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HP Gas: Online refill cylinder booking status, SMS and Aadhaar card

If you are a consumer of HP Gas (LPG) any where in India, here is how you can book your next refill cylinder online. First head to this HP consumer zone portal and create an account. In this process, you need to select your HP Gas distributor and enter your LPG consumer number (you can find this on any previous bill; note that this is not the same as consumer ID). The system will then search for your data in their database. Once you ascertain that all your data is correct, you may proceed to create your online account. Here, you will need to provide your email and create a password.

Using the HP Gas portal

Once you are done with the registration password, you can login with the email and password that you’ve set. Once inside the portal, you can find a link for ‘Online refill Booking’. If you want to book a new refill, you may use that link. After you have booked a refill using that link, you can see your booking in ‘Refill booking history’ link. You can immediately see the order reference number. Booking number will be available in a day or two. HP Gas Aadhaar link

Note that online booking will have no preference over any other booking option. All bookings (online, IVRS, SMS, direct) will be processed together on a first come first serve basis.

If you wish, you may also use the preferred time delivery feature. This is explained in our post on Bharat Gas refill booking.

Booking via IVRS

If you wish, you may also book your refill via HPGas anytime IVRS service. Different states have different IVRS numbers. Please see this list and call the respective number. If you haven’t registered your mobile number with your distributor, you will need to register it now. You can do it in this call, and once you do it, and register your consumer number, from the next time, the system will automatically identify you when you call the IVRS number.

On advantage if you book your refill via IVRS is you will be kept informed the status of your refill via SMS. From the time you booked till your receive your cylinder, you will receive 3 SMS’s.

Link your aadhaar number

There is also a provision to link your aadhaar number to your HP Gas account. You just need to enter your aadhaar number in the field provided. Right now, you actually don’t need to do it because your delivery boy only collects the subsidized amount (till 9 cylinders a year) and for any additional cylinder, he will collect non subsidized full amount. But in the future, when most people have their aadhaar numbers, you will be required to pay the full non-subsidized amount for every cylinder you receive (even for first 9 cylinders a year) and the government will refund the subsidized amount to the bank account that is linked with your aadhaar number.

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