth number will be allotted once the chart is prepared (this is applicable to those tickets which got confirmed from being WL).

  42. CKWL/AVAILABLE, what does it mean ? do i get confirm ticket or it ll goes to waiting list ?

  43. I’ve booked 3 tickets of swarna raj express from ahmedabad to delhi in tatkal. I’ve got the status as CKWL-1,2,3. What does this mean? Will it get confirmed?
    The train is at 17:40 tommorow.

  44. I booked tatkal for Bhuabaneswar to Mumbai on 12/06/2015 , the Ticket Status is CKWL-8 will it confirm ?

  45. My booking status is CKWL3 and CKWL4 in 3AC.for the same train in 2AC WL 3 and WL 4 which will get confirmed

  46. CHHAPRA to CHENNAI CKWL 5 for Ganga kaveri. Any chances of confirmation?

  47. i booked a mysore to howrah express on 10-05-2015 at 10am under tatkal quota 3A it was ckwl 13 and now its ckwl 10 will get conform ? will i get refund if i cancel ?

  48. Booking status is CKWL-41-40 at 10:15 a.m today. current status at 9:00 pm today CKWL-19-20
    Train name – Aravali Exp. Bandra to Mehsana, Sleeper coach. Will it get chance of confirmed?

  49. Hello,

    Today i was trying to book a ticket in tatkal for below details.
    Jodhpur express
    Pune – Ahmedabad
    journey date: 5/5/2015
    train starts on : 4/5/2015

    so tatkal should be done on 3/5/2015 – today

    Now at 9:55 AM when i checked the total seats alocated to tatkal, status was REGRET/CKWL1
    9:58 AM – status was REGRET/CKWL1
    9:59 AM -status was REGRET/CKWL1
    10 AM – status was REGRET/CKWL1
    10;05 AM – status was REGRET/CKWL1

    is there any seats allocated in tatakal for this train?
    when should i book a tatkal for this train////?


  50. i have booked one ticket from bharuch to howrah on 3/05/2015 in tatakal kota waiting list 33 andtrain no.12833 howrah express, will it get confirmed

  51. Hi, i have booked two tatkal tickets…the current status are given below …wat r the chances it’s confirmed….And also it’s booked w/l 23 ck to normal waiting list (w/l 5) it’s allow to travel r not.. ASAP pls….thanks
    # Booking Status Current Status Coach Pos.
    1 W/L 23CK W/L 5
    2 W/L 24CK W/L 6

  52. CKWL1 for LTT. It was on CKWL6 when I booked and by night it came to CKWL1. However its still at CKWL1. Any chance that it might get booked or should I cancel the ticket?

  53. Hi
    I booked a tatkal ticket today…Yeswantpur express from clt to banaswadi. Status is CKWL 40 now. Is there any chance of it getting confirmed?

  54. I booked a ticket from MAS to TEL(tran no:12840) in tatkal , now the status is CKWL34.
    Could you pls. let me know whether it will get confirm or not for today?
    Thanks in advance.

  55. I have booked tatkal ticket for tommorow Chainnai Xpress…Dadar to Reniguta…

    Its CKWL 1 and 2…will it get confirmed?

  56. Hi,

    I booked tatkal 2A tickets from AJMER to BDTS (Aravali Express) and i have got CKWL 3 and CKWL 4.

    Kindly let me know what are the chances of getting it confirmed.


  57. ckwl 6 in train number 12558.. what is the chance of confirmation of this ticket

  58. I booked tatkal ticket of 3AC, total 3 tickets throught irctc. Only one got confirmed. ?

  59. I have booked Tatkal ticket for tomorrow 23 Dec 2014 in PUNE-NAGPUR Express and its showing me status CKWL9 will it be confirmed. Waiting for your reply. when chart is prepared its leaving time is 5.45 PM

  60. What are the cancellation charges for CKWL Tatkal E- ticket.

    • If it is confirmed, you won’t get ANYTHING back. If its WL after chart preparation, you will be refunded complete amount automatically.

  61. Hi
    I have booked a tkt on tatkal 2ac but by the time payment was made it showed ckwl7/ckwl 1 for 29-11-14 on train 11042 chenai mumbai what are the chances of confirmation

  62. I got ckwl32 in prayag raj exp in sleeper class is there any chance of confirmation. Plz tell me

  63. Dear Sai

    Need ur advice. have booked tickets for 3 adults and 1 kid in Bhubneshwar Rajdhani departing from New Delhi on 29 Nov 2014. Currently have 2AC tickets with WL 7, 8 and 9 and 3AC tickets with WL 14, 15 and 16. Boarding is at New Delhi and getting down at Bokaro Steel City. Need your advice regarding probability of getting these clear.


  64. I have got CLWL-1 in Sachkhand express, date of journey 26-oct-14, boarding gwalior to new delhi

  65. Hello,

    I have booked the ticket on 16/10/2014 morning and the PNR status is showing CKWL15. What are the chances of getting it confirmed for tomorrows train 17/10/2014 Pune-NZM Duronto exp.

    Also what is the cancellation process if it doesn’t get confirmed.

  66. Train no 12838,date of journey is 17th Oct 2014. I booked two tickets under tatkal quota. After booking the status was ckwl 7,ckwl its ckwl 3,ckwl 4. Are there any chances of the berths hetting confirmed?? Please reply

  67. I want to book a ticket from kalyan to vadodara on 13th oct. in tatkal. the status shows ckwl3/wl1. what does it mean. If I book the ticket, will it get confirmed, if not can I board the train or I will get refund.

  68. I got ckwl 3 for today’s train after chart was prepared.. will the money be refunded automatically? or should i cancel the e-ticket?

  69. PNR NUMBER- [checked]


  70. My tatkal ticket is under CKWL 1…Train number 16525 ….boarding from ernakulam.Departure tmrw 5:25 pm. Will it get confirmed?

  71. Shashank V Mangal

    Ahmedabad to New Delhi Rajdhani , Date of Journey: 5/10/2014, CKWL – 1. Booked today. Please tell me chances of confirmation. If it is 1, how will it be moved. Will it be moved to RAC. Rush is there coz of festive season.

    • There is no RAC for tatkal bookings. Either a confirmed berth or a WL. Current status (assuming its for 3AC) looks very difficult but ckwl 1 will somehow get confirmed in most cases.

    • My Train number is 11029..From Chinchwad to Miraj ..DOJ : 28-04-2016 CKWL2, CKWL3, CKWL4

  72. Hi,

    I booked tatkal ticket from secundrabad to Gudivada to machilipatnam express 30 sep 2014 i got waiting list 2 & 3 now is there any chances to conform by ticket. 1 oct 2014 my journey date.

  73. I got a tatkal ticket from Bharuch(Gujarat) to Gandhidham(Gujarat) with Sleeper class CKWL 1. Date is 1st October. Will I got it confirmed?

  74. Hi
    Ckwl1/wl1 in takal quota train 12164 chennai to Mumbai for 15 sep 14 any chances of confirmation?

  75. Hi,
    I have booked a ticket from bhopal to chennai, in delhi-chennai rajdhani express for 11th Sept’14 in 3rd AC.
    Its current status is RLWL 3 & 4, what are the chances of getting it confirmed?
    The availability of same train from delhi(source station) to chennai is still more than 300.
    What are the chances of getting my tckt confirmed in rajdhani express.

  76. Hi sai,

    chart is prepared from the origin. my boarding point is more than 24 hrs far from origin. so chart prepared before 24 hrs. So i cannot cancel the ticket now.. so can i file TDR Under chart prepared at origin. Can i get refund?
    PNR IS [checked]
    PLS LET ME KNOW about refund.

    • Sorry santosh, I too don’t understand the TDR process well. I myself have filed TDR twice before (for not taking the journey) but didn’t get any refund in either case.

  77. Hello Sai,

    Please see below our journey details.

    Bangalore to Londa
    Date : 01-10-2014
    PNR No : [checked]
    Train No. & Name : 16508 / JODHPUR EXPRESS
    Class : THIRD AC Quota : GENERAL
    Status : RQWL 18,19,20,21

    Karwar to Bangalore
    Date :04-10-2014
    PNR No. : [checked]
    Train No. & Name : 16524 / BANGALORE EXP
    Status : WL 7,8,9,10

    Kindly let me know the possibility of getting confirm.

    Thanks in Advance

  78. I booked a ticket from secundarabad to bhubaneswar in 3AC in falaknuma express in tatkal quota for tommorow..when I booked its was CKWL/7 and now its showing as CKWL/6..can it be confirmed?

  79. hi i book online ticket for shatabdi 12013 train today now it show ckwl 35 .Will it get confirmed or not. Boarding time is tomorrow 4:30. If it not confirmed, can i travel anyway.




  81. Train no-12634 ,Kanyakumari exp, status up to now is ckwl/24 .Is there any chance to get confirm ticket?
    dept time-5.30 pm frm nagercoil.

  82. hi, i booked a ticket in tatkal in karnataka express from bangalore to bhopal but i m getting ckwl5 but current status is wl3. so plz tell me whether it should be confirmed or not

  83. Hi,

    We have booked our tickets from Bombay to Delhi Train No. 12925 and date of journey is 27.6.2014
    Our waiting list is WL 32,33,34 and 35 (AC 3 Tier). Is there chances of it getting confirmed?

    Also, We are leaving for Pune today (23.6.2014) by Train no 12780 (Goa Express) at 3:30. We had booked Tatkal and its showing CKWL 5,6,7 and 8. I read that every 2 AC coach has 4 seats reserved and I checked and found this particular train has 2 AC 2 tier coaches. Will we able to make it? Also in another website it shows CKWL 9/ Regret.


    • Not sure about the first one. You may have to try for tatkal on 26th.

      The second one, I think you’re talking about the reservations for Government servants and Ministers and Railway employees etc. You could make it if those reserved seats are not occupied by the respective persons or their relatives. Again, not too confidant about this one too.

      CKWL 9/Regret just means that reservation for this class in this train is closed. It’s just a general status and not your tickets status.

  84. Hi,
    I have booked 2 tickets in sleeper coach of sangamitra express (MGS to SBC), but it is wailisted
    status on booking WL 66 ,67
    Present Status WL 30,31
    Travel date 28th june

    Please let me know if it’ll get confirmed or atleast become RAC.
    Thanx in advance.

  85. Hey Sai, i booked three tickets to delhi from tata nagar via bhubaneshwar rajdhani 3AC, 2 months ago… W/L 8, 9 & 10 respectively.
    Travelling Date: 25th June, 2014.
    So can you please tell me if the tickets will get confirmed or i should opt for Tatkal..

    • Earlier the W/L was 20, 21 & 22. The above W/L is the current status…
      PNR NO. [checked]
      One mistake
      DATE is 27.06.14

      • Rajdhani’s are always difficult. But there are decent chances of these getting confirmed. It’s anyway better to try for tatkal keeping the general ones’. Later cancel the unconfirmed one’s (or those which have less chances).

        There are 112 berths in this train for tatkal. Which are actually not that many so you have to be quick while booking.

  86. Hi, I booked a tatkal ticket today 12-06-2014. Before committing for the payment, the status was showing 11 available, however, once I finished paying, I landed on a IRCTC page that stated CKWL24/CKWL14. I need to board this train tomorrow, will it be confirmed till then?

    Also, can you please explain when the Reservation Chart is prepared? Is it 3 hours before the train starts from its origin station or from the station where I’m boarding the train? Your quick response will be highly welcome. Thanks in anticipation.

    • I’m sorry that I couldn’t reply in time for the first question.

      For the second part; chart will be prepared 3-4 hrs before the departure time from the origin station. If there are any big stations in between (where the train stops for 10 mins or more), chart could be refreshed from that station and so on. So if you’re boarding form this big middle station, your chart will be prepared once the train leaves the origin station.

  87. Hi, is there any chances of getting ckwl#1 in navjeevan exp from warangal to vadidra

  88. Hi Sai

    I wanted to know how i can proceed with status showing RLWL21/WL13
    for Bilaspur to Dadar in 3AC quota.
    I am not aware where to find the total quota of 3AC seats in any trains. If I am able to find the same, maybe I can gues as to whether it is worthwhile taking the risk of booking.
    Same query applicable for other class also (3Tier Nornal/3AC/2AC).

    where can i find train wise / classwise quota?

    can you pl help?

    • Just google for the train number. Visit Indianrailinfo site and see the coach composition of that train. Note how many coaches are there for each class. H stands for 1 AC, A – 2AC, B – 3AC, S – SL and so on. SL and 3A have 72 berths in the each coach and 2A has 54 berths in each coach. From there we just do the math.

  89. Hi Sai ,Pls help me out with this is this status means confirmed ticket
    CKWL 7/ CONFIRMED 0000/

  90. Hi Sai Is this ticket confirmed pls let me know .
    CKWL 7/ CONFIRMED 0000/

  91. I have booked tatkal from yeshwantpur to bhopal and [checked] pnr. waiting is 4. Will it confirm tomorrow?

  92. Hi Sai,
    Can you please help me with below PNR [checked]
    Train number 19301

    • I’m sorry for I’m not able to find NAVI code while trying to do a berth availability check. From the PNR, I know that NAVI exists but for some reason I’m not able to search for it. I needed that to see current total wl in general quota.

      It has Four 3AC coaches, which is good but the fact that NAVI is a remote location is a slight disadvantage. So you probably have to wait until it confirms (or not). I’m not able to come to any conclusion.

  93. I have booked 2AC ticket vide PNR number [checked] date of journey is 31.05.2014 from Ahmedabad to Secunderabad in Bikaner-Secunderabad train

    Its booking status shows WL-5 please advise if it will get confirmed.

    • Its difficult. Fact that they’ve closed booking for WL6 says that its difficult for further confirmation. You may have to try for tatkal on 30th. There are 20 berths under tatkal quota.

  94. 16231

    mv to sbc (mayiladuthurai to bangalore)

    3A , WL 3…date of journey 20.05.2014

    What is the chance of this ticket getting confirmed?

    Thank you.

  95. Hi

    I have booked two tickets from Bangalore to Udupi in Tatkal quota. Where as I was able to get one confirmed ticket the other one is CKWL 1 for 17 May 2014. Claas is 2AC

    What is the probability of getting confirmation for the above mentioned ticket.

    Whether Tatkal WL getts higher priority over General WL.

    Earlier I had booked two tickets for the same place and same day and the tickets were in WL position since April 27. There was only improvement of 4 positions and hence cancelled the same.

    Is there any option for converting Wait listed tickets to Tatkal automatically

    Thanks in advance.

    • It depends on the train. If there are 2 or more 2AC coaches then I would think the other ticket too would get confirmed.

      No, tatkal doesn’t have any priority over General. Both have their own quota of berths.

      And, there is no option as such.

      • Hi sai i have booked tickets frm YPR to DEE duranto tatkal for may 17th and got tickets as CKWL 2 please let me does it get confirmed??

  96. Soumyarupa Bakuli


    I am having tickets from Howrah to Vasco da gama on 17th May, 14 in 3A.
    Till now my WL 7 & 8.
    Please tell me shall i cancel the tickets & go for tatkal or wait till today.

    • Assuming this is for Amaravathi Express, may be they will get confirmed. If they don’t confirm by tomorrow, try for tatkal. If you get tatkal, then cancel the general one’s, else if tatkal also gets a waitlist, better to cancel tatkal and remain with General one’s. You will get almost complete refund for even tatkal wl cancellation.

      • Soumyarupa Bakuli

        Thanks Sai…for your valuable feedback…:)

      • Soumyarupa Bakuli

        Dear Sai,

        I have tried for Tatkal. It has WL so i have cancel the tatkal & waiting for my GNWL which is still 7 & 8.
        can you please tell me the alternative way as i have to go to Goa very urgently.
        plz help me.

