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Discovery channel Vs National Geographic. What’s your fav?

When I was a kid I used to extensively watch National Geographic channel. May be because I liked the Big Bang show or may be that I didn’t knew that there was one Discovery as an alternative or may be because my friends’ said that they watch National Geographic (Nat Geo) channel more at home. But boy, am I watching Discovery channel a lot these days or what?

I’m a huge fan of Bear Grylls’ (Man Vs Wild show) and that’s one program that always takes 1 hour of my time when ever I stumbled over it and have tens of his episodes recorded using DVR.

Some of the other programs that I watch on Discovery channel include (well, don’t be surprised if I include almost all the programs)  Survivorman, I shouldn’t be alive, My Shocking storyLife, Destroyed in Seconds, How do they do it?, Travel India with Harsha Bhogle, Hauntings (Umm, not really, I wish I could see it, but then, I have to sleep at night) and very recently Into the Universe with Stephen Hawkings.

Nat Geo too has some fine programs like Mega Structures (the one of Airbus A380 is still on my Tata Sky recorded list), Croc chronicles, Amazing moments and few other programs in the Nat Geo Junior time. But the thing is, they are all pretty old and mostly repeated. There’s no innovation, no new programs which I find in Discovery channel more frequently.

Recent news in Business Standard confirms that majority people agree with my taste with preference for Discovery over Nat Geo. That report states that Discovery enjoys an outstanding market share of 95% in its category (Non fiction TV).

Which is your favourite, Discovery or National Geographic?

Or Am I missing something must see in Nat Geo?

PS. Discovery means only Discovery channel and not its siblings such as Science, Turbo etc.

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  1. i advise both channels for making the program on the geology history of Himalaya plz

  2. I want to know how to get an english channel in to regional language.

    can you give me details how to proceed.


  3. I have never seen India before the invasion of Aryans.Plz make a program on the life,race of pre-aryans age of India.Moreover Contributions of Dr. B.R.Ambedkar in strengthening of socialism and uplift of dalits in India.

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