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Exit polls, AP first phase elections

Though the Election Commission has issued a ban on exit polls, media channels had discussions about the voting pattern and share.

As usual, all leaders from all parties were very confidant that his party would bag the most seats in the first phase of elections. However, the TDP camp seemed to be more joyous than the Congress camp. While Chandra Babu naidu said that the grand alliance would win in atleast 100 seats, Harish Rao from TRS said that the alliance has a great chance to bag a minimum of 90 seats in this phase. On the other side, Congress said that would bag all the seats.

There was one important incident that took place yesterday right after the first phase of polling ended. Chief Minister of the state campaigning in Kurnool for the second phase remarked some forgetful comments on Telangana. He said that if Chandrababu Naidu and KCR are the winners, we would have to live like foreigners in Hyderabad. He also warned that water Krishna water would never reach rayalseema region and all their crops would be gone. Clearly giving the impression that he is against telangana and he doesn’t want a separate telangana state, which he thought may be the thinking of the people in Andhra and Rayalseema people and tried to cash in their votes.

Many journalists have the opinion that being a CM of a state he should not have said such statements which would bring in more regionalism between people.

Another reason for his statement could be an insider information on the voting pattern which could have been against congress party and so an attempt to get some votes from other regions of the state.

So all in all, The Grand Alliance clearly has an edge over congress of the first phase; or atleast that’s what media seems to think.

Compare with 2nd phase elections in AP.

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  1. rithwik ramesh

    i am sure TDP will win the elections with-175seats

  2. Muralikrishna Nari

    Mahakutami win minimam 150-180 seats.

  3. please stop supporting the parties which are not with pirticular agenda.

    where is our country all these days we thought it is developing see the european countries ex germany which was completely destroyed in ww2 but now looks different. compare our country with those. where is the development.

    look at the leader who is a leader in serving the people. becoming famous in any other field like cenima field will not decide a person he is a true leader and revolutionist who brings in the revoutionary developement.

    vote for loksatta
    please think for the future of ur childern and not yours.

  4. Just seen the projections for Lok sabha in Times now channel and Headlines today. TN is projecting 15 LS seats for congress and TDP each,5 for TRS,4 for PRP, 2 for left and 1 for MIM. However Headlines today has a different projection, which says congress gets 22 LS seats, 14 for TDP, 4 for TRS and 1 for MIM.
    So you only have to wait till 16 to get the actual number.

  5. Guys!!! in case you all are not aware, for you information, exit polls are not the actual results…just wait for 3 more days…actual results will come out to decide our future for 5 years.

  6. Dear all,
    Eventhough i am chiru fan it is limited upto acting field only. In politics YSR is real hero.
    I still confident that INC can form Govt. safely. In any chance PRP will support INC only but not TDP. If chiru comes to power it is for sure that he is going to loose his existing goodwill in the public becasuse of Allu Arvind (An [edited]).
    My expectations are Cong: 140 – 160 MAHAKOOTAMI – 79 – 99 PRP – 35 – 40 Oth – 10 – 15

  7. chiru will be next cm,,,,,if it will not be possible ysr is my choice,,becoz chandrababu is [edited] in ap

  8. prashanth kumar

    Hi all

    . You r rite mr nagendra babu akkili. Till now aravind only caused for damage of prp. As per my openion in telangana there is no winning status for congress as well as prp. I m expecting Mahakutami will gain majarity seats over all in ap . prp will get only5 to 8 seats in telagaana and 35 to 55 in over all a.p




  10. compare all the parties.t.d.p ruled 9 years.they didnt implemented 108 which is most useful for the people need of emergency.they didnt return fees to the children.etc.congress, it did its level best in all aspects.though if we wish to do good opposite forces like corruption will act. prp is one of the new party.people will believe that chiru will do good for better society.but remember that one could not change any thing.if chiru selected youth with well training in politics as m.l.a’s and m.ps he would be the c.m for many years.but he selected the people of other parties where we can not get change in the society.loksatta is one of the good party.but illeterate people wont know even the name also.votes of literate people cant change any thing in the society.i think y.s.r would be the next c.m