  97. I am booking tatkal ticket and i See status there is CKWL/Avaliable. what does this mean?

  98. Sai,

    Planning to book Howrah Mail (Train No.12840) from Chennai to Cuttack, in 1st A/C its showing W/L 2..what are the chances of it getting confirmed.

    • Did you book? There’s not even 1 complete 1AC coach, so even though W/L 2 sounds tempting, chances of getting a confirmed berth is pretty low.

  99. Nizamuddin Express CKWL36/ WL30 on 04/05/2014 can be confirmed in case it will be not confirmed then can i get refund?

    • There are more than 1 Nizamuddin expresses’ and also to tell chances of getting confirmed, I need to know the boarding and destination as well as the class of travel.

      Yes, if it doesn’t get confirmed, refund will be made automatically.

  100. TRAIN NO 16231


    MAY 3 CKWL 2


    • If this is a 3A ticket, then I don’t think this will get confirmed. If its a SL tickets, chances are better but not that convincing again.

  101. PNR : [checked]
    Train Number :12213
    DOJ: 03/05/2014
    Status : CKWL12

    What’s the probability of confirmation.

  102. PNR : [checked]
    Train Number :12649
    DOJ: 03/05/2014
    Status : CKWL6/CKWL7

    • Hi, I’m not too convinced about this. There are more chances that this is not going to get confirmed. Still over 60 wl in general quota.

      • Thanks a lot sai , need to find an alternate way now

      • Hi Sai,
        I would be very thankful if you can please check again and let me know what you think , PNR [checked] waiting has gone down by 2 are there any chances it can be confirmed by chart preparation , please let me know..

        • Hmm, I still think this is very difficult. If you haven’t made any alternate arrangements, then you just have to wait till chart gets prepared. May be by 8pm it’ll be done.

  103. PNR No. [checked]
    Train No. 22692
    Date of journey : 02.05.2014
    Booking Status : CKWL 22

    Please tell me whether it will get confirmed.

  104. Train : 12480 / suryanagari exp

    Boriwali (BVI) to jawai bandh (JWB)
    PNR [checked]

    book Date 30/4/2014
    fare date 1/4/2014
    CKWL 65

    Will it confirm or not ?

  105. Soumyarupa Bakuli


    My pnr no. [checked]
    My train is hwh -vsg on 17th May, 14 at 3A.
    I have wl 30 &31.
    So please tell me that whether my ticket will get confirmed?

  106. I have booked a ticket with CKWL waitlist pnr no [checked] from hydrabad to gwalior What is the current CKWL quota and by any chance will this get cleared by tomorrow. as date of journey is 27.04.2014

  107. Hi,

    My journey date is 25-Apr-2014 8.20PM. Train number *22693 H.Nizamudin – Bangalore Rajdhani
    on 24-Apr-2014 at 1:15PM the ticket status is RAC 3.
    What are the chances of me getting a confirm birth.
    A quick response will be appreciated.

    • Either 3AC or 2AC, chances are very high for getting a confirmed berth.

    • Hi my train is August Kranti from Delhi to Mumbai on 31 st May; 4 tickets of 1st AC having pnr no [checked]; are currently showing WL of 11 to 14; any chance as per your experience ?

      • Considering there’s only one 1AC coach, numbers wise this is difficult. But since there is still some time to go, may be there is some chance.

  108. Palani Express, 16001, WL 15 3A for 4th May. Will it get confirmed.

    • Sorry cannot tell at this time. There’s only 1 3AC coach so WL 15 is pretty tough. And even if you make it, chances are high that you’ll only get to an RAC and not a full berth.

  109. Soumyarupa Bakuli

    I have WL 30 & 31 in 3A in HWH – VASCo da gama express.(AMRAVATHI EXPRESS)
    My journey date is 17th May, 2014.
    Will it get confirm?

    • Hi, its a little difficult to tell this early. But looking at numbers right now, its really like 50-50 chances.

    • Please can you advice why does the ladies quota never works for booking tickets for ladies.
      What is the ground rule for the same.
      I have checked many trains on the many routes to book tickets for ladies and all i see is NOT AVAILABLE.

      • It works, although it doesn’t exist in most trains. They don’t allow WL in ladies quota so since there are very few seats they almost always get booked first and hence we’ll see them as NOT AVAILABLE. I just made a search for sample trains which have one or 2 berths left in ladies quota available at the moment, see trains 17606 or 12770.

  110. Abhishek kumar Singh

    My Waiting list is : W/L 1 will get confirm in Tamilnadu Sampark Kranti Express train on 29th May 2014 in 3AC class from Nizamuddin To Madurai?

  111. Hi,

    I booked a tatkal tickets for my family from MAS to PLNI on 17/04/14 in 16001/PALANI EXPRESS. Out of three tickets, I got one confirmed ticket and two CKWL 1 and CKWL 2. Will the balance two tickets get confirmed or not before the travel? Will i get the refund, In case if i cancel that confirmed ticket out of three? Please suggest, Thanks in advance.

  112. my train reservation in tatkal showing CKWL 1 . In train number 22882 , bbs pune exp from secunderabad to pune for 16th april at 17.50. Please tell how much is expectation that it is going to be confirm.

  113. vasco hwh express

    DOJ 13 apr 14

    PNR NO [checked] CKWL2 TATKAL


  114. My PNR is [checked] Train12463– RAJASTHAN SAMPARK KRANTI Dt 11-4=2014 class2A W/L 2
    CURRENT availability on railway website shows CKWL 7. Will I get confirmed ticket ?

  115. Is there any possibility of getting CKWL ticket confirmed with PNR [checked]?

    Journey Details
    Train No Train Name Boarding Date (DD-MM-YYYY) From To Reserved Upto Boarding Point Class
    *19451 GANDHIDHAM EXP 11- 4-2014 BVI ADI ADI BVI SL

  116. Hi!
    I have two Tatkal tickets for the same train – Ranikhet Express – 15013.
    DOJ – 06-04-2014
    Ticket 1 –
    Class – Sleeper
    Status – CKWL11/CKWL8

    Ticket 2 –
    Class – 3AC
    Status – CKWL2/CKWL2

    Which one should I keep? I have to cancel one but have no idea whose chances are more to get confirmed.

  117. Hi Sai,

    Gonna travel a lot in coming months.
    I have booked a ticket with booking status: RLWL 1/ RLWL 1
    Boarding at: Ahmedabad
    Getting down at: Dadar
    Date of journey: 6th April 2014
    Train: BHUJ BDTS EXP
    PNR: [checked]

    Can you let me know if this waitlist RLWL 1/ RLWL 1 will get confirmed or not?

    • Hi. I’m trying to check but the Indian Railways is having some trouble right now. Even PNR isn’t working right now so I don’t know what travel class this is for. But assuming it is 3A, this should get confirmed. If it is 2A or 1A, then its difficult.

      However, there are so many other trains in this route. There are still tickets available in first class in Gujarat express for 6th. If timing is slightly flexible, consider other options as well.

  118. Hi Sai

    Can you please tell us will this ticket get confirmed?

    PNR No [checked]
    Train No 02779
    Train Name : VSG SBC LINK EXP
    From MAO
    To SBC
    Date 31-3-2014
    Class SL
    Boarding Point MAO
    Quota Tatkal
    Availability @ booking : CKWL 13, CKWL 14

    Thanks in Advance.

  119. i booked two tickets – one under Tatkal scheme and another under regular scheme.
    both are for 30th March 2014 from Bangalore to Mayiladuthurai

    I have WL 7, 8, 9 for the regular train in AC 2
    I have CKWL 1, 2, 3 under Tatkal in Ac 2

    The train name is Mayiladuthurai expresss. any chance of 1 of the tickets getting confirmed? Which one is likely? Need to understand which ticket can be cancelled. The train departs on 30th around 7 PM.

  120. Hi,

    Can you please advice me that below mention ticket will get confirm?
    Train No:11022
    Availability status :RKWL 122/WL 81
    From : Bangalore
    To : Londa
    Train Name: Chalukya Express
    General Quota

    Thanks in Advance

  121. I booked ticket now at the time of booking shows 60 availability seats. After taking ticket it showing in the waiting list 46 and 47. Is there any possibility to get confirm the ticket?
    status : CKWL 46/CKWL 45
    CKWL 47/CKWL 46
    If it is not confirm. It will get automatically refund to account?

    • Cannot tell whether it will confirm or not without any travel details. But going by what you said, it appears to be a very busy train, so it might probably not get confirmed. Yes, refund will be automatic if they don’t get confirmed after chart preparation.

  122. Hi Sai,

    I have booked a ticket with booking status: WL 20/WL 1
    Boarding at: Tatanagar
    Getting down at: Ahmedabad
    Date of journey: 30th March 2013
    Train: SHM BHUJ SF EXP
    PNR: [checked]

    Can you let me know if this waitlist WL 20/WL i will get confirmed or not?

  123. sanjeet chand dwivedi

    PNR Number : [checked]
    Booking Status (Coach No , Berth No., Quota) W/L 15,CK
    Current Status (Coach No , Berth No.) W/L 13
    Boarding Date (DD-MM-YYYY) 25- 3-2014

  124. PNR no [checked]

  125. Dear Sai,

    I have booked my ticket on 5/03/2014 for August kranti rajdhani from delhi to mumbai, My date of journey 21/03/2014 PNR [checked] still is waiting list 2. Is it get ot confirm by the date. please give me suggestion.


  126. Hi there!
    My PNR is [checked]
    I have one confirmed and one CKWL On #16316

    Will I get through?


  127. Hi,

    kindly let me know whether my ticket would be confirmed by the end of date of not?

    pnr no- [checked]


    • No chance (unless they add 8 additional coaches). I haven’t seen a more busy train (WL wise) with just a day to go till date.

  128. Dear Mr. Sai,

    I book ticket from surat to wardha for 2nd AC & now the status is RLGNWL 3. Today i also book another ticket in tatkal and status is i.e CKWL 1 Train no. 12844

    Please suggest can i cancel the GN ticket or which one is confirm according to you

    Please suggest, tomorrow i’m going to leave


    • I may be late in replying to you.

      Normally, General is more likely to get confirmed than a Tatkal. If this tatkal is for the same train, then you should keep the General one itself. Tatkal only has 6 berths in this train. So CKWL 1 is no more good than a RLGN WL 3.

  129. Chennai Rajdhni Train# 12434

    PNR : [checked]
    Date : Friday, 14 Mar 2014
    Class : AC 2 Tier
    Status: CKWL-2

    • There is 4 WL in general quota. So I would actually book a General ticket now to jump 2 places. Do it if you can or else keep the tatkal one itself. There is still some chance for it to confirm when the chart is prepared.

  130. Sai

    I have booked 3 tickets in 2AC in NDLS-Ranchi Rajdhani with scheduled departure from New Delhi on 14 March (Friday). Currently its waitlisted at W/L 4, 5, 6. What are the chances of getting the same confirmed?

    Thanks & Regards

  131. Hi ,

    I have booked Tatkal from Rajapalayam to Trichy (pothigai express:12662) ,status is CKWL 3/CKWL 2 (3AC) . DOJ 12/3/2014 .

    Please let me know what are the chances of this ticket getting confirmed in 3 AC ?


  132. Hi,

    Its a great initiative, just googled for some information and got your site.

    Actually I have Waiting list tickets from Jammu to Borivali in Swaraj Express(12472) for 2nd AC dated 29-Mar-2014
    Status till today WL-8,9,10,11

    Plz let me know, will that get confirmed or not.

    Thanks allot in advance. Hats off for your innovative way of helping.

    Gaurav Gupta

    • These should be getting confirmed quite easily by 29th. Status’ may or may not change much will 25th or so but you will see change in the closing days.

  133. PNR Number : [checked]

    Chances of confirmation,
    when i booked it is CKWL 4
    Please confirm.

  134. 14056 BRAHMPUTRA MAIL 28- 2-2014 DLI BGP BGP DLI SL

    Passenger 1 W/L 136
    Passenger 2 W/L 137
    Passenger 3 W/L 138
    Passenger 4 W/L 139

    Will this get confirmed?

  135. Hi Sai,
    This is awesome,and very informative,
    Thanks, I have a ckwl 38 with PNR [checked]
    Do you see any chance of this getting confirmed ?

  136. Hi Sai My PNR number is [checked] Hampi express for tonight CKWL 2 and CKWL 3 what are the chances of confirmation Thank you regards Sharan

    • Hi, both booking and current status for that PNR is 1 and 2, not 2 and 3 as you said. But even then, I’m not sure if they will get confirmed.

  137. Hi i Have booked a tatkal ticket. There was 214 seats in the tatkal quota. I got 12 & 13 CKWL. What are the chances to get confirmed??


  138. Hi Sai,

    I have booked a tatkal ticket Booking status: CKWL 1
    Boarding at: Tatanagar
    Getting down at: Pune
    Date of journey: 14th Feb
    Train: Azad Hind

    Can you let me know if this tatkal waitlist CKWL 1 will get confirmed or not?

  139. I have booked a ticket in train No:11014 for 01-Mar-14 under RLGN quota in 2 Tier AC. My waitlist number is 6,7,8. What are the chances of confirmation of the ticket. Please help.


    • Not easy to tell this advance. But there are 1 and half 2AC coaches. But it really depends on where you are boarding. Unless it is a major station, like Bangalore for example, this will be difficult.

  140. Train Number 17210 Seshadri express from Tenali(TEL) to KrishnaRajapuram(KJM) in 2-AC on 13th February, 2013. Now the status is W/L 1 and W/L 2 general quota.

    Please let me know if this gets confirmed. Thank you.

    • Is this just General quota or it is in Remote location General (RLWL) or Pooled quota? If it is just General, then they will get confirmed quite easily.

  141. Tatkal quota WL37/WL38 will get confirmed or not for brindavan express today from bangalore to chennai..

    Can you please let me know?

  142. Hi sir,
    i booked ticket in RAJKOT SECUNDERABAD TATKAL AND it got ckwl/4.
    my PNR no. [checked]
    what is chances of conformation?

  143. Hi,
    I have taken tatkal tickets for tommorrow its on 04th Feb 2014
    but the waiting list of tatkal ticket is 3 and 4. We have to travel from Mumbai to Hyderabd in hussain sagar 2 tier a/c. So please reply me whether will get conform or not?

  144. Could you please check the possibility for the PNR: [checked]. Currently it is in WL15 and 16. DOJ: 2/2/2014.

  145. HI Sai,

    could you please predict this PNR

    PNR: [checked].

    • Tourist trains hari, not easy to predict. People don’t cancel their confirmed tickets that often. You’ll have to wait and see. I cannot take a side in this case.

  146. I have booked 2 tatkal tickets on today morning and its current status is CKWL6 and 7, doj: 31st jan 2014 and PNR:[checked]. Is there any possibility to get confirmed?

    • Right now it is ckwl 2, 3. It looks like it may get confirmed but there are still 19 seats to be confirmed in the general quota. Your status moved to 2, 3 because those holding unconfirmed tatkal before you have cancelled theirs. For you to get a confirmed ticket, either the 19wl in General has to be cleared or someone with confirmed tatkal must cancel theirs (which doesn’t happen normally since there’s no refund).

  147. Please tell me about my chance to confirm my weight list ticket.
    pnr no. is [checked]

  148. Hi, I was planning to book a ticket for tomorrow on Intercity from Delhi to Bhatinda. It has 14 wl in general and 1 in tatkal. Which one has better chances of clearing?

