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Hyderabad Metro Rail routes map Phase 1 & 2 with Junctions

So anyone who has been commuting in or around the Hyderabad city might have observed that some sort of construction is happening in the middle of some main roads. Most of you might quickly relate it to the work being done for the Hyderabad Metro Rail. Yes, that’s for Metro rail and here are some details about the project that may be of interest to you.

The construction is divided into phases and obviously, the work you’re seeing at present is the work under phase 1.

Phase 1 will have 3 corridors’, I, II and III.

Corridor 1 stretches from Miyapur to LB Nagar, consisting of 27 stations (stops) with a total distance of 28.87 kms

Corridor 2 is the shortest of the three stretching from Jubilee Bus Station (JBS) to Falaknuma with 16 station in between and a total distance of 14.78 kms

Corridor 3 will be between Nagole and Shilparamam with 23 stations at a distance of 27.51 kms.

Please note that the distance mentioned is as calculated in the initial estimates and there might be few changes in the route as identified later.

Phase 1 Junctions

For the benefit of people, there will be Junction like (Major) stations in between a route which trains between two corridors use in common. For example, Ameerpet station is a Junction Corridor 1 and Corridor 3, While MGBS is a Junction between Corridor 1 and Corridor 2. Parade Grounds is another junction, for corridors 2 and 3.

These Junctions may be used by people to get down and board another corridor train. For example, for those who want to travel from Miyapur to Falaknuma, may board a Corridor 1 train, get down at MGBS station and then board a Corridor 2 train to Falaknuma.

Metro Phase 2 routes

Once phase 1 is completed, phase 2 will being. Phase 2 is essentially an extension (or branch out) of Phase 1 routes to other remote places of the city. Recently, 7 routes for Phase 2 have been finalized and are as follows:

Miyapur – BHEL – Patancheru: 15 kms

Falaknuma – Shamshabad: 12 kms

LB Nagar – Vanasthalipuram: 4 kms

Nagole – LB Nagar – Falaknuma: 15 kms

JNTU – Shilparamam – Gachibowli: 14 kms

JBS – Alwal: 8 kms

Gachibowli – Tolichowki – Lakdi-ka-pul: 17 kms

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  1. what are the junctions from Nagole – LB Nagar – Falaknuma: 15 kms route , Pls mention the junctions by serial number

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