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Hathway’s STB service in Hyderabad

Up until recently I was using the set top box of Hathway for my cable TV services (in Hyderabad). I was extremely happy with the service for almost all part of the 9 months that I’ve use Hathway’s STB. You get the digital quality (looks like) picture clarity with the same monthly cable services bill that your cable boy collects (See DD Direct DTH). You only had to pay an upfront charge of Rs.1000 (I got it at this price 9 month back, but now it seems its shot up to Rs.1500. The official price given on Hathway’s website is Rs.3000, so which is the correct price is any one’s guess).

Similar to any DTH, you will have the Electronic Program Guide (EPG) that gives you the schedule of shows of all channels for the next 24 hours. You can set a reminder with in the EPG so that you don’t miss out on your favorite program.

Hathway’s STB or a DTH?

The big difference between Hathways’ STB and other DTH service is that, In order to get any additional channel you will have to purchase a new package in case of DTH services which isn’t the case in Hathways STB. You’ll almost have all the channels from 0 to 900 (with quite a few blank channels in between obviously) (this is no longer true, see update below) and a few radio channels of all major Indian languages. If any new channel is introduced any provider, it gets included in the list pretty soon. You get all this for the normal cable TV bill each month (around Rs.150 – 250 in most cities in India? It’s Rs.200 for me here in Hyderabad). Compare this to the hefty prices and limited number of channels that you get in the DTH services, there is no comparison actually.

But the problem is, it’s extremely hard to find a service person in case your STB turns faulty, which happened in my case just a few days ago. My cable guy says that it can’t be repaired and when I ask for it to be replaced, he says it’s difficult to find a STB too (means, there is a scarcity). With F1 and IPL starting in a weeks time I can’t wait to get the STB replaced with a new one (even if it costs a lot more). I said the same to the cable guy and he promised to get a new one soon. Ohh and no, I have no thoughts of choosing any DTH service for quite a few reasons.

Update: Now even with Cable guy’s Set Top Box, you need to chose your channels via a ‘Subscriber application form’. You will only get these channels and you will only pay for these channels.

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  1. Can you give the cable operators number who’s covering vanasthalipuram, hyd please.

  2. I want to go for hathway, so can you please tell what is the cost of hathway stb.

  3. I have heard that Hathway HD setup box cost is of INR 4500 in Hyderabad, with 20 HD channels and 117 SD channels. I have a normal cable connection with INR 150 as monthly rental.
    Can anyone guide me that, if I purchase Hathway HD setup box for INR 4500, do I need to pay excess amount other than INR 150 to my cable operator and is the 20 HD channels guaranteed every month without paying excess money…
    If Tata sky HD (2600) and others are charging less than what Hathway HD is, why is this much costlier (4500).

    • May be you are comparing Hathway HD with DVR (recording) with Tata Sky HD without DVR. I think Tata Sky Plus HD costs around Rs.6000.
      Regarding HD channels, I’m not sure how it works with Hathway, but with Tata Sky there’s something called as HD Access fee, which is Rs.100 every month, which is required to watch all HD channels.

      • Sai,
        Thank you for your reply. The one which I have heard about Hathway HD setup box don’t have recording capability. The customer care executive today said that we will get 20 HD channels with out paying excess amount other than general cable connection. But the device is costing INR 4500 (One time investment).

        Suggest me in choosing the Best…

        • Hi,
          If you are sure you’ll get all the channels you need with Hathway HD for Rs.150 a month, then Rs.4500 is surely reasonable.
          If you visit Hathway’s site, you get an entirely different story; you have to choose plans (just like in other DTH services like Tata Sky) that cost way more than Rs.150 a month. But that is currently only for the 4 metros (Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata). Since digitization in Hyderabad is not yet mandatory, may be Hathway is just collecting Rs.150 a month for all the channels.
          I have personally moved from Hathway to Tata Sky Plus HD since I was having problems with the Set Top Box which would not work after 5 or 6 months and the service guys didn’t bother to turn up for checking. But this was 2 years ago, may be they have improved their service now; I don’t know. And yes, I used to get ALL the channels (there were no HD channels then) for Rs.150 a month back then.

  4. I taken Hathaway STB last 6 months back and its very good worked. Suddenly from last 1 month the box gets automatically off mode, when i given complaint in cable office, the guy says the signal was week and wait for some time, but the STB was working 1 to 2 hours and getting again off and from last 3 days its not getting on, no display no light, nothing, its DEAD. I have taken it for just 650 / – and the model number is C9700N. What can i do with it, wasting my time, can anyone suggest me which STB was good.

    • Frankly, this is the only problem with Hathway. The STB gets damaged too early. I enjoyed their services (as good as any DTH operator at just Rs.150 a month) but the STB was finished in 8 months. I complained too, but no one seemed to care and now I’m with Tata Sky, since 2 years, and not a problem since then.

  5. i want the phone no of hathway cable operator who is covering rahul colony, tolichowki..

  6. i am having hathway set up box, now i am staying in rahul colony, tolichowki..can anybody provide me the hathway cable operators no. on this area. if any body having forward it to my mail id.

  7. i have hathway cable with the stb i wish hathway would add more movie channels (hindi)
    b4u/ filmy/ enter10/
    on hathway’s cable fox crime is not available on the stb hathway

    kindly consider these suggestion! please..

  8. How is the Picture quality of the HATHWAY STB with the local cable connection when connected to a 32inch LED TV.
    I mean in terms of picture clarity , sound. (will there be any noise, degradation in clarity)
    Will it effect the TV by any means etc..

    Any info would help me..

    Thanks in advance

    • Picture quality will be multiple times better than your normal cable connection and I don’t see why there should be any effect to a TV cause of it…

  9. You can get Hathway Set top box for RS 750 at Hathway office in Hyderguda, Bata Building Hyderabad.

  10. hathway rs?

  11. i want hathway set top box..what is the price

  12. send me the service centre for hathway set up box.

  13. hi…… any one who requires a set top box of hathway can call on 9908112692

  14. Sir,

    I purchased Hathway Set Box through my Cable Operator three months back. Every day from 10 am to 5 pm the set box signals automatically shut down. I made complaint to my cable operator even though the problem is not sorted out.

    Kindly help us for sort out this problem.

    RSN Murty

  15. What is the cost of Tata Sky Plus and Mega Pack??? Do you get all sports channels in Mega pack?

  16. if you have or if you know where i can get humax set top boxes in hyderabad do send me an email. my emil id is

    cpavan7 at gmail.com

    • Lost hope with my cable guy, and finally bought a Tata Sky plus with the Mega pack. Nothing beats this quality.

      • Can any body tell me if Rs 450/ is charged for connecting a cable from a cable operator to my TV in Hyderabad? I want a normal cable connection for most of the channels. Want to replace Tsky to Hathway digi converter box. What s the price of Hathway digi coverter box??

        Thanx in advance!!


        • They’ve been advertising it as Rs.990 or something recently.
          If you just want a Set top box without features like Pause, recording etc, but with good picture clarity, then Hathway STB s better than any other, Tata Sky, Airtel, Sun et al.
          But, the problem is, I’ve heard from many people that the Hathway STB get’s damaged easily and doesn’t last long.

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