    • Sorry for being late. I hope you have made the travel yesterday. Just replying in case anyone else has similar question.
      I generally look at number of seats reserved for tatkal quota (in each class). Some trains have almost equal number of seats under tatkal and some have very less. If it has decent number of tatkal seats, say more than 40-50, then ckwl 1 is definitely better than wl 14.

  149. Hi Sai,
    I have the following details. Please tell me whether the mentioned ticket will get confirmed or not?
    PNR No [checked]
    Train No 12414
    Train Name JAMMU AII EXP
    From PTKC
    To GGN
    Date 1-1-2014
    Status CKWL 1

  150. Hi, Sai

    I have query with respect to “NO ROOM/WL”.
    I was checking the tatkal availability of train no 17312-VSG CHENNAI EXP to CHENNAI CENTRAL of 2nd Jan 2014 (Date of Travel), It’s showing as “NO ROOM/WL”.
    Q1:- Will it mean that the tatkal window will not open for booking?
    Q2:- Can you please tell me what is the meaning of “NO ROOM/WL”?

    Thanks in Advance

    • I don’t know which class you’re planning to travel but there are 159 berths reserved for tatkal booking in SL, 30 in 3A and 8 berths in 2A. You can certainly book these available berths ‘1 day before the departure date’.
      May be NO ROOM is just an indication that you cannot book tatkal this early.

  151. Hi, sai
    my pnr [checked]

    can you please tell me the chances to get it confirmed?

    • Hi,
      Although your CKWL looks small, it doesn’t look like it will get confirmed. There is over 70 waitlist in General quota at the moment.

  152. I was trying to book a ticket in Tatkal Ticket.
    This is what I could see:
    25/12/2013 CKWL/AVAILABLE Book

    It doesn’t show the number of available seats either.

    Any clue?

  153. Hi
    PNR no-[checked]. Any Idea it will get confirmed or not by tomorrow after charting done.

    • My understanding is that this won’t get confirmed. Only 2 2AC coaches are available and worse, only 2 berths are reserved under tatkal quota. In general quota, there is a WL of 19 at present from Chennai, which I don’t think will get cleared for you to get a berth.

  154. I have booked tatkal ticket with CKWL1, CKWL2,
    Please tell me whether it will get confirm or not
    train no:16236
    Bangalore to madurai.

  155. Hi Sai,
    I have 2 tickets.
    One is PNR No. [checked] which is a Tatkal ticket
    The other one is [checked]
    The journey date is 23/12/2013
    Would like to know if tickets will get confirmed..
    Thanks so much.

  156. Booked 3AC ticket in Bhubneshwar Rajdhani a week back with scheduled departure on December 20, 2013. Current status is W/L 6. will it get confirmed?

    • Bhubaneswar Rajdhani could mean two trains, one coming from or other leaving to Delhi. Without train number or pnr i cannot tell.

  157. I have book ticket on 17 Dec 2013 from Nizamuddin to Chennai in Chennai Rajdhani express 12434 under tatkal with PNR [checked] says CK wl 4 at the time of booking and WL 2 present status. Will it confirm? Date of travel is 18 dec 2013, class of booking is 3rd AC.

    • Hi Siddharth, I looked into this yesterday but the PNR status wasn’t working at Railway’s site. I again saw this morning and its confirmed. Sorry for the delay.

  158. I have booked 30 tickets of North Bengal Express one month ahead as group booking of which 20 are wait listed numbering 1-20. Now I want to know, How many wait listed ticket is generally confirmed. When finally confirmed.

  159. PNR no [checked]

    Journey date 15/12/13

    status- ckwl 2

    my ticket will confirmed ?

  160. Hi,
    I have booked tatkal ticket.Details are as follows.

    PNR NO: [checked]
    Date of Travel : 15/12/2013
    Station Code : From KRMI to DR
    CKWL : 10
    TRain Number: 10104.

    Please tell me, Will it get confirm?

    Thanks in Advance

    • Hi, both your General and Tatkal tickets might get confirmed. But I would say General has more chances than Tatkal.
      If you have to cancel one, i would say cancel the tatkal and keep the General one. If you do not want to cancel so soon, better keep checking frequently since they both might get confirm any time. You cannot cancel a confirmed tatkal and you won’t get complete refund by cancelling confirmed General ticket.

  161. Hi,
    I have booked a ticket from GOA to Mumbai. Details are as follows.
    Please can you tell me will it get confirm.

    Train Number :10104
    Station code : KRMI to DR
    PNR Number : [checked]
    Waiting List Number :25
    Date of Travel : 15/12/2013

    Thanks in Advance

  162. Hello, let me know whether my WL ticket for tomorrow to Ratnagiri will get confirm in train no. 10103?
    PNR- [checked]
    Status- W/L 2, 3, 4.

  163. Hi I have booked 7 tickets in sleeper for the train no 16316 date of journey is 24th Dec. Starting point is Ernakulam to Bangalore. WL numbers are 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.

    I have booked it last 5 days back from then it has not changed what are prospects of this getting confirmed or should I cancel & book during tatkal as I am not sure whether during tatkal time it get confirmed or not.

    • It’s normal Vineeth. You don’t see any movement so early. As it gets nearer, there will be movement and I think these will easily get cleared.
      Don’t cancel by any chance.
      If in the worst case they don’t get cleared (or some of these 8 berths remain unconfirmed), you can try tatkal. And if you are successful in tatkal, you can always cancel unconfirmed General tickets later.

  164. Hi sai, I appreciate your effort helping many people..My PNR is [checked] and status is CKWL 1 will it get confirmed??

  165. Mr Ticket booked today was at CKWL 7 / position at booking time ckwl 4. Currently it is at wl 1

    12908 MHRST SMPRK K E 5-12-2013 NZM BDTS BDTS NZM 3A

    Travel for tomorrow
    what is the chance of confirmation
    thanks in advance.

    • Although there are 20 people before you waiting in General quota, I still think yours will get confirmed by chart preparation time (around 6pm).

  166. Hi
    My ticket pnr [checked] train 15013 on 5dec13. Presently Ckwl 5. Do you see any chance of confirmation?

    • Not easy. Chart will be prepared around 6pm. At present there are 28 in General quota and 4 in tatkal quota waiting before you. Its difficult considering there are only 3 3AC coaches. If it does confirm, you have some great luck.

  167. hello i have booked a ticket for Ratnagiri from mumbai on 28.11.2013 in Train no.10104.
    D.O.J. is 13.12.2013. PNR: [checked]. Status: RL WL 12, 13, 14 . Pls let me know if it will get confirmed.

  168. Please tell if this ticket will be confirmed. It is CKWL1 now. Pnr: [checked]

  169. Hello sir,
    I have booked 2 tickets in General quota from Mumbai to Madgaon, journey on 09/11/2013 in Train No. 10103/ MANDOVI Express in Class 1A. Seat status is WL 13 & WL 14. Will it get confirm?

  170. PNR: [checked]

    Tatkal 3rd AC booking status WL5. Do you think it will get confirmed? What is the refund policy? Will the amount be automatically refunded if the ticket does not get confirmed? Please do reply.

    • This will get confirmed.
      Just to answer, yes complete amount (minus clerkage or online transaction charges like bank commission) will be automatically refunded if it doesn’t get confirmed.

    • Might get confirmed, but if you have to make this journey then there seem to be 6 tatkal tickets available right now. You might want to consider that option as well.

  171. My pnr is 64**83, will it be confirmed sai?

  172. My PNR is [checked].

  173. My PNR [checked] showing CKWL/8 n CKWL/9. Shall it confirmed, or will go for other booking. It’s tatkal ticket..

  174. Hi, i have booked 6 tickets from arsikere to madura for November 6th 2013 in tirunelveli express-11021. The current status is RLWL 12,13,14,15,16,17 with pnr [checked], can you please tell me whether my tickets get confirmed. Thank you.

    • Hi, I have checked this. It seems very difficult. There are still chances, roughly I would put it like 20% confirm and 80% will not confirm. Also, chances are bright that only a part of this PNR may get confirmed and remaining will be in WL.
      Any way, it seems there’s no tatkal allowed for this journey, so you have no other option other than to wait. Don’t cancel them, just wait.

  175. Please let me know if my tatkal waiting list is 10 -11 of august kranti rajdhani on 31st oct 2013, from mumbai to delhi will be cleared?

  176. I have CKWL 6 and 7 in CSTM-HWH duronto tomorrow. Will it get confirmed?

  177. mohan singh thakur

    i have booked tatkal ticket on 30 Oct , my journey date is 1 Nov 2013 and have got CKWL-9 , there is any chance to confirm it.

  178. I have booked two tickets for Himachal Pradesh on 23rd December 2013 in Swaraj Express. Both of them are on waiting list being WL 27 and WL 28. Do you think it will get confirmed. Any guess by what time it will get confirmed.

  179. My tatkal wait list is ckwl 2 and 3 for khushinagar exp to lko.

  180. My chennai duronto exp waitlist is 70 now in sleeper. Can it get conform on 1 nov?

  181. 12627 train no
    today date 25-10-2013
    tatkal ticket 6 & 7 waiting in 3rd ac please get me the status as soon as possible.

  182. Sir my pnr no:- [checked] and it is on ckwl 6. Can I get seat confirm?

  183. Hi, I’ve booked on Chennai Rajdhani, DEL-MAA. DOJ: 30th Oct. My PNR No. is [checked]. I’ve booked in 1A and I’m waitlisted 1. What are my chances of getting it confirmed? Will the WL turn to RAC and then get confirmed? Pls reply ASAP. Thanks!

  184. Hi,

    I have booked Tatkal ticket for tomorrow. PNR: [checked]. As soon as I booked the status is CKWL 10 and CKWL 11. Any chances of confirmations? Please help asap..

    • Is this is a new train? I’m trying to see current berth availability in official site but it says there are no direct trains from NDLS to BBS.

      Anyway, getting WL tatkal tickets to confirm is extremely difficult in Rajdhani’s. There are so many 3A coaches in this train, but for now I’ll say chances are pretty bleak. If possible I’ll check again tomorrow morning.

      • Hi Sai, This is not new train.. Please confirm .. I have to go on 19th October.. If I could know before 10 o clk in the morning then I will decide whether I will book another Tatkal ticket for next day atleast

        • Ok. It was an error yesterday.

          This might not get confirmed Biraja, better try for tatkal without cancelling this. Then afterwards cancel anyone of these.
          There are 116 tatkal berths, so should be quick in booking.

  185. Hi, I just booked a tatkal ticket on Trivandrum Mail and i got CKWL 2. Pnr no: [checked]. Any chance it will get confirmed? Thanks

    • HUGE waitlist in General quota, so only chance is to get confirmed in tatkal quota or may be via adding an additional coach.
      Numbers are not in favour but since its just 2, I’d say it will get confirmed somehow.

  186. Sir,

    My PNR is [checked] of Train No# 12295 DOJ – 01/11/2013 in Sanghmitra Express. Ticket is in wait list 40 and 41. What is the chance that these tickets will be confirmed?

    • Tough sir. Really tough. Asking for too much I feel.
      Don’t cancel it though. Let it remain and see. Tatkal also has only 30 berths so unless you are quick its quite difficult to get one of those berths; if at all you want to book a tatkal.

  187. PNR no [checked], train # 16316 CKWL 20 at booking. Will it get confirmed?

  188. Hi Sai, Firstly thanks for all the wonderful work you are doing for everyone here, it is really worth appreciating. My PNR [checked] with just 2 days to go, would it be advisable to book a Tatkal ticket ? Also, do I have to book a separate Tatkal ticket ? In that case do I have to cancel my existing ticket ? Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sachin, thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately it looks like I’m not helping you in the right way.

      I said previously that you can book tatkal. I didn’t check at that time, I did now and it seems you cannot book tatkal for this journey. I’m exactly not sure what the reason is, but I think this is because it is a remote and short journey.

      Also, now it looks like it has not improved much since then. But you have no option anyway other than to wait. If it confirms, good, or else bad luck, money will be refunded.

      • Hi Sai, the reason why I could not book the tatkal journey is because this station has no quota for tatkal. Goa has quite a few stations, Thivim, the one I am boarding from, would be the 2nd most popular but the main station is Margao (30 kms away) and I can book my Tatkal ticket from Margao. Since I am still on 19 in the waiting list (and stuck there for sometime) I’ll book a tatkal from Margao. I guess in that case I have to cancel the existing ticket and book a separate Tatkal? Thanks.

        • Not necessarily. You can keep it till you book your tatkal. Who knows your tatkal may turn out to be in even worse position than existing ticket. So, keep the best one and cancel the other one later.
          Although you can keep both tickets as long as you want. Problem will only arise when both of them confirm in which case you’ll lose money for 1 ticket (you can get partial refund if you cancel general ticket even after train departs). Hope I have not confused you.

  189. I have booked ticket with pnr [checked] which is showing ckwl 11 and ckwl12. Train departs midnight today. Please check the chances.
    Thanks and Regards,

  190. Sai sir, I have booked today my tatkal ticket and at 4 pm today, ie 13/10, its booked as ‘CKWL7’. Are there any chances it will get confirmed on the day of travel ie tomorrow at 8:40pm.

    Train name-Duronto, Train no-12290
    DOJ: 14-10-13
    From: Nagpur
    To: CST mumbai
    PNR: [checked]

    • Can’t say about this. Really 50-50, if anything, its slightly towards good (getting confirmed). So you’ll have to wait and find out.

      • URGENT reply needed:

        50-50 is what you say. Thank you, but now today at 2pm with 9 pm of departure time its come down to WL-3. Now will it get accepted.

        • Really sorry, I only moderate the comments once or sometimes twice a day, hence I mentioned urgent matters should be messaged on facebook page.

  191. My train no. is 12469 sampark kranti from bangalore to new delhi.
    it is mentioned W/L 2 for my 2nd ac booking.
    my train is for 2day evening 10:10
    will my waiting list get cleared till 6 o’clock.

  192. Hi. This is my PNR: [checked. Is there any chance that it will get confirmed?


  193. Hi , im traveling on 12/10/2013 from Sangamitra Express and train number is 12295. Out of four ticket one is confirmed under DF and other three have PQWL-8,9 and 10 under AC-II. Are there any chances of getting it clear by tomorrow? My ticket PNR is [checked].

    • These are more towards not getting confirmed. They might come even closer by tomorrow morning but might just miss out. Something like 70% not getting confirmed.

  194. My pnr number is [checked]. What are the chances of it? Let me know if i have to buy a general class ticket if it didnot get confirmed?

  195. Hi I’ve booked a tatkal ticket for tomorrow’s journey it is in waiting list Ckwl/1 train no 17307 pnr number [checked]

    • Hi, to be frank the number’s are not in favour but WL/1 (or CKWL) somehow almost always gets confirmed in the end. So I would think it will happen this time too.

  196. Hi Team,
    I am traveling on 26/oct/13. I would like to know will i get CNF ticket by 25 oct before 9 pm, currently my WL is 36 in general quota. PFD below for analysis.

    Train name: Duronto express [yeswantpur-delhi sai rohilla]
    Train number: 12213
    WL Number: 36 (2AC)
    DOJ: 26/oct/13 (considering the fact, this is peak season)
    PNR number: [checked]

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi,

      I do not think this will be confirmed. It’s a Duronto Rajdhani and that itself demands advance booking way ahead of journey date. As you said, Diwali just adds to it even more.

      There are 30 tatkal berths in 2AC. Try if you can but chances are very bleak.

      The current waitlist is around 45. And they won’t let tatkal WL go above 10 for a Duronto, so the chances of adding another coach is almost ruled out.

