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Car registration number portability soon in India (double base fee)

You spent a lot to secure a fancy registration number for your car. You really felt proud to have that number but time will come some day for you to change your car. With that change, your lovely number goes away from you. Or does it?

If the indications from the Central Government are to go by, a rule is coming soon allowing owners to retain their old registration number and transfer it to their new car. The Central Government initially had few reservations towards this idea but after listening to representations from few State Governments, it has finally agreed to bring this in to effect, very soon.

All good till here? Well, here is the dampener. If you chose to retain your previous number, you will be required to pay double the reserve price of that category of number.

For example, numbers such as 1, 9, 99 and 9999 (category 1) have base price of Rs.50000 (may vary from state to state). If more than one person applies for this category number, a public auction will be held. And it’s very common to see these auctions reach up to 10 lakhs or even further.

If your previous number is from such a reserved category, say from the above category 1, you will have to pay double (Rs.1 lakh) the base price to secure it without going into auction.

Update: 2 years later, we are yet to see implementation of this in any state. For those who can afford, I think this is a decent idea. But obviously, there are some problems that needs to be solved. For example, lets say you have purchase a new car and want to transfer your old cars’ registration to the new one. Of course you can, but what about the old car? You certainly cannot have same registration number for more than one vehicle. Should the old car get a new registration number? If that’s the case, the entire database of the transport corporations have to be changed since registration numbers are linked with chassis and engine numbers.

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