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Have a Quick darshan at Tirumala with Rs.300 ticket

If you are listless in standing in those long queues for hours and unfortunately (or fortunately?) not one of those VIP’s, you have something to cheer from now.

If you plan to visit Tirumala/Tirupati for darshan of Lord venkateshwara, starting today, to have a ‘Quick Darshan’ all you have to do is buy a Rs.300 ticket and have a look at the Lord in comparatively lesser time.

Note that the previous ways of visiting the lord via free darshan and through a Rs.50 ticket will still continue but the Archana ananthara seva which is of Rs.200 and other darshan of Rs.100 will stand cancelled.

Unlike other Seva’s and darshans at Tirumala which can be booked online, the Rs.300 ticket (kankanam) cannot be booked online.

At present, separate  dedicated counters are available in the temple premises only from where one has to buy a 300 ticket to have a Quick darshan (Sheegra Darshanam)

In the coming days, these tickets may also be made available at TTD Kalyana mandapams present in various cities across India.

It is said that by using this special darshan, the darshan will take just about 2 hours in morning hours and only 1 hours from Afternoon till evening.

This move came in from the TTD board, after several complaints made by the pilgrims about the long hours it is taking for the darshan and also the importance being given to the VIP’s keeping aside the ‘Aam aadmi’.

Now it remains to be seen how many ‘Aam aadmi’s’ can afford a Rs.300 ticket but one thing looks clear that the exodus in the free darshan and Rs.50 darshan will be less compared to before as most of the those people who are in between ‘Aam Aadmi’ and the VIP, may opt for Rs.300 darshan to avoid the rush.

Update: While this is the case with Sheegra Darshanam, you can certainly book tickets for other services such as for various seva’s (Archana, Suprabhatham, Kalyanotsavam, Thomala seva etc), sudarshanam tickets and also accommodation at tirumala online at TTDSevaonline site. All these online services can be booked 90 days in advance. Seva tickets, especially, are very limited and get booked immediately once a new quota has been made available for booking. Sudarshanam tickets too have limited quota online and get booked at least 2 full months in advance.

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  1. please tell me the procedure to cancel 1 tickets out of 4 seegra darshan tickets

  2. SIR I want to know what is the reason the ladies at the age of 60 not allowed for darshan as per rule at the age of 18 if she get married where as for a man 21 years TTD allow them at the age of 65 till they looking young where as lady can scarifies her wants for her family she get tired and loose her energy but stand for a family for grand children as care taker she is sufferer but TTD not allow her old people darshen seva bcos she is not 65 and where as a man at the age of 65 her wife is 60 is allow her what about widows and what about unmarried old womans please think about them.

  3. GIRL can settle before 18years as per rule but man canat 21asper rule but for darshen she can wait till65years even sheget tired and o ld TTD NEVER allow her for darshen at age of 60 but a man whose wife is at age of 60 can allow b.cos she is with husband a widow can not or what about un married aged woman give any one give answer which darshen she preferTTD

  4. We want get our friends marriage done through you. What is the procedure the date of marriage is 09.2.2014 at 9.13pm. Are you arranging marriages on that day. Pls inform.

  5. We visit tirumala on 08.12.13. So i request you please send the details of Sigradarshan tickets booked.

  6. How can I book tickets for darshan in tirumala?

    Last December i.e., 2012 me along with my family went to tirumala for the Lord’s Darshan , since no sort of ticket was available and waiting in the general queue for 24-30 hrs was not possible . So, hence we decided to go for divya darshan i.e., by walking up the stairs. after walking for more than half the way we caught hold of a man talking over the phone regarding V.I.P. passes to someone . He gave us his nos. and assured us the darshan, he walked along with us all the way. After reaching tirumala (top) he asked for cash (total Rs.5000; per head Rs.1000) to get the VIP passes but we gave him only Rs.2000 stating (we lied) him the reason of having no more at that moment. After waiting for almost an hour, he didn’t return we tried his no. but were proved as wrong he said his name as ARJUN SINGH … (HEIGHT- SHORT ABOUT 4’10” )

  8. Hope rich & poor are not differentiated much, both of them should get quick darshan from the lord. Hope TTD will come up with new schemes that will favour both rich & poor.

  9. Dear sir, recently i had darshan at tirumala on 6/10/12, with this quick darshan ticket of
    rs 300, it took me 6hours to have the darshan of lord balaji.
    It doesn’t make any sense to go for shigram darshan, we feel like we are cheated.
    Anyway no regrets after so much hardship, stampede & waiting, ultimately we have lords darshan. Thanks to TTD for introducing this scheme, GREAT.