  197. hi,
    sir i am travelling from MYSORE(MYS) to CHENNAI(MAS) and i have got CKWL6
    what are my chances of getting a confirmed ticket?
    The following are the details
    PNR [checked]

  198. PNR number : [checked]
    booked 3 tickets in tatkal ticket & 1 went to CKWL1 but the other 2 are confirmed. Will this be confirmed?

  199. Hi, my PNR is [checked], since I am boarding at an intermediate station, do you think the ticket will get confirmed? Besides, I cant make out if I can book a Tatkal for my journey, in case it doesn’t get confirmed. Your advice will be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi, I think it will get confirmed, although its mostly a guess this far ahead of journey date. The reason why I said it’ll confirm is because for other dates they’ve allowed booking with WL even up to 100. They will do it according to its history. Which means even WL100 have got confirmed sometime before.
      You can book tatkal on 17th, since this train starts on 18th from its origin station.

  200. Sorry forgot to add. Have booked another ticket in 2AC with PNR no. [checked]
    The current status is w/l 8. Shall i keep this.

  201. Hello Sai,

    Can you by you experience let me know chances of my ticket getting cleared
    PNR: [checked]
    Train: BBS rajdhani from Kharagpur to Delhi
    Current Status: W/l 19

    • With only 2-3 hrs left for chart preparation I don’t think this will be confirmed.
      But, I’ve got last minute surprises so many times before. Unless such things happen, this is not looking good.

  202. I Booked ticket on 14/09/2013 and date of journey is on 14/10/2013 but ticket is not yet confirmed still its in WL No 6 7 8 any idea about ticket confirmation.

    • One can give one’s idea if he knows something about the journey, train name, from where to where and in which class? Or simply give PNR.

  203. Hi,
    Sir, train no 12791 DOJ : 19- 10-2013, W/L 18, Whats the chances of confirmation?

  204. Hi. Today I have booked 2 tatkal tickets and I have got 1 confirmed ticket and 1 CKWL. Will CKWL ticket be confirmed. Please reply.

    • The current WL numbers aren’t looking that favorable but its just one place to move. I think it will get confirmed by tomorrow.

  205. Today I booked a 2A tatkal ticket for 2 persons for 17058 DEVAGIRI EXP express for 06 th oct 2013 from SECUNDERABAD JN- SC to NASik road NK . But as of now it is showing CKWL 3,4/ WL 3,4 . Is there any chances getting conformed tickets?

  206. Hi,my pnr number is [checked] train no 16042 chennai express, current status is ckwl 2, train leaves at 5.15pm tomorrow. Is there a chance it’ll get confirmed? Please do reply.

  207. Hello, today I booked a ticket in tatkal quota for YPR-HWH DURONTO express for 30th sep 2013. But as of now it is showing CKWL 5/ CKWL 3. My PNR no is [checked]. Is there any chances of confirmation of this ticket?

  208. PNR – [checked] Thanks in advance

  209. CKWL 4/ CONFIRMED on Gujarat mail today 27-sept indicates what?

  210. Gitanjali express(12859) from raipur to raigarh on 23rd september at 11pm, tatkal waiting list number 1. could you please tell me what the chances are?

  211. I have booked tatkal ticket from Coimbatore to Tenali.
    Sabari Express Sleeper class
    my ticket status is CKWL 2/CKWL 2
    PNR : [checked] Date of Journey: 23/9/2013
    Is there any chances to get confirmed.
    Please reply..

  212. Hi,
    Train no: 12666 CAPE HOWRAH EXP. Journey date is tommorrow night at 10.30pm(21- 9-2013).

    Booking status: W/L 12,CK
    Current status: W/L 12
    PNR: [checked]
    Whats the chances of confirmation.
    Please help me sir.
    with regards .

  213. Chances for PNR: [checked]

  214. I have booked tickets for 20th September 9.40pm train from SBC to TUP by tatkal. After payment its shows:

    CKWL 26 and CKWL27 . will it be confirmed ?

    Pnr no : [checked]

    Train no : 11013

    • I mostly don’t think so.

      But, if the Gen WL, which is at 99 at present, stays over 72 after initial chart preparation, they may add a coach from SBC.

  215. Hi i am taking train number 11021 on 17th september 2013 and i booked my ticket status is CKWL3. Want to know whether my ticket will be confirmed?

  216. Hi!
    Two tickets on Falaknuma express. Date of Travel: 16/09/13 current status RAC 6 & RAC 7, what are the chances of confirmation.

    Secondly, the first stop is at Kharagpur. A third family member wants to accompany till that station but is unable to get a ticket at this juncture. Can the person buy a general express train ticket and travel along with them for the 2 hr journey till Kharagpur? What would be the penalty if not?


  217. I’m going to travel next friday from chennai to thrissur by trivandrum exp. Now my status is wl 54, 55. Will it get confirm? Please reply soon.

  218. I have been taken e ticket through IRCTC website, that ie CKWL 4 current status, whether my ticket will be confirming or what ? If not conformed, whether refund available ? I am traveling from Bangalore to Dharwad, train no. 16589, Rani Chennamma is the train name.

  219. I have booked 2 tickets in train no 16127. Boarding at chennai for going to nagercoil. Both the tickets are ckwl 1 &2. Will these tickets will be confirmed?

  220. Hi While booking tatkal ticket on 12/09/2013, availability showed 150 seats but when the internet booking was completed and payment made, they issued ticket 37CKWL Although booking is under tatkal, i can cancel this ticket and get refund, and also i have booked ticket under General quota it showing waiting list 44 which will get confirmed. If i cancel the tatkal ticket how much will deduct?
    Train No & Name : 12864/YPR HOWRAH EXP
    Pnr no : [checked] (tatkal ticket) – CKWL27
    pnr no: [checked] (General Boking) – WL 41

    Please help me..

    • It happens sometimes when you’re booking tatkal for popular trains.

      If you cancel you will get complete refund. If anything, you’ll lose some payment gateway charges which I think is Rs.10 for most banks.

      I think both of these will get confirmed so which one to cancel I’m not sure. I would keep checking regularly and cancel the one which doesn’t move fast like the other.

  221. [checked] is the pnr number. Will it get confirmed?

  222. Hello,

    I’ve booked 5 tatkal tickets in the train 12690 for today’s journey (8th sep). 3 tickets were confirmed and two are in WL (1 & 3). Whether those two wl will be confirmed?

    • Without knowing the class and boarding/destination points, its just a guess.

      If these are for SL class, since 3 are confirmed, most likely the remaining two will be confirmed too.

      • Sorry… These are the PNRs


        Kindly advice.

        • Ok, now it appears that these will not get confirmed. WL 1 may move forward (even this is very hard) but WL 3 is most likely not getting confirmed.
          This train only has 1 3AC coach and it appears not even 1 Tatkal position has moved since yesterday till now.

  223. Hi Sai,

    I booked a ticket in tatkal yesterday. Is there any chance of confirming. Its now..W/L 6 for 12695 TRIVANDRUM EXP from Chennai to Thiruvalla.

  224. Hi Sai,

    Train No 16523, Bengaluru to Byndoor. Boarding date tomorrow night. Current Status CKWL 12.

    PNR No: [checked]

    What is the chance of getting confirmed? Thanks in advance.

    • You’re quite regular in this route aren’t you? I remember you asking before a couple of times too.

      Not too sure about this but it might just get confirmed. There is huge WL of 139 at present in general quota. If that remains above 72 by the time chart is prepared, they may consider adding an extra coach.

      • Yes Sai. Thanks for remembering me πŸ™‚

        The bus fare is Rs 1000-1200 Rs during fest season. So I prefer train.

        I checked now the status. It is CKWL 9. Hope it will come down further πŸ™‚


        • No problem.
          Next time, you can make use of browser cache to fill out your details while booking. Those few saved seconds might get you a confirmed ticket instead of WL.

  225. PNR [checked]. Any Chances for Confirmation?

    • Hmm, the number is small but I would slightly tend towards saying it won’t confirm. Not 1 tatkal position has moved since yesterday till now.

  226. Hello
    Today i booked i ticket of 18047 no of train
    and i got 17 CKWL can you tell me my ticket will be confirm at the time of journey

    PNR [checked].

  227. Hi,
    My PNR :[checked], Can you Please let me know whether my ticket will confirm or not.


  228. My train number is 17015, From: RAJAHMUNDRY to To: SECUNDERABAD JN, should board tomorrow . Present status is W/L 27/W/L 28, BUT at the time of booking it was showing CKWL/29 & CKWL/30. Could you please advice if I could get this confirmed or not.

    PNR : [checked]

    Kindly reply at the earliest.


  229. Hello, my ticket is showing Rajdhani ckwl 4, any chances of my conformation and do i need to cancel my ticket before 4 hours or it will directly get deducted if i don’t board .

    • I cannot tell if it’ll confirm until I have more details about your travel. There are so many Rajdhani’s.
      Refund of money doesn’t depend on whether you board or not (* some exceptions) but depend on whether your ticket got confirmed or not. You can cancel your ticket any time you want as long as it remains in waitlist.

  230. I have a ticket for 24th Aug 2013 on Amaravati Exp (18047) for HWH to VSG in 3A. The booking status was WL 24 & WL 25. The present status is WL2 & WL3. Please let me know whether it will get confirmed or not.

    • There are only 2 3A coaches but I think these will get confirmed. Being from General quota instead of tatkal will help too.

  231. My PNR number is [checked].
    Showing CKWL1 and CKWL2. Shall it confirmed, or will go for other booking.

    If with the same status, i cancel my ticket, should i eligible for refund?

    • Not a guarantee, but it might get confirmed tomorrow. Your journey falls under a pooled quota so that lessens your chances, that’s the only problem.
      Yes, you will get refund if you cancel a waitlist ticket.

      • Thanks Sai.
        But what are the chances to get seat with the same ticket, as now no more seat available for this journey in any train πŸ™

        • Yeah, don’t cancel it, you’re the first in line to get a confirmed ticket. I’d say there are more than 50% chances of a getting it confirmed.


  233. Hey my ticket is from SC TO VSKP for godavari express and presently status is ck wl 26 and my pnr is [checked] and i have a doubt if my ticket will be in waiting list after chart is prepared the ticket cancels or i may go with the ticket. This ticket is for 23 aug 2013.

  234. My pnr number is [checked] can you tell me if it conformed or else i try any other way of journey?

    • Not too confident about this but it might ‘just’ get confirmed. Chart will be prepared at around 5pm so you will have plenty of time to decide.

      • Thank you for the reply. If the ticket is not conformed i.e., still in waiting list then can i travel in the train?

        • No you cannot. Atleast not officially. If you have no other option, you may travel at the will of the TTE. He will check if there are any vacant seats and allot you a berth. If not, you will be treated as someone travelling without a ticket.

  235. Rajashekhar athota

    PNR:[checked], TRAIN:12738, DOJ:22-08-2013, CKWL:60.

    Will my ticket get confirm?

    • Doesn’t look like it will confirm. I guess there are no buses running in your state right now, so that makes it even worse.
      The W/L might get down to 10-20, but it is unlikely that you will get a confirmed berth.

  236. Hi, My pnr is 41***23, Mumbai express from Raichur to Pune, the w/L IS 17 AND DATE OF JOURNEY IS TODAY.

  237. I’ve booked a tatkal ticket in first class ticket for swarna shatabdi from New Delhi to Amritsar and status is CKWL 2,CKWL 3. Will it get confirmed?

  238. PNR # [checked], CKWL 10, travel date is 11/8/2013. Can you please let me know if it will be confirmed?

  239. 11013
    coimbatore express
    from hosur
    to tiruppur
    pnr # [checked]


  240. Here is my booking in detail:

    Hi I have booked tatkal ticket from SC to NSL for tomorrow 07/08/2013 Ajanta express and the PNR No. [checked]; they are in waiting list W/L 13,CK & W/L 14,CK
    Could you please confirm these tickets gets confirmed.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hmm, these temple trains are difficult to get confirmed once they get into waitlist. I’m not too confident but I think these will get confirmed by tomorrow. Chart will be prepared by 2.30pm tomorrow.

  241. I booked my ticket on 27th July for train no 12362 i.e cstm asansol express. Well,I have 4 WL 3AC as of now. Any chances of getting it confirmed by wednesday ( 31.07.2013) which is my DOJ 31.07.2013.

    • This will be confirmed. Although there is just a single 3AC coach (and a half), WL in general reservation mostly gets confirmed unlike tatkal. If it doesn’t get confirmed by 29th, you may also try tatkal on 30th.

  242. I have tatkal waitlist ticket Booking on 26/07/13 and DOJ 27/0713.
    Ticket No CKWL 1 (2AC)
    From: Visakhapatnam To: Mumbai (LTT)

    Please tell whether it will get confirm or not.

    • Assuming this is for Konark express; I wouldn’t be too confident about this.
      I mostly think this won’t be confirmed, but you should check at around 7pm for your actual status.

  243. Train scheduled for the 26th -train no . 11008. I am CKWL8/CKWL6. pnr is [checked]
    Please tell me if this will get confirmed or not.


    Today i.e 13th July we have booked from irctc website train no 12012 ticket in tatkal quota and we have get 1AC CKWL/1 for date of journey 14th July 2013 can you tell it will confirm?

    • So it appears that you are the only waitlisted person in tatkal quota. And there are only 3 seats in this quota. So seat in tatkal quota is ruled out. In general quota there is 2 WL. I think this will get cleared and you might get a confirmed seat as well.


      Currently in this tatkal quota CKWL/5 to shown in indian railways website and total seat are available is this tatkal quota is 7. Please tell our CKWL/1 Will be confirm in 1AC in kalka shatabi train.

  245. I Have book a ticket from New Delhi to Jammu in Rajdhani on 12th July in Tatkal for 2 AC for 13th July. it was showing the waiting 1 yesterday and is still showing the same today. I want to know that is there still any possibility for clearance of this ticket or should i go for alternate. Please reply as i have few hours left to arrange any alternate.

    • I’m guessing this is for Jammu Rajdhani (12425). The thing is, there are still over 40 WL in general quota. And people won’t normally cancel their confirmed tatkal’s, although they may not travel.
      I’m 90% sure you’ll somehow get a confirmed berth, but even if you don’t and you have to take this train at any cost, you can go to station and talk to the TTE in the train.

  246. My PNR is [checked] in tatkal and that too w/l 3 and 4 in sleeper. The train will be departing tomorrow. Do i have any chance of getting confirmed berths.

  247. Hi Sai,

    I booked 3 tickets from Bangalore to Delhi in Karnataka express AC-2 tier of pnr no [checked] on 28th June, and the traveling date is 8th July. That time the waiting list was 11,12,13, and now it has moved to 5,6,7, and its showing the same from past 3 days. What are the chances of them getting confirmed. Please reply soon, thanks in advance.

  248. I am waiting list 1 as on 06 jul 13 for dakshin express from nizammudin to visakhapatnam.

    What are the chances of confirmation?


  249. PNR no [checked] for today. Current WL is 4. Any possibilities of getting a confirmed or RAC?

  250. 13111 LAL QUILA EXP
    [PNR checked]

    • This is a surprisingly short (in terms of number of coaches) train from Kolkata to Delhi. PNR status hasn’t moved from yesterday but I think you might see this being confirmed after chart preparation. Chart will be prepared around 4.30pm.

      • Do you feel I should inform the authorities at Delhi for my non arrival. The office ends at 5 pm.

        • Its up to you. I think the chart will be prepared before 5pm. If not and considering yours is not confirmed, you can inform tomorrow too, as this is a 3 day train.

