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Indian post’s ‘Project Arrow’- A complete Overhaul

Remember those days where a postman was considered as a god in villages? Every time a post master postman (corrected, after a request) enters a village with a bunch of letters, kids used to run behind his cycle till he leaves the village giving all the letters to right persons. Those days may still be alive in some remote villages in India, but the advent of email has surely depleted the Postal service a lot. Take my case, it’s been 7 years, since I last wrote a letter and that was a letter to Editor of Hindu News paper regarding Noise pollution in my area, and that was in my 10th school board exam 😀

Now I can’t even remember those hard learnt-by heart formal, informal letter formats.

All I know is open my email account and type a letter to the concerned taking the help of the auto-spell checker.

Now consider this, Post offices in India acting as Shopping malls virtually having everything that a household needs. This could be a reality and will soon be a reality when the current on going ‘Project Arrow’ is completed. This projects aims at a complete overhaul of the postal service in India and change it virtually like a corporate body. Indian Post is a 155 year old body in India which may be the only service that can reach each and every corner of the country. Taking this as the advantage and the large real estate space that it holds, India Post is being developed as an all new Postal service which gives ‘Wings to your Dreams’.

This project was actually started in 2008 and the first phase changed the identity of 52 selected post offices in the country. Many such post offices will be overhauled in the coming phases.

The ministry is also considering to rope in a few private players to take part in the project.

Update: Well, since its origin, this project has taken as slightly different curve. Now instead of being a one stop shop for every thing, it just aims to fully computerize and change the look of our good ol’ post offices; giving them a modern look. Now all your post office related work such as booking of registered posts, speed posts, parcels, EMO’s etc will be processed electronically. Till date, some 16000 post offices across India have been project arrowed.

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  1. The official who comes to the village with a bunch of letters for delivery is POSTMAN
    and not POSTMASTER as mentioned in the article.This may please be corrected.The effort taken is appreciated.

    • Hi, I can understand why it was mentioned Postmaster instead of Postman. I used to live in my village till a few years back and we used to say ‘Hey dekho postmaster ji aagaye’.

  2. ambika prasad mandal

    project arrow is very good step by govt.of india . my opinion is please conected to all post offices as core banking system. and many govt. form avail all post offices

  3. ambika prasad mandal

    sir, i am very interested to open a franchise outlet for better service from postal department in my area at RANGIAGARH which is under SDIP,KUJANG and covered by south division, cuttack.

  4. Dear sir please send me Postal & sorting assistent application form to my email address.

  5. iam in job search.

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