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Create a 3D secure password for your State Bank Maestro Card

This post explains how one can get 3D secure password for their State Bank Maestro ATM cum Debit card (also called cash plus card). State Bank of India and all its associate banks’ which issue Maestro cards now require you to enter a 3D secure password when you use your card for any online transaction.

To get your 3D Secure password, visit this registration page and proceed with the registration. You need to enter your card number (all 19 digits) and in the next step, you will choose your own 3D secure password and additionally, you will be required to provide your name, card PIN (4 digit), mobile number, email (optional), account number which this Maestro card is associated with and a security question. With this, the registration process is completed.

From now, when you chose Master Card/Maestro Debit Card as a payment option during any online transaction, you will be required to enter your 3D secure password to complete the transaction.

Note: In case you have not registered for 3D secure password before, you will be asked to register during the payment process, which is time consuming and hence is not recommended, especially if you are paying for something like a train ticket on IRCTC.

If you forget or want to change your 3D secure password, you can reset it by visiting the same page given above for registration.

Unlike Verified by Visa and Master Card SecureCode accounts where you can see the history of your card usage, there is no such3D secure password for Maestro card information here in case of Maestro card secure service. You can only login to change your secure password.

For debit cards, many sites (like flipkart) are optimized only for entering Visa or MasterCard debit card details which just have 16 digits, a CVV number on the back of the card and an expiry date. But with Maestro card, you do not have any of these and hence can leave all these fields empty.

You can use your State Bank Maestro card for payment at any site that accepts Maestro cards (as said above, it is different from Master Card).

If you have any confusion, in short, if you only want to pay using State Bank ATM cum Debit card:

  1.  Select SBI (or State Bank) ATM cum Debit Card (applicable for SBI’s associate banks’ cards too) under Debit card as your payment option.
  2. If you do not have SBI ATM cum Debit card as a payment option, then select Master Card under Debit card as your payment option and enter only that information that is present on your card (that is, the card number and the name on the card)

If during the second step, you are unable to enter more than 16 digits in the card number field or your inputs are not being accepted, it means that site does not accept Maestro Cards.

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  1. Vaman Gopalrao Kulkarni

    When ever I request 3D secure password for my DEbit Card (VISA) I get the reply “This card is already registered. For 3D secure service. But where can I get this?

  2. babu rao mullapudi

    Sid I forgot my password for onlinesbh please tell me how to create new one.

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