  12. Congress : 140 to 150 , Maha Kootami 70-80, PRP 40 – 50. Congress will form the govt.

  13. Maha Kutami – 195
    Congress – 69
    PRP – 25
    LS – 1
    MIM – 3 BJP-1

  14. ponnala laxmaiah, shabbirali, jeevanreedy, santoshreddy are out in telangana region, congress faces huge defeat in telangana region

  15. Maha Kutami – 195
    Congress – 59
    PRP – 35
    LS – 1
    MIM – 3
    BSP – 1

  16. TDP win full majority. About 148 seats. PRP gets only 27 seats.

  17. congress will sweep cleanly & will form the Govt. No doubt

  18. Congress will form the Govt with minimum 180 seats

  19. chiru is going to emerge as the next CM of andhra pradesh till now congress’s YSR as well as chandrababu naidu made up [edited] people want change coz they know who are [edited] chandrababu naidus got [edited] near hitech city and even ysr made [edited] to open sakshi news paper and channels people are just thinking abt themselvers and their party not abt the people CHIRU IS COMING TO CHANGE THE EQUATION COMPLETELY AND FOREVER
    many are throwing bad remarks on chiru and their family they are not able to understand the fact that till now they were known to the people just coz they were with chiru or they would have never been known to anyone (…parakaala…)

  20. I think YSR IS OUR NEXT CM


  22. Chiru – 80-90

    MahaKootami 70-80 Cong 100-110 others 10-20

  23. prp will win for sure in east and west godavari dist it will win around 25 seats and krishna guntur ongole it will get another 20 and in kurnool chittor cuddapah anantapur it will get 15 seats and in telangana and north andhra it wiil get around 25 seats and altogether lok sabha it will get 7 seats and total assembly the tally goes to 85 seats

  24. Chiru is the King for 2009 elections

  25. chiru is our cm

  26. TDP will get required number to from govt. Chiru won’t get even 30 seats.

  27. Chiru definetly win 67-75 seats

    amd he will king maker of andhra pradesh elections defintly next cm chiranjeevi

  28. First time in the history that these elections gone by caste basis. Really, no one knows what is the under current.

  29. Honestly, all these wild gesses are based on media which was bought by both Cong and TDP. Out of the three majors, none of them could get majority to form a govt.

    Its open secret.

  30. Chiru will get at least 80 seats.

  31. yeah!! friends you are true! It seems very likely that Chiru has played a spoil sport in these elections. PRP has given a death blow to Congress party as the vote bank of Congress has been shared by Chiru. This has only resulted in a loss for both Congress and PRP. Ultimately TDP has been immensely benefited. This reminds me of a famous story of Two cats fighting for a piece of bread and in between a monkey runs away with it.

  32. chiru is the best

  33. TDP and it’s allies are going to sweep because of the Congress vote split by PRP. Congress will lose a lot in TELANGANA because of TDP and TRS aliance and Congress will lose big time in coastal Andhra because of the vote split by PRP. It is going to be all the way for TDP.

  34. News is in telangana congress is going to lose heavily. Home minister Jana is out, Jaypal reddy is out. District wise, all possibility is one seat at most places and at the best two. if congres wins 25 plus that would be great news for congress from telangana.

  35. With all due respect for Chiru fans i suggest that they should get a feel of ground realities in telangana. PRP could only play a spoil sport but never emerge a winner in telangana expect for single digit seats. Even it if wins about 9 seats in telangana that is great news for PRP.

  36. chiru is best but allu aravind is [edited]

  37. chiru get 80 seats then they are join in congress

  38. Jaya Shankar Reddy

    Congress will win with very good majorty ( 155 – 168) and we need congress now and we can see the new party next time .

  39. Chiru will win for sure

  40. Dr.Masthanaiah yadav

    chiru will win 70-80 seats. definitely there will be a hung assembly

  41. sure TDP will crack the deal

  42. i doubt whether chiru get atleast 30seats, winner would be either mahakutami or

  43. Chiru definitly wins this elections. Chiru is great, generous & responsible person. Gongressis no 1 [edited] party in AP.

  44. No, Chiru will sweep the elections. Parakala is covert from TDP.

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