  10. I visited tirupathi in the month of February and went for sheegra darshanam by paying Rs.300. I stood in the queue at 3.30pm and came out after darshan at 10pm. It almost took me 6.5 hours which is ridiculous. I also saw people standing in rs.50 queue who had finished darshan even before us when we came out. Hence, there is absolutely no meaning in the so called sheegra darshan. Looks like it is a money making racket by TTD. TTD needs to seriously look into it and rectify the problem.

  11. Total members-8,tickets-rs.50 for 8 tickets

  12. This is ananth. I am going to visit tirupathi on 27 april 2012.how much time do it take for 300 rupees darshan and whats about the position of tickets

  13. My name is Phani Kumar, we are planning to darshan Tirumala Sri Venkateswaraswami on 23rd (Ugadi) of this month, which seva ticket is convenient to get it done.

  14. i am in tamilnadu,i am going to tirupathi at 30.9.2011.i want quick darsanam, i didn’t know how to get 300 rupee token.it is able to get on line.


  16. my name is vinay
    my family members are going tirumala with 300Rs Ticket

  17. I am trying for Ashtadala Padapadmaramu Booking from many years.If try online it is either the quota is full or quota is not released. What should I doto book the seva.

  18. I went through Rs. 300 ticket on October 3rd, 2010 Sunday.
    Stood in the line at 6.45AM and had darshan at 11.30 (roughly 5 hours).
    It might be little less on weekdays. There is no option to buy tickets for 300 online. Just go and stand in the queue at VQC-1

    The Rs. 50 tickets can be booked at various places in tirupati. The counters open at 5AM and close at 9AM. A time is specified on the ticket that will tell when to enter the queue.
    We met people who had booked Rs. 50 tickets for the same day. They had stood in queue at 4Am got the tickets at 5.30Am. They were alloted time for 9Am. They were also out by 11.30. So in effect they spent abou 4 hours in total.

    The only disadvantage of Rs. 50 ticket is you are not sure about the time slot that will be given. There were people who stood in the queue at 5Am in the morning they were had option for darshan tinings after 4pm. Some of those already had bookings for train/bus do they decided to join the Rs. 300 ticket with us in the morning. At least they could have darshan and also comfortably catch the return transport

  19. Seeghra Darshan (Quick Darshan) takes 8 (eight) hours to see Lord Venkateswar at Tirumala so for my experience on Dt.08.09.2010 is concerned.
    I think Lord Venkateswar at Tirumala is only for the rich people not for the poor one.
    Poor people can not effort such huge money at every stage at Tirupati and Tirumala to see god. Nothing is free there, one has to pay money at foot wear and mobile counter though it is written Free of cost.
    God will be more happy if one can pray him at home. God is for all and all are equal before him. The T.T.D. making difference between poor and rich by different queues.

  20. I have a wish to go for tirupati still the time is not fixed , pl. give me information that during which month & day there is less crowd so that I can plan accordingly.

  21. I am going to tirupati on 28th jan’10.. its a thursday. do i need to book sheegra darshan tickets beforehand or will i get those directly on reaching the temple? plz reply as a have no idea how to proceed

  22. hey… i want the tirupati darshan ticket. can u give me a detail on ticket, how much cost of this,how it can operated

  23. I am planning to goto tirimala on 23 dec 09. Will the Rs.300 ticket be available on the same day or it takes time to get the tickets also? Are there any special timings for ticket counters?

    • Yes, you can get the tickets on the same day. And yes, depending on the day of the week, there are special timings when you can get the Rs.300 tickets. Since Dec 23rd is Wednesday, counter will be open for most part of the day time.
      To get more details, the timings will be always on scrolling on the SVB channel. You may want to spare some time for that, if you need to be sure.

    • I am planning to go Tirupati on Wednesday and have darshan via Rs.300/- ticket. Please let me know the timings of the seegra darshan counter on Wednesday.

  24. now there is only 300rs no aad darshan if you go there first contact about the crowd there then plan ur darshan if there is no crowd i prefer for 50rs or free daeshan not to go to 300rs seegradarshan tickets are sold at tirumala only when u go through Q complex all tickets are sold at vijaya bamk situated at cro complex 

  25. I agree to what Mr. RamaKrishna says. Although the Tickets are available online for limited time, it is the most convinient way to book tickets.The website was supposed to be up by now as Rs.300 Darshan is on.Pray to God for this option to be reopened ASAP.

  26. I came to know through the TTD Seva online website that online seva tickets cannot be booked now. It was very convenient for pilgrims to book seva tickets online and plan accordingly for the darshan. I don’t understand why this option is not available now. Hope the TTD administration can enable this online seva booking option very soon.

  27. We are going to tirumala on October 29. How much time will it take for darshanam on thursday with Rs.300 ticket?

  28. I want to know whether sheegra darshanam tickets are been sold at TTD kalyana mandapam in Hyderabad or not?

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