  251. Hi Sai,

    I made three 3A berths in Kerala express(12625) from Palakkad Jn to Agra Cantt through e-ticket. At the time of booking status was WL 5,6,7. The details i mentioned below.

    Date of Booking : 26-04-2013
    Date of Boarding : 04-07-2013
    Current Status : RAC 4, WL 1, 2

    Can you please tell me will it confirmed or I have to go some alternative?

    • I don’t see any other train from Palakkad to Agra on 4th other than Kerala express.
      Any way, I don’t think you should worry about alternate plans; these will get confirmed.

  252. Hey !!
    The tatkal waiting shifted to 12 and 13, what are the possibilities now.

    • Doesn’t make much difference. The most difficult thing is from getting a WL 1 & 2 to get it to confirmed. People with WL tatkal before you will cancel their tickets and hence you will move ahead.
      You will only get confirmed tickets once a confirmed tatkal is cancelled, which is very rare.

      • hey!
        Now the tatkal waiting is down to 10 and 11 from 14 and 15.
        Now what you say wait or not otherwise tomorrow i should try to book for day after tomorrow.

        • First time traveling? You seem to be very excited.
          If you can push your travel date a day later, you can always book a ticket for tomorrow. If you get a confirmed ticket, cancel your previous days ticket. If not, keep the best one and cancel the other.

  253. Hello,
    I booked today my 2 tickets in tatkal for tomorrow in AUGUST KRANTI from MUMBAI TO NEW DELHI in 3ac and its tatkal waiting is 14 and 15.
    Please tell me will it going to be confirm or not asap.

    • WL in Rajdhani’s are always difficult to get cleared but I would hold these tickets till tomorrow. I think these will be cleared by tomorrow, but you must understand that I’m not the final word.

  254. Dear Sai,

    I had booked tkt in Dakshin Express train no.12722 dated 26/06/2013 PNR NO [checked]. THE CURRENT STATUS IS W/L 2 &3 IN 3AC. WHETHER THERE CHANCE TO CLEAR OR NOT, PLS GUIDE.


    • I am really not sure about this; really close but very slightly biased towards possibly getting cleared. If you can travel a day later, I see there are 4 tatkal tickets available for 27th, you can book those and stay tension free.

  255. PNR: [checked]
    Sir, please tell when the chart will be prepared.
    The train has already started, still in the pnr enquiry it is showing chart not prepared.
    Kindly help.

    • This happens when there are big mid-stations. Vijayawada, Ballarshah, Nagpur, Bhopal, all of these are big junctions and will have their own charts. Yours might be prepared between 5 and 5.30pm.
      I remember you booked for 2 trains, this I said is difficult and looks like it is. But the other one, 2A one, should be confirmed?

  256. I have booked a Tatkal TT and it has a WL.
    Details :
    Train # : 12112 AMRAVATI CSTM EXPRESS
    Class 3A
    Status : CKWL3

    Will it get confirmed?

    • Missed this : booked today (22-06-2013) and travel date is 23-06-2013.

      • It is depends on where you board and where you get down. Assuming you’re travelling from Amravati to CSTM, this should be confirmed by tomorrow. Not 100%, but more like 80% chances.

        • Thanks Sai.
          I have a Q : to best of my knowledge , if we cancel a confirmed tatkal ticket, no money is refunded. Right?
          So how would my current : W/L 1 become Confirmed? Because someone having a confirmed tatkal ticket wont cancel his ticket though he is not traveling.
          So practically my WL is never going to become Confirmed.
          Please correct me if wrong.

          Thanks for your time.

          • You’re correct. No refund for cancelling a confirmed tatkal. But, people cancel confirmed tatkal tickets. That’s one of reason why the status moves from, say CKWL 31 to CKWL 15 and so on. Of course, we will never know if these cancelled taktals were WL or confirmed.
            But yes, getting a taktal WL ticket confirmed is very difficult. In this case, the General WL comes into picture. If all GNWL gets cleared, then Tatkal WL will get berths allotted in general quota.
            At times, after chart preparation I’ve seen all tatkal WL’s getting cleared while there are still some GNWL, which clearly means all Tatkal WL tickets were allotted in tatkal quota only.

  257. CKWL 7 in Nellai express : 12632

    DOJ : 23 – 06 – 2013

    Possible to confirm ?

  258. PNR: [checked]

    Thanks again.

    • Obviously a lot better. Just need 1 more person to cancel their confirmed ticket, to get your other ticket to confirm too.
      But, there’s only one 2AC coach and one Half 1AC Half 2AC coach. I’m not too sure about this, but it might just get confirmed.

  259. PNR – [checked]

  260. PNR [checked].

  261. It’s ok. But i think now you can reply.

    • Chart will be prepared in 2 hours. Nothing much you can do with my estimates now.
      I haven’t noted your PNR before editing it. I remember its AP express, 3A.
      If there is any improvement from yesterday’s status, then obviously you should wait. If they are still there (2,3,4 and 5), then I think it is difficult for all of them to confirm from now.

  262. My PNR is [checked]. what are the chance to clear?

  263. I booked Tatkal ticket from NDLS to Hyderabad for 20th june 2013 and I got CKWL 2,3,4,5.
    1: What are the chances to get it confirmed?
    2: If extra coaches will add to train, then CKWL will get chance to clear first or GNWL?
    3: If out of these 4 CKWL 2 ticket confirms, then other 2 passenger can board the train with waitlist ticket or not?

    • 1. Cannot tell without knowing train and class
      2. CKWL will get preference
      3. No they cannot
      4. Would appreciate if you could use your name instead of vague letters.

  264. MY PNR are [checked & checked] what are the chances of getting confirmed.

    • Both are quite difficult to tell at this stage since we are dealing with SL and there are huge WL numbers.
      I don’t know if both tickets are for you, but if they are, the one from Mughal Sarai looks more likely to get confirmed. One because, its W/L is moving fast, and two because it as 72 tatkal berths more than the other train (whose boarding point is from Lucknow).

  265. My PNR is [checked]
    Please tell me the chances of it getting confirmed.

  266. I booked a tatkal ticket from HTE to ranchi in 3A (CKWL-5, HTE YPR SPECIAL for 20th June). Is there any chance for get it confirmed?

  267. Hi, I have booked tatkal tickets in jaipur BDTS superfast express which will leave tomorrow from jaipur at 20:40. My status is CKWL 1 & 2. What are the chances of getting confirmed?

  268. Hello Sir,

    Yesterday I booked 3 Tatkal tickets, 3AC, in Karnataka Express from Delhi to Bangalore- CKWL1/ CKWL2/CKWL3. Its has not moved yet.

    What are the chances of them getting confirmed? Please reply.


    • 1,2,3 should pretty much get confirmed in most cases, but the overall 3A tatkal W/L has already moved 10 places, from 36 to 26. There are only 48 berths reserved for tatkal so I’m not sure if there will be any further movement. I would say just over 50% chance to get confirmed.

  269. I booked two tatkal ticket , one ticket came as available and next one is CKWL1. Train:Duronto
    Hyderabad to Vizag, DOJ 17/06/2013. Please suggest me whether my second ticket will get confirmed or not?

    • I think it will be confirmed if this is for either 3A or 2A. Chart will be prepared around 5pm. Please check then.

  270. I am getting ckwl 1,2,3,4 in 12764 padmavathi exp on 15/06/2013 will it get confirmed or I’ll search for another alternate please reply.

    • If these are for SL, then I think these might get confirmed. 2A or 3A is very difficult for all of the 4 to get confirmed.

  271. I have booked tatkal ticket from Balasore to Hyderabad in Falaknuma express my class is Sleeper my ticket status is wl 17. Is there any chances to get confirmed. Please, help me.

    • I’m really not sure about this. There are decent (120) number tatkal berths in this train, but 17 seems to be a bit too far.
      Sorry, its too close to call. Keep checking.

  272. Hi sai, I’m getting tatkal CKWL 5, 6 and 7 in 18478 Kalinga utkal exp for travel in 2nd AC on 15/6/13 from roorkee to babina. Will it get confirmed?


    • I do not think so. It has just 2 berths reserved for tatkal quota and there are over 20 W/L in general quota and there’s just 1 2AC coach. All this makes it difficult for your tickets to get confirmed.

  273. Hi Sai, Can you please help me, my leaves have already finished and I m trying from last 4 days for a tatkal ticket from Delhi to Nagpur, but every time I am unsuccessful, how can I get a confirmed ticket to nagpur on tomorrow in a 3A. Kindly help me, if possible.

    • I desperately need a ticket ASAP, please help me, my BOSS is threatening that he will fire me, if I will be unable to rejoin the office from monday.

      • For a tatkal in 3AC, your best bet would be book in Kerala Express, AP express or KTK Sampark kranti express (in that order) since these have more 3A berths in tatkal quota.
        The train for which you have booked yesterday, Gondwana express, just had 16 berths in Tatkal quota. Kerala and AP expresses’ have 76 and 64 berths respectively.

    • For tomorrow’s train I guess you’re already late since all the tatkal’s will be over by 10.30am. If you can’t wait any more, you should try for SL once; and summer is over too, so SL should just be fine for 1 night.

  274. Hi Sai,
    I have booked a tatkal ticket on 13th June, W/L 6,CK from nzm to ngpr, it is still W/L 6. Will it be confirmed till chart preparation?
    PNR Number: [checked].

  275. Hello Sir,
    I have booked a ticket in Delhi to Mumbai Duronto Express(Train no.22210) for 15.06.2013 at 23.30 pm.
    PNR no. is [checked] It is in CKWL 7.
    Please let me know if it will be confirmed.

  276. Hi Sai,
    I have just booked a Tatkal ticket from Pune to Ahmedabad Duronto (#12297) with a Travel Date on 14-Jun-13. The status shiows CKWL 13-14.
    Please suggest if the same can be confirmed.


    • If its for 3A, may be there’s a chance (even this is less than 50% I feel). If its for 2A, its not possible 99/100 times.

  277. PNR no [checked]
    Date of journey 23 June 2013
    while booking on 22 may it was WL52 WL53 WL 54
    today it is WL39 WL40 WL 41
    Will it get confirmed?

  278. Hi,
    Currently hold two tickets CK/WL 2 and CK/WL 3 which is booked for train 12624, chennai mail from ERN to MAS. Is there any possibility of getting it confirmed?

    • This for today’s train at 19:10 from EKN, booked in 3ac.

    • Thanks, I’ll just check for you. Railways site is having some issues this morning so it might take a while.

      • Ok, Thank You. I will wait.

        • I’m really confused, it’s really close but I think it will just make it in time. This train will start at 2.30pm but your chart will be prepared after it departs, around 4 or 5pm.

          • Thank You Sai. Hope atleast I get the conformation by 4 or 4:30 pm because beyond that It would be too late. Based on your conformation, will look for alternatives.

            To add on- I have a doubt.If you could help me it would be great.If we book a tatkal ticket and find that its classified on a CKWL list,is there a provision by which I can cancel the ticket like we do for normal bookings.For eg, I booked the above 2 tickets yesterday and it was in CKWL category. Was there a provision for me to cancel it yesterday itself?

            Regards, Ajithsekhar.

            • I think you can cancel even today, as long as it is in CKWL or even RAC status. In your booked history, if there is an option to cancel your booking, it means you can cancel it.
              Refund amount greatly varies between general ticket and tatkal ticket and also varies by the time of cancellation (for example, the sooner you cancel, the more refund you get). Try to Google for ‘tatkal refund’ and you’ll get a fairly decent idea.

              No refund will be made for cancelling a confirmed tatkal ticket.

              • I suppose the charting would be done by now. Can you check and update me now?

                • Hi Sai – can you please reply on this?

                  • Yes, normally 3 hours before the departure time at origin station is the chart preparation time. For major intermediate stations, it may be different. It could be as late as just 1 hour before the arrival time at the intermediate station. They have to check how many passengers have turned up in between stations and accordingly make the chart.

                    Update: On a second thought, you are checking the status via PNR right?

  279. Lucknow mail Tatkaal wait list 23 in 3AC from Lucknow to Delhi

    Please tell me will it get confirmed.

  280. I appreciate your effort. Please let me know if i will get a confirm berth ? PNR [checked] , 12th june 2013 train mumbai howrah duronto 2nd AC RAC 23, Any chance of confirm birth or should i book tatkal?

    • Yeah there are good chances of getting a confirmed berth.
      If you want to book tatkal today for tomorrow, you’re late, tickets are already in W/L and its useless to book a W/L Tatkal for a duronto since there aren’t many berths allotted to this quota.

      • Thanks, but while coming to mumbai on the same train(last week) i noticed that in order to earn revenue, or whatever reasons, half of all lower berths in second ac bogies, were converted to RAC and two passengers were accommodated in those lower berths. So i have a little doubt. Anyway thanks for the reply.

        • Normally, all lower berths on the single seat side are allocated as RAC’s. If there is no rush, even these are allocated as confirmed berths for a single person.

  281. Current status: CKWL 2,3
    Journey date: 12/6/13
    Train No. 11004.


    WHAT DOES IT MEAN? It will confirm or not?

  283. Train number 12271, DOJ 10.06.2013, CKWL 10. Any chances of confirmation?

  284. Ckwl-7 new delhi to chennai doj:11-6 train no:12612 will it get confirmed?

  285. My train number is 17603, From: Kacheguda to To: Bellary JN, present status is ckwl18/wl16, if i book my ticket now, it will confirm or not please give me answer as soon possible please.

  286. Hi,
    PNR No [checked]. From MAS to VSKP, MAS SRC EXP on 10/6/2013. Current status CKWL 17, 18. Will it get confirmed?


    • If VNS means varanasi, I have already said it is very tight. Chart might get prepared any time now and you will only know after that.

  288. MY train no. 14257 CKWL 3 IN 2ND AC ON DATED 09/6/13 CAN IT CONFIRM?

    • It is very tight. It also depends on where you board and get down. Guessing you travel the full distance from Varanasi or from big junctions in b/w like Lucknow to New Delhi, this might just get there (its like 50-50). If you board at any other station, then its even more difficult.

  289. Hi
    I got ckwl 12 and 13 for train 12703 falaknuma express. PNR [checked] Chance’s of confirmation.

    Train Depart at 7:30 AM Sunday.

  290. Hi Sai, will WL 43 (not tatkal) in NDLS-BCT duronto for today for 2 AC at 11.30 pm be confirmed. I heard it has got an extra 2AC Coach please suggest.

    • Hmm, I’m about 90 minutes late and the charts have been prepared. I couldn’t see the 2A waitlist but I don’t think your ticket confirmed (?). They will only think about adding an extra coach if the WL is more than a coach worth of berths.

      • My pnr no:[checked], train no: 12216. dt.: 9.6.13. garib rath WL/2,3,4,5. Will it confirm?

        • Might just get confirmed by the time chart is prepared.
          Tip: When you can, always prefer boarding from a major station (where train starts or halts for atleast 10 minutes). In your case, instead of from Borivali, you could board from Bandra and you will have an advantage.

  291. Bhupinder Arora

    PNR NO: [checked]
    Current status: CKWL 4,5,6
    Journey date: 7/6/13 tonight
    Train No. 12205

    Will it get confirmed?

  292. My train no 12724, AP express ckwl/2 sleeper class will it be confirmed on 8/06/2013?

  293. Hi,
    what are the chances of my booking getting confirmed.

    PNR Number : [checked]


  294. Nadeemulla Khan


    This is my PNR [checked] under PQWL, whether this will get confirm? I have still 19 seats with PQWL status.

    • I don’t what you mean by 19 seats. Your status is from 1 to 6 (6 passengers) so I think this might confirm.

