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Incentives for Girls in IIT-JEE from next year?

Women may have secured top ranks in the country’s highest civil service exam, but it is extremely rare to see women even in top 10 in entrances such as IIT-JEE and AIEEE. What could be the reason?

One clear indication is that most girls do not even show any interest in such exams. Consider these stats, in 2010, girls formed only 12% of all the candidates who appeared for the entrance that any aspiring Engineering student hopes to crack. In 2011, this year, this percentage increased to 22%, but still is nothing compared to 78% boys’ weightage.

Added to this is this stat, out of 100 girls who appear for the test, only 1 clears it successfully. Boy’s, on the other hand, fare slightly better at 3 successful candidates per 100. So obviously, it’s tough to find a woman in the toppers list in IIT-JEE.

To change this, the Central HR Development Ministry has appointed a committee headed by Anil Kakodkar to study the reason behind this and also mention possible measures to change this.

As a preliminary suggestion, the committee has recommended some incentives for women applicants. The evaluation will be different for girls and boys, with some priority for girls. This means, if a girl and boy receive same mark, the girl will rank better than boy, even if all other conditions equal. And they are also considering a fee reduction for successful girl candidates by means of re-imbursements after joining.

Leaving all the reasons aside, I just wonder if its’ for the reason that they will have to stay away from home in an IIT hostel to pursue Engineering that is keeping girls away?

Update: Some IIT’s, especially the new one’s like IIT Mandi of Himachal Pradesh are already offering incentives to girl candidates. All girls who are admitted for 1st year of Engineering will be provided free boarding and lodging and also get Rs.1000 every month for 1 year.

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  1. i dont think girls these days worry of being away from home. its their parents who stop them in most cases.

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