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Free TheHindu epaper? Stop dreaming

If you are here to find a way to access epaper of The Hindu without paying a penny, then I’m afraid this isn’t the right place. But ‘asking why?’ is the source of this article.

Why can’t The Hindu provide a free epaper for its Daily newspaper editions when the country’s largest English news paper Times of India can?

Not only Times of India but there are a bunch of others who provide free epaper services which in fact have more circulation than The Hindu.

Take Hindustan Times for example in English and Dainik Jagran in Hindi.

Why would anyone choose to pay to read news online when they have a better service (determined by their popularity) and that too for free?

Certainly I wouldn’t pay for it.

Not only does The Hindu charge for using it’s ePaper, the charge is more than that of the hard copy daily News paper. One month Subscription costs Rs.150 (its Rs.175 now) where I can get 1 and a half month subscription had I asked my paper boy to get me a Hindu news paper. Although reading news online is a developing trend in India, most users still prefer to read the news offline.

What Hindu can at least do is to introduce a free subscription offer for first few weeks/months and then charge from then just like how Eenadu does, which by the has more subscribers (offline) than Hindu does even though it is mainly concentrated to Andhra Pradesh.

I would love to see how many people actually pay to access the ePaper. I’ll be surprised if it is really a BIG number.

Off late The Hindu is in the process of revamping its news website into a whole new website which in some angles imitates the famous NYTimes. So it remains to be seen if it does make any changes to its epaper version too.

Update: Yes I have seen the ads, how Hindu wants to differentiate itself from the herd. That’s fine and that’s true too but that does that make it worthy of an online subscription?

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  1. The Hindu is an amiable news paper for all who are studying GRE, IAS or any Govt exam. Most of the candidates who passed out from these professional exams have studies the hindu news paper and they will tell us to do the same. The reason behind this is, this newspaper uses a different english words from other newspaper and the information they provide us will be shrive and good. I believe the times or mirror paper is all page3 from the starting to end. Its good to use hindu newspaper and get your knowledge and language improve..

  2. hindu newspaper is miser greedy people , come on when every other newspaper TOI, hindustan .. infact i havn’t seen any other newspaper in india offering paid epaper (either they dont have it or they give it free ) so whats wrong with hindu .. [edited] oldie people

  3. i’m interested in hindu just for preparing for my IAS study , else i don’t like this b/w crappy [edited]
    hindu editors goal is just to earn money not to spread news … long live times of india ,hindustan times amar ujala dainik who keeps the spirit of free speech

  4. THE HINDU does not come early in most of the major towns of any state.What will happen if they give free epaper.

  5. the hindu is best news paper of india. before the hindu other papers are just grandchildren.
    the hindu is only one newspaper of india (among hindi, eng & others) that can be read even by a child less then 10 yrs with no obscene

  6. mohammad faheem khan

    why not hindu news e paper free of cost, the other paper yours publications higherthen other paper the urdu paper like siasat,munsif, etemmad and indian express i am reading free of cost why not hindu, ?


    They don’t offer free e-paper because they are dumb.

  8. E paper is actually the best way to market any newspaper , the first time I tried reading an e paper but then I saw that they charge for the same. When other papers are providing it free of cost , why cant they have the same rules .The Hindu are not monopoly and so goes for the TOI too, I would probably propose that when a person reads offline
    1. they get useful information free of cost just incidentally by browsing
    2. they tend to purchase in the future in hard copy( as the person will definitely get motivated by the amount of information being provided, they would try to invest their time in buying the paper and flipping through it)
    3. People like me who don’t buy newspapers or rather spend more time in internet would be of greater help and shift of market towards positive growth of the newspaper industry will be much higher.
    I read Business standard epaper daily and I have started subscribing it and now I have started ET also . So i think they must change their view of charging an e paper.

  9. the Hindu also develops social awareness, haven’t found any article that takes a biased view in TOI or Express, been reading TOI for 6yrs now.. but think the price for e-paper is too much and should be reduced.

  10. This is so ridiculous sir.How students who r nt havin those ICICI secure cards go through da daily hindu online epaper?

  11. If google is giving us all the information related to each and everything at free of cost,why THE HINDU charge 150 rupees for E paper.It should also free

  12. even though the hindu is of less circulation the quality of the content is unmatchable with any news paper in india

    • i cnt say nythin bout hindu because mnt much into it i m a regular reader of toi nd i like it ……….nd d wrst thng bout hindu epapers are that u cnt access it free nd in emergencies u wondr here n der utter rubbish…………….i hav sufferred i know…….

      • Sad news is that Times of India is turning the Hindu way. TOI’s epaper will shift from being free into a subscription only access in a month or so.

  13. TOI and HT are rubbish!!!HATS OFF TO THE HINDU!!!

  14. It is stupid to charge for a epaper because it doesnt cost anything for them and more over a bulk of advertisement which is not even printed will provide good revenue for the media ……………………….please provide it free and show some business ethics and be competitive with TOI

  15. this is ridiculous to charge for a epaper….it must be free of cost like business statndard and on….

  16. For the first time in my life, i went into check for THE HINDU..for the sole reason of reading an interview of someonw who i know.. and LOL.i got to pay rs. 150, subscribe for the whole month and read that article, i must be off my heads to do that.. and a thought ran into my head – why do they have to even charge in the first place, when TOI can offer free services, education times has got so many facilities online and perhaps their value chain has increased,DEFINITELY! By charging, i guess, they will reduce the customes they have got even offline. I mean to sell to your customers, first be a customer. And as far as the interview is concerned, I’d better ask to give an interview next time with TOI 😉

    have a great week ahead folks!

  17. The new site for The Hindu does not resemble NYTimes but it resembles “The Guardian”. Also, it is seriously ridiculous to charge for epaper. Hope they realize this and make it free.

  18. I was just reading the top news papers in India article in this blog and was surprised to see such low circulation numbers for Hindu. From that I came to know that the main target area for Hindu is the South India.

  19. I saw the Beta version of the hindu website and yes it looks like the New York times website, especially when reading a single news article.
    Talking about this new website, I have to say that the old website was a crap.

  20. Times of India is the way to go. Also I find TOI more appealing to the youth than Hindu.

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