  295. Hi,

    Will my CKWL 9(TATKAL WL) 3rd ac get confirmed? My journey is tomorrow 6-6-13. Train arrival time 8pm. no-12431 rajdhani express from kollam to panvel. If not can i get board on train with my ckwl ticket?

    • Hello,
      First of all sorry for the very late reply.
      This is a pooled quota tatkal ticket and really cannot be estimated. But may be it might get confirmed at the last moment.
      And no, you cannot travel with a ckwl ticket.

  296. Will Tatkal WL 52/53 CONFIRM for 3 ac August Kranti express for today 5th June leaving NZB.

    • Considering there’s hardly 1 hour now for chart preparation, I don’t think this will confirm.

      • Hi Sai, thanks. It went all way till WL/38 and 39 and was not confirmed. Any safe W/L which can taken for August kranti in Tatkal for 2nd AND 3rd AC.

        • What was the status of your tatkal ticket at the time of your booking? From what had happened today, that minus 38 or 39 is safe. Obviously its not the same every day but this should give pretty good estimate. For 2A, since there are nearly half the number of coaches as 3A, half that difference will be a safe number.

          • Hi ,

            For August kranti I started with WL 72/68 yesterday which came to WL 49 today before chart preparation and then finally ended at 38. So is 72-38 my safe zone. Please let me know if I understood correctly. Thanks for your time.

  297. Sorry forgot mention the waitlist CKWL10.

    • Thanks. I would lean more towards not getting confirmed side. I feel this is like 70% not getting confirmed, 30% may be an RAC.

  298. I have booked tatkal ticket in Golden temple from Faridabad to Surat for 6-6-13 in 3rd AC.
    Please let me know if this will get confirmed.

  299. Can ckwl can be converted into rac? Please tell !!

  300. Hi Sai,

    Tatkal WL 6 & 7 will confirm in Kerala Express 3A for tomorrows journey. Since in Kerala express having 5 three tier A/C coaches.

    • Yes, 5 coaches but it would also depend on the number of berths reserved for tatkal quota and if this is less, we have to see running general waitlist in 3A. And would also vary according to where you board and get down.

      • Hi Sai,

        76 Tatkal seats allotted for this train. I think there is no quota for Tatkal reservation.

        Departing from Agra Cantt.

        • And would you also please mind telling me where you get down? If you simply gave your PNR, I’d know everything without asking individually.

          • Train No : 12626
            Depart Date : 04-06-2013
            Source : Agra Cantt
            Destination : Palakkad
            Class : 3A.

            • Thanks. Those 76 berths are under pooled quota. For many small stations like agra, its a certain quota.
              Confirmed berth is looking very difficult, if any thing, this should be good for an RAC.

  301. Dear Sai,

    Byndoor to Thane, Train number 12620, Matsyagandha Express. Travel Date 3rd June. Sleeper Class. Tatkal Wait list 45. What is the chance of confirmation. PNR [checked]. Thanks in advance.

    • Hello dinesh, you do a lot of traveling :p

      This doesn’t seem like it will conform. Although there are 11 SL coaches, this is a pooled quota waitlist and there are too many WL tickets before you.

  302. Hi,

    Have booked 3A Mumbai – Delhi, Mumbai Rajdhani as CKWL16 for 3rd June, tomorrow. Please let me know if this would get confirmed. Thanks.

  303. Hi,

    Rajdhani Secunderabad to delhi for 4th june PNR number is [checked] and the status is CKWL 4/CKWL 4. Will it get confirmed?

    • Its very tough. IRCTC has closed bookings after CKWL 5, which means history says any more tatkal waitlist normally doesn’t get confirmed. Since yours is 4, it doesn’t necessarily mean will get confirmed; you’re on the border line and I think you have less than 50% chances of getting confirmed.

  304. I have CKWL1 in 12014 Amritsar Satabdi ldh to ndls for June 3 morning. What are the chances of confirmation?
    Also, what is the order of confirmation for general quota waiting list and tatkal lists? Are the tatkal waiting bookings confirmed by the cancellations in tatkal quota only?

    • I was about to say this will easily get confirmed but then I saw that this train has only 2 seats reserved under tatkal quota. That is very strange and yes tatkal watlists are confirmed after tatkal cancellations only. Since there are only 2 tatkal seats, this route is virtually closed. The other way is to get in general quota. Once all general quota seats are filled and if there are any vacant seats, they will be allotted to tatkal WL ticket. Unfortunately, there are around 72 General waitlist at present.

  305. I have two tickets booked. For the same journey.
    Which has better chance of getting confirmed, so that i will cancel one of them

    1:- 843****54
    2:- 622****54


    • It seems you have already cancelled one and I think you’ve cancelled the right one. But still, even this won’t get confirmed I suppose.

  306. 12603 hyderabad express from gudur to nellore.
    pnr: [checked]
    It is booked at CKWL 37 and now it is at CKWL 36.
    does it get confirmed?
    Can i board the train with this ticket. Journey date 2/6/13 (tomorrow)

    • Gudur to Nellore? Your PNR says the reservation is from Gudur to Hyderabad.

      I don’t think this tatkal is confirming any way. And you cannot board if it remains in CKWL after chart confirmation, which should happen around 2pm on 2nd June.

  307. I have booked a tatkal ticket pnr number [checked] in NDLS BCT SF express, status is W/L 21 will it be conformed by tomorrow as train timing is 11:40 pm?

    • Again, not very great chances. This is a temporary train and not tatkal friendly (very less seats allocated in this quota). And there is over 110 WL running in General quota at present.


    • I mostly don’t think so. Although there is a slight chance that this may get confirmed under General Quota. Its more like 10/100 chances.

  309. I have got tatkal ticket from hyd to delhi for tomorrow morning departure. Its in CKWL 1 for 2nd ac. Will it get confirmed?

    • Not sure what train this is but if its Rajdhani then this is getting confirmed.

      • Its Blr-del Rajdhani exp. When will the chart be released? Train starts from blr at 8:20 pm today.

        • Yes, I checked for the same train. Since Hyd is a major station I think around 5 am tomorrow (if not, around 5.30pm today). Check after train departs from bangalore today, your status should still say ‘Chart not prepared’.

          • Should I pack up my things or not. I am still afraid. How much % is chances there to confirm? Please suggest.

  310. ckwl 26/27 netravati express will it get confirmed?

  311. I have a ticket with CKWL 13 (Sleeper Class). Is it possible to be confirm.

    • Cannot say until I have more details.

      • I have a ticket with CKWL 13 (Sleeper Class). Is it possible to be confirm. Train avadh assam exp. (15610) tatkal ticket dated 1/6/13 from lalgarh to kishanganj.

        • Mostly, I don’t think this will confirm. If 13 is your WL from the time your booked then consider there is absolutely no chances. Instead, if it came down to 13 from some higher number, then there might just be a minute chance.

  312. I have booed the ticket in tatkal quota.
    PNR – [checked]
    train – 12017
    it is showing status as CKWL 16 & 17
    will it get confirmed?

  313. Anupam Jayaswal

    I have booked tatkal ticket in Shipra Express in AC III and my status is CKWL 01. Please tell whether it will be confirmed or not.

  314. Hi Sai,

    Can i able to travel with SMS if i a take Tatkal ticket from counter (Paper ticket) which is confirmed.

    Means, suppose i lost my paper Tatkal ticket and can i able to travel with help of SMS. If not what can i do for travelling in the same train with same PNR.

    • Yes, you can just travel with SMS as proof for your confirmed ticket. But don’t forget to carry an ID card. It’s a must for tatkal bookings.

      • Hi Sai,

        One more doubt,

        Just to confirm, i made tatkal booking with my friend name and his ID proof from my railway station but he is staying in another end. Since my station have less rush for tatkal queue.

        For eg: i made a tatkal booking from ‘A’ railway station. My friend is travelling from ‘B’ to ‘A’ station.

        If i send PNR number which is printed in the e-ticket, whether my friend can able to travel from ‘B’ station? And also Whether TTR can able to find is the ticket made through i-ticket or e-ticket from his chart or he will ask the ticket or not?

        • You booked ticket for somebody else since they couldn’t book for some reason? If this is correct, then its fine; no problem.
          I’m not sure whether just the PNR number is enough. While booking you must have provided a mobile number? A confirmation message will be sent to that number (if you have given your number, forward that message to your friend). That SMS and an ID proof will be enough and it doesn’t matter if its an i ticket or an e ticket.

  315. I have tatkal ticket booked from ticket counter in train no. 12296: Sanghamitra Express , which has CKWL 14 and CKWL 15 in 3AC . from Patna to Bangalore.
    It’s current status is CKWL10 and 11.
    Now my query is :
    1. Can I board with this ticket in 3AC compartment? (As i have a non e-ticket)
    2. In case my ticket not get confirmed even after chart preparation, If I cancel my ticket then will i get refunded?

    • Before there was internet, it was only counter tickets. So you can very well board the train regardless of where you bought it from. But you cannot board the train if it doesn’t get confirmed.
      2.) If it doesn’t get confirmed after chart preparation, you can produce the ticket at the counter and get almost complete refund (minus clerk charges).

      • Thanks for your kind reply.
        my 1st question is only in case if ticket does not get confirmed..
        I am well aware that I can travel with counter tickets if confirmed.
        I have taken my tatkal ticket in waiting list considering that if it does not get confirmed I can travel with counter booked waiting list ticket like in case of GN waiting list [as for me it’s urgent to travel].
        But from your reply it seems that even I have booked counter ticket and my tatkal waiting is not confirmed.. this ticket will be considered invalid and i will be barred from travelling

        correct me if I’m wrong.

        • I’m sorry but I really didn’t understand your reply.
          Bottom line is, you can only travel if your name is in the reservation chart. And you can have the same old waitlisted ticket when you first booked it.

          Update: On a second reading, it appears you have 2 tickets, one booked offline and one online?

  316. I have booked Tatkal ticket through a travel agency and it is under waiting list. The waiting list number is cqwl29. I am travelling from chennai to mayiladuthurai. Date: 31/5/2013. Mannai exp. Will i get the ticket confirmed?

  317. Kuppuswami Sundar

    1-Have booked by tatkal and have CKWL 4 AND 5. PNR NO [checked]. Bangalore to coimbatore by train no-16526. Will it get confirmed?
    2- Have booked in general quota and have WL 17 and 18. PNR No [checked] Bangalore to coimbatore by train no -11013. Will this get confirmed. Date of journey for both is 31-05-13. Kindly let me know.

  318. Correction wl 9 πŸ™‚

  319. Hi,
    I am waitlisted 11 goa express 3ac. What are the chances of seat being confirmed tomorrow 3.15 pm

  320. Kerala Express – 12626. CKWL 28/29/30.
    Date of Journey – 31-05-2013

    Please tell me will it confirm.

  321. Tell me if there is a possibility to get confirmed.
    PNR Number: [checked]

    • Its CKWL 1 now. Its a remote location tatkal waitlist, which is not great, but WL1 99 times out of 100 makes it. So I think it’ll be confirmed by tomorrow.

  322. HI…

    I want serious Help I am having counseling there. Will CKWL5 in 3A will be cleared? I have to go tomorrow from delhi to bhubhneshwar.

  323. PNR No. [checked] Chennai Rajdhani 2AC WL6. Journey Date 07.06.13. What are the chances?
    And what does it mean by RLGN waitlist ?

    • RLGN means remote location General WL. This applied when you board a train from a middle station.
      WL6 would look great if you were boarding from Chennai but since you are boarding from Vijayawada, your chances reduce. Remote locations have their own small quota from the available berths. Once those get filled its very difficult to get a berth in the quota since we are now dealing with only a small subset of total available berths.
      I cannot tell at this stage.

  324. Hi Sai,

    RLGN wl18 for 11030 koyna express from Pune to Kalyan. Class CC
    PNR- 86****94 What are the chances? Date of travel is 31st May.

    • Remote locations are always difficult. It’s like Quota with in Quota, so your chances reduce drastically. In future, prefer a train that originates from your station even though their WL is slightly more.
      I don’t think you should worry as this is just a 4 or 5 hour travel. You can easily get a bus for same price albeit Non AC.

  325. Hi,
    I have booked a ticked CKWL-4 PNR no. 61****03, shaheed express 2AC, travel date is 29-May-2013.
    Is there chances of it being confirmed?

  326. I have 51 and 52 GNWL in GT express today i.e 25th may from Delhi to Nagpur. Any chances of clearing by chart preparation time?

    • Today is 26th in my calendar.
      If you meant 26th, I could give a better estimate if I knew from where did your WL start initially before coming to 51 & 52. As such, I think this could be good for a RAC. Your chart will be prepared b/w 3 and 3.30 pm.

  327. Train Number 12650, Karnataka Sampark Kranti. CKWL13/CKWL10.

    Dear Sai, What are the chances of getting a berth?

  328. May 26th TamilNadu Express New Delhi to Vijayawada 3AC CKWL 12. Any chance?
    May 25th Dakshin Express 3AC PQWL 40?
    May 26th Kerala Express SL PQWL 17?

    All are booked for me only, hoping that at least one would get into !!

    • None of these are looking good but if any thing, the Kerala express one looks to be in a better position. Pooled Quota’s are difficult to guess; if it was WL 17, I would’ve been confident enough to say it would confirm.

      • @Sai

        Thanks for the reply.
        There was a mistake, Dakshin Express 25th is GNWL 40 and not PQWL. Can I have a chance now? PNR: [checked]

        • I don’t think so. Its CKWL 37 now, but there are just 3 3AC coaches so not much possibility as I see it. And there are not enough WL (general or tatkal) for them to consider adding an extra coach.

  329. Hi,

    I have CKWL 1 for the train 17652 – kacheguda express to chennai today 4.30
    Any chance of this getting confirmed?
    This is done on sleeper.


  330. ckwl/available, what does this mean.

  331. In train 16589, Rani chennamma express, SBC to DWR
    two sets of tickets CKWL1, 2, 3 for 3AC
    2. 2AC W/L 3, 4, 5

    Dt of journey 25.05.2013
    Any chance of any ticket getting confirmed?

    • 3AC might just confirm but I cannot bet on this too. This is not a tatkal friendly train. Eventhough there are 5 3AC coaches (360 berths), only 32 seats are allotted to tatkal quota.

    • In train 11067
      CKWL15,16,17for 3AC

      Dt of journey 25.05.2013
      Any chance of any ticket getting confirmed?

  332. Hi Sai, SAHYADRI EXPRES, Current status CKWL25/WL25 for tomorrow’s booking.. Shall i book 2 seats and will it get confirmed?

  333. date of travel 25/5 5:40PM
    Kochuvelli express from bangalore to palghat
    Current status : CKWL 12

    Any chance of getting confirmed?

    • Too many Kochuveli expresses. Train number and class of travel would help.

      • Train no: 06315
        Class :SL.

        • Thanks. I could have known the train myself had you said Palakkad instead of Palghat. One there were too many kochuveli expresses and two when I search for SBC to Palghat, I see no trains. I only knew now that Palghat is Palakkad.

          Your CKWL 12 doesn’t look good. A seat is general quota is rules out since there is over 75 WL at present. There are 320 tatkal SL berths in this train and you will need any 11 of them to cancel theirs. It’s possible but not that great looking position to be in.

  334. PNR no is [checked], Date of Journey – 25.05.2013, Current waitlist 54
    Will it be confirmed?

    • I don’t think so. Only 3 CC coaches here; 216 seats. So to expect 25% of people to cancel their confirmed tickets is a bit too much to ask in my opinion.

  335. Train No 16523, Bangalore to Byndoor. Travel date tomorrow night. Current position RAC 73. What is the chance of getting full berth? Thanks in advance..

