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Soon, check bank account balance using mobile USSD for free

Sure almost all banks’ these days have a mobile banking application for you to check your balance at any time instead of going to ATM or your branch. But obviously not everyone has a smartphone to install apps. But surely most people have some kind of a phone and knows how to check their mobile balance (talk time) right? It’s a very simple process of dialling *123# (or a similar USSD code according to your operator). How about using the same process to check your bank balance?

Would be really useful right?

If the efforts of NPCI, National Payment Corporation of India, take good shape, you would soon be able to do just that. Obviously, your mobile number should be registered with your bank and linked to your account for this to happen.

For now, this is just a proposal by NPCI and should take some time to come into effect. Not only does this make the job of user much simpler, it also saves some money for the banks’ and the ATM’s can be used for the main purpose that they are meant to, to withdraw money.

Although you are allowed to check your balance for free, 5 times a month, at third party ATM’s, your bank needs to pay for every balance request that you make at other bank’s ATM’s. So by pushing balance enquiry’s to more convenient mobile phone’s, banks’ will also be at benefit apart from the users themselves.

Update: A year has gone by and yet none of the banks’ yet implemented this feature. Leave the banks, we don’t even know if this proposal is formally accepted by the concerned authorities. For now, you can do with phone banking to know your balance. You need to send a certain keyword to a number given by your bank to get the information. You may contact your bank or visit its site to know the keywords for various functions. This is obviously not convenient for one, it is not free (where as USSD is completely free) and two, it takes some effort to remember all those keywords.

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  1. Is this service launched yet?

  2. A/c balance checking procedure by mobile.

    • Balance through USSD has not yet been made available, but in the mean time, you can know your balance through phone banking (by calling or sending an sms to a number provided by your bank) or mobile banking by installing an app of your bank.

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