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Flipkart launches marketplace for 3rd party sellers; Good bye

There’s Junglee from Amazon, but there’s very little doubt that Flipkart wants to be the real of India. Here’s another step in that direction, Marketplace. There aren’t many details right now but as we can imagine it’s a marketplace where third party sellers can list their products on Flipkart and reach out to its large base of customers. In short, it’s like eBay inside Flipkart.

A seller registration page has been setup and Flipkart is inviting sellers to register for the Marketplace, so the official launch may not be that far away.

There are few doubts on whether Flipkart will entirely shift to Marketplace type of e-Commerce in the likes of eBay, but I highly doubt that will be the case. It might be just like how functions; sell products on its own besides allowing others to sell on its platform as well.

What this means to customers?

If anything, this is good news. You will continue to have your as it is now and also have additional products from third party sellers which don’t exist on Flipkart at present. I said before that I have to head to eBay now and then to get something that I don’t find on Flipkart. And Raghav also said that he won’t be buying anything from again. With Flipkart Marketplace, both problems will be addressed. Assuming good number of third party sellers show interest in Flipkart Marketplace (by the looks of it, it is very likely since few reports indicate Flipkart will take significantly less saleFlipkart marketplace for sellerss commission than other marketplaces), I will now have no need to look at eBay and Raghav can also see product reviews on Flipkart before buying, an option which doesn’t exist on

One thing which you should note though is the packaging and shipping from third party sellers might not be in the same standards of Flipkart. Atleast, that’s what I have observed from my few orders from If Flipkart can setup a few minimum standards for sellers (which I assume will be done) regarding shipping and packaging, that would definitely be an addition.

What’s next for Flipkart?

It is slowly adding all the categories that I find on and one thing that I find missing is the Movie DVD’s or instant video streaming. So I’ll definitely lookout for that next.

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