  336. My PNR is [checked. Date of Journey is 24th May – TATKAL Waiting list, Boarding from Thrissur. Could you please tell me whether it is likely to get confirmed? Train leaves Thrissur at 10:25 night.

    – Madan

    • I wouldn’t think so. The General quota WL is 45 at present. If by tomorrow morning this comes down to a single digit, then there might be a chance.

  337. I booked cklw 1 in pratap exp
    pnr [checked]
    traveling on 25 may.
    Any chance to get confirmed.
    Do i have to cancel or it will be cancelled by itself (online ticket).

    • This is a Pooled Quota waitlist. There are 72 available berths from the originating station at this point so I think yours will get confirmed by tomorrow.
      You don’t have to cancel the ticket. If your ticket doesn’t get confirmed, your refund will be processed automatically.

  338. I have ckwl 5 for august kranti rajdhani from mumbai on 23rd may I.e tomorrow. This is 2AC. What are the chances?

  339. Hi,
    I have booked 2 tickets for Pune-NZM Duronto on 2nd May 2013 for 31st May 2013 in 1AC.
    One of the ticket is confirmed, while the other is in 1WL.
    Current Status is GNWL46/20.
    What are the chances of my WL1 getting confirmed by 31st May.


    • GNWL 46/20 is overall waitlist status. Your status is 46/1, which means you are 1st in line to get confirmed. Although there is only a single 1AC coach, 9 out of 10 times WL1 is a good place to be in. So I think your your ticket will be confirmed by 31st.

  340. Booked Hyderabad to Delhi, Train: 12721 CKWL: 9 Date:22/05/2013 10:30 PM.
    What are the chances of confirmation?

  341. Hi,

    I have booked a ticket : 3 AC, status: W/L 2, AP sampark kranti from delhi to hyderabad, please let me know if there is any chance of getting it cleared..DOJ: 20/05/2013

    Thanks in advance

  342. I have booked 3 Tatkal tickets in Netravati Express boarding from starting point i.e 11:40 am. My booking status is CKWL 6,7,8. DOJ is 19-05-2013. What are the chances of these getting confirmed?

  343. My waiting in tatkal is 10 in kv express from lko to ndls for 19 may, will it get confirmed?

  344. Train No : 16669 – DOJ : 18/05/2013 – Class : 3AC. At the time of booking its status is CKWL 7. The train time is tomorrow at 10:40 PM. What is the chances of confirmation?

    • At this time it doesn’t look like it’ll get confirmed. Assuming confirmed tatkal ticket holders will not cancel theirs, there are 23 General WL at present plus 6 tatkal WL people in front of you. 29 in front with just 2 3AC coaches doesn’t look good at all.

    • My train no is 16176 Chennai Egmore to Karaikal. My waitniglist is WL 7 and 8.
      Will get confirmed. The train departure time is 23.30

  345. Current status for sampark kranthi from thrissur (kerala) to Ambala Cantt jn(punjab) journey date 18/5/2013 is CKWL 47. Will it be confirmed by tomorrow 2.40pm & if not can i ask for refund?

    • It doesn’t look like it’ll be confirmed. You board the train at Thrissur at 2.17pm but the train originates from Kochuveli at 9.15am. So the chart might get prepared at around 6 am tomorrow.
      If your tickets don’t get confirmed, the refund will be automatically processed with in 3-4 business days. You don’t have to ask anyone for it.

  346. Hi,

    I have booked 2 tickets in Kanyakumari express to Trichy yesterday in tatkal.
    While booking one was confirmed & the other was WL/7. Today it is at WL/4.

    can both of them travel in the train.
    My PNR no is [checked].

    Pls reply.

    • I’m not sure about the other ticket getting confirmed. If the status of the W/L ticket doesn’t turn to CNF after chart preparation, only 1 passenger can board the train. Chart should be prepared by 2.30pm. So please check till then.

  347. My train number is 16523. Bangalore to Byndoor. Travel date 24th May. Current status 36, 37, 38. PNR is [checked]. What is the chance of getting confirmed? Thanks in advance.

    • This should mostly get confirmed by then. If status doesn’t improve much by 22nd, try for tatkal on 23rd. There are 172 berths reserved for tatkal bookings for this train.

  348. My train is
    12724 A P EXPRESS 17-5-2013 NEW DELHI to HYDERABAD 3AC

    Status is W/L 60.

    What are the chances to get it confirmed.


    • I don’t think this will get confirmed. 3AC GNWL has come down significantly from over 200 to around 80, but with just a day to go, it doesn’t look good.

  349. I have booked ticket in SC Ngp exp/12771 DOJ is 15/05/13 & current status is ckwl 10 & 11 there is possibility of clear or not please suggest.
    Thank & regards

  350. I have booked tickets from Chennai to Trichy in Howrah-Tiruchirappalli Bi-Weekly Express/12663 on 1st May for 5 passengers.
    The ticket was at WL 10-14. It changed to Wl 8-12 now. Will this get confirmed?
    PNR: [checked]
    Please reply.

  351. Hello,
    I have booked 3 tkts, duranto ‘12265’ delhi to jammu 10.05pm departure out of which 2 got confirmed n d last one got CKWL. When I checked my pnr status it says WL/1. How much possibility is there that this ticket will also get confirmed? And when do I get the confirmation status?



  352. Can i travel if my ticket is CKWL12 3AC for 14/05/2014 what should I do its urgent.

    • No you cannot. CKWL is nothing but an unconfirmed ticket and traveling with it is similar to traveling without any ticket. You will be fined.

  353. I have booked 3AC tatkal yesterday to Trichy from Chennai in Rockfort.
    At the time of booking WL/10. Now it is WL 5.
    PNR: 48***6.

    I have only 2 hours now for chart preparation. Will my seat get confirmed?

    Please reply.

  354. Hi,
    what will be confirmation chances for below PNR status,
    MAHANAGARI EXP(11093), from bhusaval (BSL)to varanashi(BSB), Class: SL,Date: 14- May- 2013.
    W/L 2 (online tatkal booking).

    • I cannot be sure on this. There is a huge remote location waitlist. I would think this will not be confirmed, but keep checking.

  355. I got ticket from IRCTC in TATKAL in 12933 / Karnavati Express.

    DOJ : 14/05/2013
    STATUS : CKWL /1 ,CKWL / 2

    Does this waiting list get confirmed after charting.. Please guide me.

  356. I have CKWL 10 and 11 for Yeshwantpur and Bhubaneswar express which leaves tomorrow at 8 am. 3 AC tickets. Will the tickets be confirmed or should i cancel them and look for other alternatives?

    • Yeah, these don’t look good. I would keep them as it is and look at alternate options as well. Depending on the status of the alternate option, I would cancel the least favorable one.

  357. Dear sir,

    I have booked my ticket in Taj Express from Nizamuddin to Mathura in tatkal with status of CKWL 2.

    can you please guide me whether same will be confirmed or not.

    Thanks in advance.

  358. Will my waiting list 23 for 3 AC get confirmed for june 28 for the train kochuveli dehradun express.

    • No. There is just 1 3AC coach and current WL is 24. So you are essentially at the back end of the waitlist. There are berths available in SL though. Or you may try another train.

  359. Hi,

    I have booked 2 tickets in the second AC in the NEW DELHI BILASPUR Rajdhani Express today for train journey to DURG on 11/05/2013 and the current status is CK WL 9 and 10. Is there any possibility of being confirmed? Please help. As well I have another train ticket on GONDWANA Express which has GENERAL WL 7 and 8 in the second AC for tomorrow 11/05/2013 train. Will this be confirmed? PLEASE HELP.

    • OK, both look bad, but if anything, the gondwana express one’s look to be in a better position. I’m not sure if anyone of these two will get confirmed, but if I have to pick one, I’ll go with gondwana.

    • Thanks Sai for your response.

  360. I have booked my ticket from BENGALURU to DELHI my journey date is 11/05/2013 with Rajdhani express train for 3A AC class my tatkal waiting is 2 and 3. It will get confirm?

  361. I have Ckwl/11 and ckwl/12 for 11th may 2013, from allahabad to guwahati brahmaputra express. What are my chances of getting it confirmed? I really need it


  362. I have booked my ticket from VAPI to CHANDIGARH my journey date is 10/05/2013 with paschim express train no. 12925 for SL class my tatkal waiting is 15, Is it will get confirm?

  363. I have booked tatkal tickets for D.O.J- 10/05/2013 in train no- 12151, samarsatta express from Raigarh to Howrah. My tickets status are- CKWL3,4 in 3AC.

    will they be confirmed?

    • How did you get tatkal tickets for 10th today (8th)?
      Regardless, this train has 6 3AC coaches so I would think your tickets will get confirmed.

  364. Dear Sai,
    You’ve been pretty decent with the predictions.
    I need a help from you, 3 of us booked tkts for Karnataka Express[12627] from Banglore to Mathura 2AC.
    The current status of the tkt isn’t that good :
    Passenger 1: RAC 7 (Booking Status: W/L 21,GNWL)
    Passenger 2: RAC 8 (Booking Status: W/L 22,GNWL)
    Passenger 3: Waitlist# 1 (Booking Status: W/L 23,GNWL)
    DOJ: 14th may 2013

    Would you please help me predicting for the chances of confirmation. πŸ™‚

    Thanks in Advance,

    • Well, RAC is a confirmed seat so you just need 1 WL ticket to get confirmed, which I think will easily get confirmed.
      Whether all these will become a confirmed berth? I would think there are great chances for that too.

  365. Have waiting list tickets from Mumbai to Goa Jan shatabdi 8 May current status 58 Class AC chair car what are the chances of confirmation?

    • I’m assuming this is the train from dadar to madgaon? The max W/L is see now is 42, so its fast coming down. But I still think this is difficult to get confirmed. Chart might get prepared at around 2am, so keep checking for as late in night as you can today.

  366. I have booked a tatkal ticket for 2AC on train no 10103 Mandovi express and my wait list is 7 will it get confirmed?

    • I don’t think so but good thing is since its an early morning train (6.55am), you can wait for it to confirm (if at all) or else you can have another go at tatkal tomorrow. There are only 15 tatkal 2AC berths, so you have to be quick.

  367. I am having CKWL 43 in Chennai HWH mail [12840] in sleeper for tomorrow. Is there any chance for this to get confirmed?

    • Doesn’t look good. If journey date is flexible, leaving this without cancelling, you should again try for tatkal tomorrow for 9th May train.

  368. My current PNR status is W/L 7,CK will it be confirmed?

  369. I have ckwl 6 in 3 tier ac for tomorrow(7th may) in satyagrah express from delhi to raxaul
    What are the chances for confirmation?

  370. Hello,
    My current status is ckwl 2 in nizamuddin express 2nd ac from pune to delhi tomorrow. May 7, 2013.
    What are the chances of it getting confirmed?

    • 2 is a small number but there are only 10 tatkal 2AC berths here. And there are nearly 20 WL in general quota so I’d believe its tough to get this confirmed.

  371. I have a status W/L1 for 1st AC on train 12629 (Sampark Kranti Exp– Pune to Nizamuddin). Travel Date is 8th May 13.
    Could you please advise if this will get confirmed.

    • Although this is a super busy train and there is just 1 1AC coach, I would believe this will be confirmed, only because its not a tatkal W/L.

  372. I have booked 12629/SAMPARK KRANTI train from


    Journey Date :- 07/05/2013

    My waiting list is CKWL 13. Will it get confirmed?

    please let me know.

    • Sorry for being late. You should have the chart confirmation any time now. I’m not sure which class is this, but if its 1A or 2A, there are little to no chances.

  373. I have CKWL 3 in Pune-Habibganj Express (01011) for departure tomorrow night. Do you think this will get confirmed? Thanks for your response in advance!

    • Forgot to mention that this is for 2nd A/C from Pune to Habibganj. Thanks!

      • Pi? I’m a big fan of you :p

        I see that this is not a tatkal friendly train. Even though it has 2 2AC coaches, it only has 10 berths allotted to tatkal quota. So getting confirmed in this quota is virtually ruled out.
        Next way is via General quota. Current waitlist is 7, which came down from over 35. If at all this WL gets cleared and there are any remaining berths, they will be allotted to tatkal WL holders. This is not easy too but I’d keep a watch on this, especially since WL number is reducing quick.

  374. Aditya Kuamar Dwovedo

    Dear Sai,


  375. I have a WL 11,CK in tata steel, from tata-hwh, doj 06-05-2013. Will it get confirmed?

    • If this is about Steel express, there’s very little (to almost no) chance of getting confirmed in either 3A or 1A. CC, yes it may get confirmed.

  376. Dear Sai,

    I have booked CC ticket from Rajpura to Muzaffarnagar with status as CKWL1.
    What are the chances of confirmation?

    Train Number: 14682 Train Name: JUC NDLS EXPRES Date: 6- May- 2013 , Time of arrival :6:50 am.

  377. Hi Sai,

    I have booked ticket in tatkal quota..Please find the details as below.

    Train No :10103
    Class : 3A
    Date of Travel : 05-05-2013
    From DR to KRMI
    PNR No [checked]
    Quota : Tatkal
    CKWL :16

    Kindly let me know, will it get confirmed?

    Thanks in Advance.

    • There are more tatkal 3A berths than General quota 3A berths, which is bad when you have a WL tatkal ticket.So this doesn’t look good to me. Don’t cancel it immediately though, wait till tomorrow after and then cancel if it still remains in W/L. If journey date is adjustable, also try for tatkal again tomorrow morning.

  378. Hi my train is 19406 ypr express and ckwl 7 and 8 will it get confirmed in 2ac.

    • There are only 30 tatkal 2AC berths in this train so, this route is not almost closed. However, in General quota, the W/L currently has come down to 20 from 77. So, essentially you need 27 people to cancel their tickets; this is out of a total of nearly 210 2AC berths.
      Its possible, but not very great chances. Keep checking.

  379. Hi,

    I’ve have W/L 12 and 13 on 3rd AC Duronto Express 12246 YPR to HWH. Not Tatkal, but General reservation. Any chances of Confirmation. DOJ – 3rd May 2013 (tomorrow!)


  380. Hi I booked a 2AC ticket from vijaywada to new Delhi for GT express, its WL9 for 4th may. Is there any chance of being confirmed? Any idea?

    • Yes, being a non tatkal, this has decent chances of getting confirmed. However, I’d also request you to try for tatkal on 3rd morning and see if you can get confirmed ticket. If yes, cancel your previous ticket. If you also get a WL tatkal, cancel that instead.

  381. Hi i have a CKWL 3 from 30 April for today’s tamilnadu express from ndls which came to CKWL2 last night,
    what are the chances for confirming? train time is today 22:30 @ fingers crossed.

  382. Hi I have tatkal waitlist 9 ticket for Charminar express (chennai-hyderabad) on may 2nd. Will it get confirmed?

    Thanks for the reply.

  383. Hi I have ckwl 1/2/3/ and ckwl17 for mumbai rajdhani in 2ac for 2nd may 2013. Do you think it will get confirmed? We got 1 ticket confirmed while booking the tatkal tickets online but the other 3 were showing ckwl status. If the other 3 don’t get confirmed even the confirmed passenger wont be traveling. In case we cancel will we be still charged for the confirmed ticket?

    • CKWL 1/2/3/17 and 1 confirmed ticket means 5 in total?

      1, 2, 3 might get confirmed but 17 is really difficult.

      For cancellation, I’m really not sure (I’ll confirm this later) really but I would think no refund will be made for cancelling the 1 confirmed ticket.

    • Koi umeed mt rakho, flight ka ticket karalo, maine bhi wahi kiya. Ye log sahi estimation bhi ni de skte !!

