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Dish+ DVR really offers Unlimited TV recording; but it’s not Free

The other day I saw this ad of Dish TV, which claims users can record ‘Unlimited SD content’. Initially when I saw the ad, my thought was like: how can a company fool people such openly? However, after enquiring and researching a bit, I found out that indeed Dish+ users can record Unlimited SD content. How Dish TV achieved this is really simple. Instead of using a built in flash memory in the DVR, which is common with every other DTH company, Dish TV has enabled to users to plug in their own Flash storage in to the DVR using a USB 2.0 port. Dish+ Unlimited TV recordingAs one can understand, users need to keep buying flash storage (USB drives or external HDD’s), if they want to record unlimited TV content. The USB port is present at the front of the DVR and users just need to plus in their (any) USB 2.0 based flash storage to record content. A minimum of 1GB flash storage is required to start recording but a minimum of 2GB storage is required to use other DVR features such as rewind, live pause etc.

When you buy the Dish+ DVR, you’ll get a 4GB USB drive, which is good for recording approximately 3 hours of TV (SD) content.

Watch recordings on PC?

Before your mind wanders there, let me disappoint you by saying that these recordings can only be played back on the DVR through which they were recorded. So forget watching recorded TV content on your PC, you can not even watch recording on other Dish+ DVR’s. Also, the flash storage used must be exclusively used for DVR. In other words, you cannot use the same USB which has DVR content to store any of your stuff, such as pictures or files etc. If you do, the next time you plug in the flash storage to the DVR, it’ll ask you to format it, thus losing all previously recorded content.

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