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Get Axis bank Internet banking login ID and password online

I said many times before that I admire any bank that leverages technology and implements it into their system. Take this simple example of opening an Internet Banking account. Many banks today still don’t provide this by default. You have to opt-in for Internet banking or Mobile banking when you submit your account opening application. In case you didn’t ask for these features while opening the account but later want them, you have to visit the bank and submit a separate application form to have Internet Banking enabled for your account.

How better would it be if you could do it yourself from your home?

Needless to say; So much better.

Axis bank is one such private bank that has this feature. If you didn’t opt for Internet Banking while opening the account, you can generate the Login ID and Password yourself. Two pre-requisites for this is to have your Mobile Number registered (that is, to link with your account) for SMS banking and have an active Debit card. In case you don’t have your Mobile number linked to your account, unfortunately, you do have to take a few steps out of your home; not to the bank though, but to the nearest Axis Bank ATM. Register your mobile number there for SMS banking under ‘Registrations’ section. Getting Axis bank Login ID and Password

Getting Internet Banking Login ID and Password

Visit the Axis bank home page. Towards the right side, you’ll see Personal Banking login. Click on Login and then click on ‘Continue to login’. On the log in page, you’ll see ‘First time User?’ (as shown in the image here). Click on ‘Click here’ to initiate the process of getting your login ID and Password. From there, it is just a ‘Do what you read’ process.

Your login ID is the same as your customer ID number, which will be present in the welcome kit that the bank may have sent to you after you opened the account. If you don’t have this, call the customer care and tell them your account number (and few other details for identification) to know your customer ID.

In the process, you will also need to enter your Debit card details, including its 4 digit PIN. Then in the final step, you will have to type in your desired login password and transaction password (both must be different) and an OTP (one time password) that you might have received on your mobile as SMS.

Once everything is set, you can go back to the login page and login with the password that you have just set. And while you’re at this, also look at Axis mobile banking app.

Note: This process will not work if you have a salary account.

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