      • You said it; its an estimation. And estimation will never be 100% correct. I’m only trying to help others with the knowledge I have. Thanks for commenting anyway.

  384. I have booked two tickets for Chennai-coimbatore Duronto on 3.5.2013 it is WL 37 and 38, what is the likelihood of this ticket being confirmed. Thank you.

    • I suggest you try for tatkal booking on 2nd May and see if you can get a better placed ticket. This doesn’t look good at present.

  385. 12216 DEE GARIBRATH 1- 5-2013 BDTS DEE DEE BDTS 3A
    S. No. Booking Status
    (Coach No , Berth No., Quota) * Current Status
    (Coach No , Berth No.)
    Passenger 1 W/L 2,CK W/L 2
    Passenger 2 W/L 3,CK W/L 3
    Passenger 3 W/L 4,CK W/L 4
    Charting Status CHART NOT PREPARED

    Train is departing tomorrow mid day. Will it surely get confirmed or there are chances only?

    • The only reason I’m saying these will be confirmed is because its a Garibrath, all coaches are 3A and there are 22 of them for this particular train. Your W/L numbers are very low too, considering they’ve allowed tatkal reservations up to WL 100.


  387. CKWL 24/wl 24. Sheshadri express. Second ac. Will it conform?

  388. Hi Sai,

    For the train 12649 sampark Kranti, 1AC W/L is 3, is it wise to buy this ticket for the 2nd May 2013?


  389. Train : 12721, 2 AC waiting list position : CKWL 5

    Any chances of getting confirmed? Please tell asap.

  390. I have 1ckwl in pushpak express in 3rd Ac for 1/05/2013 what is chance for getting cleared?

  391. I had ckwl18 while booking and right now its showing w/l 5 for 12289 NAGPUR DURONTO

    will it be confirmed?

    Its sleeper coach ticket.

  392. My 3ac in pune lucknow is 60 waiting for 3rd may 2013. What are the chances of confirmation?

  393. Sorry, I made a mistake in my last question, I now realize that for my booking in Train Number *12941, Train Name – BVC ASANSOL EXP, Boarding Date – 1-5-2013 From Vadodara to Gaya, my Tatkal waiting was CKWL 4 and 5, I see that the CKWL 4 is confirmed but the CKWL 5 is WL 1. Do you think there is a good chance that it may be confirmed. Your assessment will help me make my plans. Thanks again.

    • Yeah, will easily get confirmed. Don’t think about tickets anymore, just go ahead with your journey plans.

        • Well, guess what, my ticket with CKWL 5 that was WL 1 when I got the ticket still remains WL 1 after chart preparation !! Nothing is predictable about our lovely railways.

          • That’s very unfortunate. But did you actually see ‘Chart Prepared’ instruction in PNR report?
            Because I’d think fresh chart can be made from Ahmedabad, which comes before Vadodara. Normally, if there are any big stations in between, charts will be revised from the station. But in that case, even after the train started at its origin point, the PNR shows Chart Not Prepared.
            If you see ‘Chart Prepared’, then that is it. It’s final.

  394. My waiting list no 3 in 3rd ac train no *12695 TRIVANDRUM EXP 30- 4-2013.

  395. I have a CKWL 1, 3rd AC, for 30th April (tomorrow) for the train 12941, Asansol Bhavnagar Exp., from Vadodara to Gaya. Can i hope for it to be confirmed? Thanks.

  396. I have booked a tatkal ticket (Sleeper Class) in Poorva Express (Train No.: 12382; New Delhi to Howrah) for tomorrow’s journey (29.04.2013 -Departure: 16:20). The current status is CKWL14. Kindly tell me what is the chance of getting it confirmed? Even RAC will serve my purpose. Thanks in advance!

    • I’m not sure. This seems to be a super busy train. There are 280 Tatkal SL berths and current Tatkal WL is around 75. Only is rare cases you can expect confirmed tatkal tickets to be cancelled. Will 13 confirmed tatkal people cancel their tickets? I do not think so.
      The other option is if there are any free vacant berths in General Quota. Unfortunately, the WL there is over 300 at present.

      So I definitely wouldn’t keep my hopes on this one. I would love if you could instead tell me if this is confirmed or not tomorrow.

  397. 12524 NDLS NJP SF EXP 28- 4-2013
    W/L 1 ck
    the chances of it getting confirmed
    Tell me urgently.

  398. I have booked tatkal ticket in 3 AC in Train Number: 12145 Train Name: BHUBANESHWAR EXP for 28th april. My current status is WL 2. (BOOKING STATUS was CKWL 4). What are the chances of this getting confirmed?

  399. I am at CKWL 5 in 3AC in Mumbai Mail from chennai to pune. Will it get confirmed before 09.50 p.m. Please reply its urgent.

  400. I have ticket for chennai to vizag on 27th april 2013 for kanyakumari express train number 12666 And its showing wait list 31 and 32 in sleeper. Will it get confirmed? Please give me reply as soon as possible.

  401. HI sai ,

    You are doing a very noble thing. Hats off to you ,
    what are my chances of getting a confirmed tatkal ticket for SL class today with a Current status CKWL 10 .

  402. Hi.

    I have also booked tickets for 3rd May for Saurashtra Janta from Bandra To Jamnagar where the waiting is WL32, WL33. How are the chances of this getting confirmed?
    Alternatively, I booked 3AC two tickets for 2nd May for same train same route. As of now the waiting is WL13, WL14. How are the chances of this getting cleared?

    Thank you..!!

    • If the 2 tickets on 3rd May are for SL class, then they are surely getting confirmed.

      If they are 3AC too, then obviously, you have better chances on 2nd may than 3rd. WL13/14 are just there and there about to get confirmed. If this number gets to a single digit with 1-2 days remaining, it might get confirmed.

  403. Hi, I just booked 3 ticket in Kerala express under Tatkal Quota and it turned out to CKWL6/7/8 respectively. The travel date is on 25/04 (10 PM) from Erode to Vijayawada. Any chances of tickets getting confirmed?

  404. I Have booked Tatkal ticket for Train Number 12791 from hyd to Varanasi CKWL 16 in AC 3 tier, there are 4 AC 3 tier coach it seems. Whats the chance for the confirmations.

    • There are 5 actually. The chart will have been prepared by now so my advice will be of no use to you. I’m guessing it was confirmed.

  405. Hi,
    I have waiting list KANYAKUMARI EXP, DOJ : 30- 4-2013, W/L 21, possibility is there to confirm (atleast RAC)
    PNR Number : 415**126

    • This will get confirmed by 30 April.

      • Hi sai,
        Thanks how are you confident to say it will confirm.

        • I’m not confident, that’s what I said. Chart should have been prepared by now. Did it get confirmed?

          • I’m asked how much possibility there to confirm , if less chances i will change my travel plan.

            • Brother, I’m really sorry. I mistook you for another commenter. You were also using 2 different email ID’s to comment so that added to the confusion. I re-checked your first comment and take it for granted that it will get confirmed by 30 April. Why am I so confident? Because its a SL ticket and there are plenty of SL coaches in that train and W/L 21 is not such a big number not to get confirmed. Hope everything is clear now.

  406. Booked ticket in 3AC of Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani with scheduled departure from New Delhi station today, April 23. Current status is W/L 8.

    • Ohh, you’ve almost copy pasted an earlier comment so it was caught by spam filter. I’ve manually edited it.

      The W/L number is getting down so just wait and see. Check around 1pm today.

      • Okay, sorry for that. I did that because I had got the updated status. Would be grateful if you could tell me the chances of getting the same confirmed.


        • As I said before, its a Rajdhani, most busiest of trains in India. I would generally say no if W/L is anything in 2 digits. Yours came down from 2 digits to a single digit. I’m really not sure about this, it can go either way, 50-50, if you prefer numbers.

  407. Hello Sir, The current status for a 3A berth in tonight’s train (Rockfort Express (TPJ -TBM)) is CKWL 1. At the time of booking, it was CKWL 3. What are the chances, that it might get confirmed?

  408. Hi !
    I have booked ticket under tatkal quota for pune duranto express DOJ is 22/04/2013 i.e tomorrow. My booking status is CKWL 20. What is the possibility to get confirmed ticket.

    • Not great when it comes to a double digit waitlist in a Duranto. Would appreciate if you can infact tell me if it got confirmed or not.

  409. Hello Sir,

    Booked the ticket in 3rd AC in Bhubaneshwar Rajdhani, scheduled departure today, 20th April under general quota. Current status is waiting list 18. Kindly let us know the chances of confirmation. Would appreciate your early response.


    • I’d say there are very less chances of getting these confirmed. Rajdhani’s are very difficult to get cleared. But still, check around 1 pm today and decide.

  410. Today, I have booked a tatkal ticket for SL. Journey from: Kalyan to Miraj JN. DOJ: 17th April. Current status: CHK WL 1 and 2. Will this get confirmed by tomorrow?

  411. I booked for goa express 2ac in tatkal quota and have been waitlisted at 1. What are the chances that it will get cleared?

  412. I have purchased 2 II AC tickets for sabari express (hyderabad to kerala) and my ticket shows CKWL 1 and 2. Is there any chance of this getting confirmed? for this to get confirmed some one who has booked under tatkal scheme should cancel there tickets?

  413. Hi my tatkal in jhelum express (pune-jhansi) on 13-apr-2013 ckwl20 in 3ac. Now can i know if its possible to get confirmation or refund money is possible.

    I am very confused please tell me.

    • You can check at around 1pm on 13th April. If it comes down to, say CKWL 2/3, it might get confirmed by the time chart is prepared. If not, you can cancel your ticket. You will get complete refund if you cancel your ticket while its in waitlist. If you do not cancel your ticket and it still remains in WL after chart preparation, even then you’ll get your refund.

  414. Hello Sai,
    Can you please comment on
    WL-11 3AC Punjab Mail 12137 from Mumbai to Gwalior on 18 April.
    What do you think of the possibility of it being confirmed.

  415. Hi ,

    I have booked 2 tatkal tickets in Nilgiri Express current status is WL 4 AND WL 5 PNR:[checked] (FROM CHENNAI CENTRAL TO METTUPALAYA) WILL IT GET CONFIRMED?

  416. Today I have purchased II ac ticket for 12.4.2013 in Kerala express 12626 and the status is WL6 CK, if there is any chance to get it confirmed?

    • I will not rule out remote chances but generally its difficult to get a confirmed ticket in First state expresses (like Kerala express, AP express etc).

  417. Hi Sai,
    Train No. 12296, Date of Journey: 11/4/2013, Availability: CKWL49/WL41. Is there any chance of this waiting list to get confirmed.

  418. Hi sai, my train is all jat express and waiting 8-12 3AC for 5 people for 11th april 2013.

    • Since you’ve commented on 9th April, these are not Tatkal bookings.
      There are 4 3AC coaches, so nearly 300 berths, so I would think these should get confirmed.

      • Thanks Sai for the response. Yes these are not tatkal. 4 coaches in 3AC. The waitlist actually is going 98 something although mine is 8-12. Does that means 98 people will also be cleared.

        • Nope. There’s no guarantee. Generally, IRCTC allows bookings up to certain limit till which the system thinks may get cleared by the time of journey. This depends on train, class and previous history.
          After this limit, you will see ‘REGRET’ where no further bookings are allowed.

  419. The train number is 12890.

    • There is just one 2AC coach. But there is still a lot of time till 22 April. You need 3 people to cancel their confirmed bookings, which I think may happen by then.

  420. Hi,

    I have booked a ticket for 22nd April in YPR to tatanagar exp, from YPR to VSKP in 2nd AC the status is WL 2 and WL 3. Can you please let me know whether the ticket would be confirmed.

  421. Hey friend,
    It is still showing ckwl 10 for SL, the train is at 4.15pm.
    Please tell me if it will get confirm or not.
    Thanks for previous suggestion.

    Shiva Gupta

    • I’m late, guess my suggestion won’t be of any help now. You tell me later if it got confirmed or not.

      • Hi bro. This did not get confirmed but now i have rlwl 14 for lnk pune train in SL class for bhopal to pune on sunday. Please tell me if there are chances for its confirmation or I should again try for tatkal ticket. Thanks in advance.

        • I’m not sure what train is this.
          Try tatkal tomorrow, if rlwl doesn’t get confirmed today. If tatkal is successful, cancel your rlwl.

  422. Dear Sai,

    Sorry to bother u again. I have booked 3 tickets in 3AC in Bhubneshwar Rajdhani with scheduled departure on 12th April from Bokaro to NDLS. When I booked it was W/L 12, 13, 14 and now as of today, these are W/L 7, 8 and 9. Could you please tell me the chances of getting these confirmed?


    • Yeah rest assured, these will get confirmed by 12th.

      • Sai,

        As of now, the status shows that chart not prepared and 3 tickets are currently lined up as W/L 1, 2 and 3. Train has already started at 9:30 morning today from Bhubneshwar. Kindly suggest as when will Chart get ready and also whether these tickets will get confirmed for sure?

        Thanks & Regards,

        • Generally charts gets prepared before 3 hours from departure time (3 hours before a major intermediate station). I would assume you will get confirmed berths.

  423. Hi, my current status is ckwl 11 in nizamuddin exp from pune to bhopal please tell me if it will get confirmed or not my train is tomorrow 4.15 pm.

    • If its SL class, then yes it’ll get confirmed easily. In case its 3A, you’ll have to check it tomorrow around 12 noon – 1pm (this train will start at its origin point at 9.05am but from Pune Jn separate reservation chart will be prepared.
      My guess is it will get confirmed for 3A too.

  424. Very happy happy to see somebody helping others heartily.

  425. Hi sai plz help me through this my pnr is [checked]. i got my bookings done from my irctc accounts yesterday at around 01 pm, at that time the status was ckwl 14. My train (g.t. express)will depart at 6 pm today to chennai. even after 15 hrs the status has not downgraded at all (it’s for 3rd ac). So what according to you are my chances?

    • Sorry for being so late. Its 7pm now and it seems your ticket has been confirmed. Hope you’re having good time in the train.

  426. I got ckwl 18 in howrah exp from chennai to howrah. Will it get confirmed?

  427. I have my train for jammu today and i have tatkal tickets and the no’s are CKWL 4,5,6,7
    What are the chances. Do let me know?
    Thank you.

    • Can’t really help without knowing the train and travel class.
      However, roughly, those numbers should get confirmed for a SL class travel.

  428. I have booked my ticket on sanghamitra express from bangalore to patna (pnr checked) in Tatkal. Its showing waiting list 5 and 6. What are the chances of confirmation.

  429. Dear Sai,

    I have got tickets waitlisted as 8, 9 and 10 in 3AC with scheduled departure on 12th April in Bhubneshwar Rajdhani from Bokaro Steel City to New Delhi. What are the chances of getting these tickets confirmed?


  430. Hai i have book on 31.03.13 CKW/L 16,17 PNR [checked] Train No -12296 My train is on 01.04.13. This ticket can get confirmed?

    • Its W/L 11, 12 now. The chart will get prepared in an hour or so. Might just get confirmed in the last minute. But I will say don’t keep much hopes.

  431. Hi
    I have got CKWL 1 in the train shatabdi 12028 < bangalore to chennai
    seat category CC

    Please let me know what is the probability to get it confirmed.

    I did tatkal booking.


    • Common, you shouldn’t ask such easy questions. You are the first person in the waiting list line in tatkal quota. You will get a confirmed seat.

  432. Hi SAI.
    My train is tomorrow Bhopal shatabdi, 12001, will start from bhopal. My booking status was CKWL-2, now it is CKWL-1, what are the chances of getting confirmed, please reply me.