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Hindustan Unilever Pureit water purifier

You may have seen a variety of water purifier advertisements and so may be confused on which one to buy. This one is about Hindustan Unilever PureIt and is not a recommendation to buy but just a review on how it works and performs over others.

The main advantage of PureIT water purifier is that you don’t have to worry about either continuous water supply or electricity supply. Having said that, it may also be a disadvantage that you need to manually put in water every time the water level depletes to near zero. The bottom transparent bottom chamber can store up to a maximum of 9 litres of water and the top chamber another 9 litres. Hence if your family is a big one say consisting of at least 8-9 members, then you may have to fill the water chamber multiple times a day.

However, like most of the families if only 4 or 5 people exist, then you may have to add water every couple of  days.

The way this works is simple. We add water to the top chamber which is unfortunately not transparent and so  have to be very careful when it is just about to fill completely. The moment you pour in the water, it goes  through a ‘Microfibre Mesh‘ that removes any visible dirt. The next stage is to go through a Compact carbon  Trap that further removes any dirt, if present besides removing any parasites or pesticides.

The water will then be purified using the proprietary Germkill battery that kills harmful bacteria and Viruses.

Then the water reaches the lower part of the Unit where it goes through a polisher that adds taste to the water  and makes it completely odourless. Then the water rises above the chamber and falls into the visible lower  chamber from which a tap arises.

hul-pureit-water-purifierThe battery has a life indicator and normally lasts for nearly an year (for single family consisting of 4 members). The life is indicated by a bar, which when turns red should be immediately be replaced. The battery costs only Rs.350 and the entire unit costs just Rs.2000.

Note that the battery life may also depend on the quality of water you pour into the unit. You if pour absolutely muddy water, it may only last for about 6 months even though there are only 4 members using it.

So effectively, the price of water that is ‘as safe as boiled water’ for 1 year is only Rs.350, besides the Unit cost of Rs.2000 for the first year.

If you need a live example, you can even contact HUL for a free Demo before trying the product.

I’ve been using this product for precisely 13 months and the battery is just about to turn red completely. The water as promised is very pure and tasty.

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  1. I am very happy with the customer service of Pure IT and their service personnel.


  2. My name is Vishal I live close to Cox Town, I had brought a pure it 2 years back and must say had faced some problem, I have been seeing these bad review about Pureit battery service, May be u guys have ur own story but I just can believe i had called the call center and booked for a battery and a mesh and in just 10 min i get a call from the agent or sales person and the stuff is delivered and device was cleaned without asking me and the guys were like super speed, I just could not believe the Coordination between the call center and the agent, it was lightning fast. I took some time to share my Information because im from a service back ground and i need to say I thought our company was fast at service but they proved me wrong

  3. i wanna change my pureit battery . for that i want contact person number my address is

  4. battery replaced two months ago after to much trouble.
    but now also it will not filter the water properly it will take 48 to 80 hours to filter the water.and also it will filter only 2 bottles when we put 4 bottles into it.

    and also my number is 9742403015

  5. Planning to purchase PureIt. Is it Worth ? or should I go with Eureka Forbes electrical water purifier.

  6. The product is not worth purchase. Their after sale service is very poor. The contact persons usually change their cell numbers,. So much so, their helpline numbers are also changed with the result it has become difficult to lodge complaint and requisition the germical battery. Purity is not as much as being claimed by be-fooling the peoples.

  7. Omprakash R Yadav

    A battery germ kill was ordered for res 550/- + 30/- delivery charges which is 580/- . The executive who came from Shreya Enterprises (HUL) Pureit, Shop no 10 Sai ram gokul dham society siddharth nagar, kopri colony, thane east, 400603, charged rs 50/- extra without cleaning the device. please tell me if this is a dacoti or a proper customer service. There was no one at home but only a old lady, who narrated the entire story . If this could not be sorted from your end i will have to launch a manual complaint at the consumer forum.

  8. Unable to find your service provider infact same will not come out from your toll free nos . Horrible services , no contact , no dealers at bhopal .

  9. i wanna buy it……can u plz tel me its purifing tech……and……..in fatehabad haryana who is the dealer of this product?

  10. ‘Pure it’ is very good indeed. However to supply the battery kit they take a very long time. I booked for a battery kit on 20.02.2011 but i did not receive it till today i.e. 23.02.2011.


  12. For God`s sake donot make a mistake of purchasing PURE IT.Horrible service. your complaint will be fallen on deaf ears. if they cannot attend consumer problem properly, let them stop manufacturing of pureit. so that customers are saved.

  13. I have been using PureIT for about 2 yrs now and have had no problems other than the tap breaking once in a while. I have also been able to get replacements without much problems. The battery does not seem to last as long as claimed. I am not too sure about the effect of Chlorine on one’s health.

