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My experience with Flipkart self delivery (vs Letsbuy & eBay)

I wanted to buy a lens for a DSLR and as always was searching for the best deal available online. eBay is my go-to destination when it comes to online shopping and of late, I also had few purchases at Letsbuy.

The best deal was available at Letsbuy, followed by eBay and then Flipkart. Guess where I bought the lens from? It’s Flipkart.

Letsbuy was giving the same lens for about Rs.600 less and at eBay, this was about Rs.200 less. And with Letsbuy and eBay, I can also get coupons from some where and get it for further 5 or 10% less. But still, I made the purchase over at Flipkart (which has no coupon system, yet) and that’s mainly to see their service as I was hearing a LOT of good things about them lately. Flipkart delivery

….and I wasn’t disappointed at all.

The product was delivered in less than 30 hours (say I booked it yesterday morning and got it delivered today afternoon). Unlike other purchases I made online where delivery was done by a private courier agency, Flipkart used their own delivery service; aka ‘Self Delivery’.

I stay in Hyderabad. Flipkart has warehouses in all major cities in India, except Hyderabad (or there could be one, without my knowledge). Just assuming that there was a warehouse in Hyderabad too and this lens was available there, the delivery might have happened on the same day. That’s how it should be, to be world class, and Flipkart might just be the first Indian company to reach that level of service.

Comparing with eBay, where I’ve experienced an average delivery time of 4-6 days (depending on the seller) and Letsbuy (3-4 days), Flipkart is just a class apart.

All this said, delivering a product in best possible time does very little good when the price is that higher than the competition, especially in markets like India. It would be nice if Flipkart had best possible prices and have a provision to pay a premium if the customer wants’ the product to be delivered on a priority basis.

Update: Well, I have made two more purchases at Flipkart this week and I had to update this post since the prices for these items were extremely competitive. And the delivery; just top notch again.

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