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BSNL 8, 16 and 24Mbps Unlimited Broadband plans in Hyderabad

Sure, BSNL is losing a chunk of mobile subscribers every month but when it comes to Home Broadband, it still reigns supreme. If you are a resident of Hyderabad (or Hyderabad Telecom District, in BSNL’s terms), you’ve got very good reasons to subscribe to BSNL’s Broadband services. BSNL and Airtel are the only two major providers who provide a ‘Landline based Broadband’ service in India. While for most parts of the country, the tariff rates are comparable, for Hyderabad, BSNL clearly has an edge.

BSNL BBG ULD 949 CS15 plan

Under this plan, for a monthly charge of Rs.949, one can get 35GB high speed data at 8Mbps. Since this is an Unlimited plan, speed throttling kicks in after 35GB and your speed will be reduced to 512Kbps for the rest of the monthly usage.

Comparable plan in Airtel for Hyderabad circle is Swift 30GB

For Rs.950 a month, one would get 30GB data at 2Mbps after which the speed reduces to 512Kbps. So clearly, there’s a huge difference in the speed offered (8Mbps in BSNL and 2Mbps in airtel).

BSNL BBG ULD 1499 CS16 VDSL plan

Users would get 40BSNL Hyderabad Broadband plans GB at 16Mbps, after which users can consume unlimited data at 4Mbps. Monthly tariff is Rs.1499.

At airtel, for Rs.1599, you’d get 30GB at 8Mbps, and then speed reduces to 512 Kbps.

Clearly, another win for BSNL.

BSNL ULD 2499 CS17 VDSL plan

This plan is mainly aimed at Home business users, since the tariff of Rs.2499 is completely out of reach for normal home users. For Rs.2499, one will get 50GB at 24Mbps, after which speed reduces to 6Mbps.

Airtel doesn’t provide more than 8Mbps speed for Hyderabad users at the moment (heck, not even 8Mbps), but for Rs.2599 a month, one would get 175GB data at 8Mbps.

Whether these plans are just promotional plans or will stay as standard plans remains to be seen.

One thing with BSNL; speed is promised, but customer support is not. For example if you have a 4Mbps plan, it’s not uncommon to see speeds above that limit but once you run in to any problem, that’s when you’ll begin to realize that BSNL is after all a Government service.

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  1. Do these plans still exist for Hyderabad?

    • As it was said, these were promotional offers for a limited time and I do not think they are available at present.

  2. I contacted bsnl but they say these were only promotional offers and no longer exists even for hyderabad users.

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