  14. So So Product, Just Like Simple Traditional Purifier , after sale service is too poor with a team of Idiots,
    (Vishal Vyas-9755566706)

  15. WARNING: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT. Their after sales service is the WORST I have ever experienced. As long as the product works, you’re fine. But sooner or later, there will be a problem (all water filters experience blockages, jams etc) and then your nightmare will begin. You will call their “helpline” 20 times. Each time you will wait half an hour on hold. Each time you will have to repeat the same information and verify your address (after 5 times, this becomes highly irritating). And each time they will promise to send someone to your house “as soon as possible”. That may mean in 3 weeks, or never. After 20 calls, you will throw out the machine in frustration, which is what I did. I can’t understand how a highly reputed company like Hindustan Lever has become like this. Again, DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, you will soon regret it.
    Hope this helps, Elliven

  16. dear all Very bad expriance with me
    i am purchase water purifier on dated 13/7/2010 leakey in my system in side but problem not re solved
    PHONE NO-9997081551

  17. pureit number 08041486785

  18. Yesterday I have bought one pure it. But I could not assemble the product to get water. Please guide me. In the booklet it is mentioned it will take 1.5 hours to filter 9 Ltrs. of water. Is it so ?

    • Just about correct. Also make sure that you don’t drink the water poured for the first time or better call the customer care number, the Demo guys will come to assemble.

  19. Realy this information is very helpful to everyone.
    Congrats n kp goin.

  20. My pureit germ kill kit has beeen finised i am calling co’s rep. for many times but no any respoance plase help me and change my pure it germ kit

    my address :-

  21. any body give me the custmer care number of PUREIT………..

  22. I have purchased one and wanted to buy a small one but i am not able to get it. i can find the dealer near andheri where i can buy it as they are not delvering it. i don’t know why they advertise it.

  23. Can any one please provide me the contact number to order kit ……………….

  24. i had purchased a pure it wter purifier from kanpurSERIAL NO-MSB0500417742 .but now my address has been changed i ordered many time gkb mentioning my new address but till now i haven’t received any gkb.whenever i ordered gkb at no-9223200200 the call attendent assured me that it should reach within three days at my new address but till now neither i had received gkb nor any company representative contact me.

  25. Be Cautious while taking pure-it.
    I took pure-it in the month of september-2009. Daily a maximum of 3 liters i am using. And i have not used it for 2 months as i am out of city. The battery indicator is completely white. Even i am using it daily from 3 months the battery kit is completely white, the same is observed with my friends also. My friends are using the same from 1.5 years and their battery kit is still not become red. Usually the indicator will become red slowly after using it. Once it become 80% red we should ready to purchase. My Battery kit is white always and it never shown at least 20% red. But suddenly my battery kit become red completely in one day.
    I had a talk with customer care regarding this. The guy replied politely that it is because of manufacturing defect, don’t worry our executive will come and change it and you need not worry to pay for it.
    But the game started now. Executive telling that we are not concern about manufacturing defect, u need to purchase it. He is not interested to listen the situation also. And his senior also speaking similar to that.
    I again called to pure-it customer care, they are also started talking that you have to purchase that as it is being used by you from 8 months. But they are not listening that my battery kit expires suddenly. The customer care executive transferred my call to their senior official he said that no problem we will solve it. But no action. I am calling daily to pure-it but no one is coming and changing the kit every time i call to pure-it they only replies that since it become red you have to change it.

    Few of the Germ Kill Battery kits have manufacturing defects, but pure-it executives & customer care officials respond differently for this situation.

  26. All due respect to the views expressed by other netizens (some of whom may probably be representing HUL!), let me share my experience. I do not want to comment on the efficiency of the unit, as I do not have the technology to measure the same – but this is about the quality of after sales service. After 6 weeks from the date of logging my request to replace the battery (Req no: 012788) I did not have the privilege of seeing a soul from the Company with the kit. After a repeated trial, I was given with another request no. and an assurance that the same will be done in three working days (as they did earlier). I gathered from some of my friends that this lapse is not an isolated case, but a regular occurrence… Can this be tolerated?

    • Absolutely NOT. What can (or should) you do now?
      Throw away your PureIT and go for other alternatives. A few number of such shun’s will wake up the company at least.

