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Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF) in India on 12 December 2012

Disappointed for not having a Black Friday or a Cyber Monday in India? Worry not; come 12 December 2012, we’ll have the Great Online Shopping Festival (GOSF), organized by Google India. Almost all of the online retailers (from Apparel & Fashion accessories, Electronics, Baby products, Jewellery, Travel, Finance to Beauty, Kitchen, Real Estate and so on) in India are participating in this one off day where you are sure to get some great deals on your favourite brands and products.Great Online Shopping Festival by Google India

But why this GOSF?

This will be clear when you visit the tips section of GOSF.in site. It explains what online shopping is all about. Although there are about 13 Crore Internet users in India, many don’t shop online yet. Be it for their worry of quality of products, or worry of payment safety or for some reason they simply don’t find it convenient to shop online. So this is all about enticing new users online and familiarizing new and existing users with online shopping, telling its benefits (for me, it’s the time saving factor that is the number 1 benefit), assuring products quality and payments’ safety (if still not convinced, there’s cash on delivery too).

So if you are planning to purchase something today or tomorrow; why not wait till 12 December so you get some cool discounts?

Set a reminder on your calendar so you do not forget this one off day in a year (and here’s hoping this will become a trend and continue every year) and do not forget to inform your friends.

So what do we call this day? A Wild Wednesday?

Update: All sites had a special mention of GOSF on their home pages in this day. I do not know if this is a success or not. But what I’m sure is that not many were aware of this. Not once did I come across any promotion either on TV or News Paper. Even worse, some of my friends who are sort of regular internet users too didn’t know that something like this existed.

Update 2: The site itself no longer exists (and hence all links removed from this post). May be Google doesn’t want to waste its bandwidth on it. May be it’ll come up again in December this year. May be we should wait and see.

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