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Fox History and Entertainment channel review

Are you watching Fox History and Entertainment channel? If you don’t, you better do. I know you all love those Man Vs Wild shows on Discovery and the Nat Geo Junior shows on National Geographic channel, but hey give some time to this and I bet you’ll get addicted. This Fox History channel caught my attention as soon as my remote control was passing over it from Discovery to Nat Geo (Nice placement first of all).

I especially love those Paul Merton episodes where he travels across India. Poor guy, has really put in a lot of effort. For those who don’t know Paul Merton, he is a British comedian, Actor and also a writer.

If you live in Mumbai, watch the next episode to be telecasted on September 3rd where he explores the city of Dreams.

Besides the Paul Merton show I liked the Science and Technology episodes that really talks about the technology behind common things. This programs telecasts at 7PM from Monday to Thursday.

The raise of International Terrorism under Crime section is another program that is extremely impressive. Don’t miss the Taliban episode which will Air on September 11 at 9pm.

It’s already 6.30 now and I’ve to watch the best of Michael Jackson at 7pm followed by some commando operation action.

Update 2013: Guess all is not well with Fox History and Entertainment. It has rebranded itself twice in these 3 years, once to Fox History and Traveller and now just Fox Traveller. Not surprised really, since I rarely watch it any more. There are no particular shows in it currently that I would want to mark in my calendar. My wife sometimes watches Poh’s Kitchen but for me there’s just nothing of interest. The only time I watch it now is when I’m passing by the channel and something catches my eye in that split second.

Much better channel than this is History TV18.

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  1. I’m terribly disappointed with Fox History channel….what happened to all the great series..classic movies you guys used to telecast??/Please bring old programmes…viz..Jumbo movies…Sherlock Holmes…and those great book adaptation classic movies…we need some entertainment.

  2. i really like history channel my favourite show is investigative hour and especially sherlock homles i am really a big fan of the super sleuth detective and his casese please continue this series

  3. Siba prasad dash

    Paul merton is fantastics in his communication skill. i want to gain sth from him.

  4. That whole Punjab episode of Mr. Merton was fantastic. One of My friend was also seen in one episode.

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