  27. mayuresh shankar kakade

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii i am mayuresh please give information about pure it

  28. I just want to let you know about pure it customer care. Please read this and take a decision before you buy pure it.
    Last year I bought pure it. I am happy about the quality of the water. But two weeks back (on a Saturday) I placed an order for battery kit. I told them on week days I will not available at home from 8am to 7pm. They told me what time is convenient for us that time their executive will come and deliver the kit. After 4 days (Tuesday) one pure it executive called me and asked me at what time he can deliver the kit. I told him that I am in office and come on Saturday and deliver the kit. He agreed. But on Saturday nobody from pure it called me. I have waited till Tuesday as I was getting water. But on Wednesday pure it got locked and water started leaking. So I called the customer care on Wednesday and asked them about the delivery. They told sorry and open a complaint and told me that I will get the delivery on that day or next day. But nobody called me and delivered the kit. On Thursday evening again called them and explained my situation like I am not getting the water. They again open another complaint. After that I called the executive who called me to deliver the kit. When I called from my mobile he didn’t pick the call, so I called him from my land line. Then he picked the call. He told me his working hour is from 9am to 4:30pm and he cannot come before or after that time (FYI, when I bought pure it newly they delivered it after 7:30pm). So I asked him why he didn’t deliver the product on Saturday, but he didn’t answer anything. Instead of wasting time I asked him to come to my office next day (Friday) at 10am to deliver the kit. He agreed to that and I gave my office address. On Friday till 11am nobody called so I called him asked where he is. He told he will be coming and will call me back in 5min. I have waited one more hour and called the customer care. They repeated the same story like saying sorry and escalating the complaint. But till evening I didn’t get any call from pure it. So on evening also I called them and asked about the delivery they told on Saturday I will get the kit. On Saturday till 10am I didn’t get any call from the executive so I called him several times and he didn’t pick the call. I called the customer care again and they told my complaint has been escalated and surely I’ll get the delivery before evening. Till 4pm I didn’t get any call from the executive so again I called the customer care and they repeated the same story. So I panned to go directly to Pure it office and get the kit. Somehow I found the office (Domlur, Bangalore) and bought the kit. It was after 4:30 and there was 4 executives simply sitting and chatting.
    My dear friend this is the experience I got from pure it. Please think and take a good decision.

  29. See this scary article on risks from Pure It. I bought it 2 months ago, but am now worried :http://economictimes.indiatimes.com/HUL-Eureka-Forbes-ad-battle-centres-around-chlorine-use/articleshow/5082894.cms

  30. Worst service they does not go for any replacement for the batter when it is purchased really i am struggling to take a replacement for a faulty battery kit.

  31. I Agree with Sriraj, Service provided for pureit is really good.

  32. Sorry to say this, The battery’s red band was came out at 10 months ago. None of PURE IT people was contacted us. However, we searched for any agency to replace the battery. After a struggle of contacting of 4 contact numbers, which available on the PURE IT brochures(of course, the agent/sub agent numbers) for 4months(the luck of ours, every time the number contacted is busy), we got an answer, that, we have to book over phone at 9246100100. We booked the battery for replacement on 10-9-2009, and got assured to replace the same within three days. We waited up to 17-9-2009 and called again, and again got assurance for replacement within 3 days. On 19-9-2009, as we did not get any assistance from the PURE IT people, I searched the complaint site of PURE IT and made a complaint stating the status and on the same day I wrote the above comment. On 22-9-2009, suddenly, the technician appeared and replaced the battery and tap(which got broken cock) at Rs.580/- within 15 minutes and disappeared. Then all our staff get SIGH feeling for the 10 months EXPEDITION. Thanking you Sir!

  33. Around PURE IT, all the glitters are not gold.
    After sale service is very poor and nasty and our patience will be put under test to get the support. The battery is the crucial part in the functioning of the machine/PURE IT. The Company clearly knows the lapsed period of life of each battery fitted to the Machines which they sold. It is a great help to the customer, if the company rep. contacts the customer or even mail a letter or send a SMS to the mobile of user, stating the availability of batteries and the need of replacement of it and cost of the new one along with the particulars of service they will render in this regard.
    The people of HUL are more interested in selling of huge number of PURE ITs rather than providing after sale service to the customers. I don’t think the people of HUL-PURE IT are selfish to cut to an end of the user. I feel that, all of them must know about the customers, who bought the units, who fall in a dilemma of how to use the unit which is nothing but a plastic drum, if the battery replacement band is become reddish. And without replacement of the battery, the water is so harmful to users.
    I suggest the people to make arrangements to give effective after sale service to get good fame among the users of PURE IT

    • I guess, you bought the Unit in early days of PURE IT’s introduction which didn’t have battery that could automatically turn off as it goes completely red stopping thr flow of water anymore.
      Sine, you had bad experiences with HUL let me say mine. After about a year or so, our unit’s battery turned red and we called the customer care unit. Believe it or not the guy was in our house with in 3 hours with a new Auto-turn off battery and it was all done in 20 minutes.

  34. Strong smell of chlorine. What are the health implication? What about corrosion of other equipment around it?

    • Are you using the product and do you get chlorine smell?
      I didn’t find any such smell in my 13 months of its use. May be the water in your locality is too chlorinated.

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