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Hindustan Unilever Pure IT Automatic

You’ve seen the manual version of Hindustan Unilever Pure IT previously. Some said it was working like a charm while some others said it has serious problems in the way it purifies the water. Which ever side you are on, here is the version 2 of Hindustan Unilever Pure IT, which is completely automated, called Marvella. If there is one thing that separates Pure IT from its competitors (apart from Tata Swach) is the feature to use the Water Purifier without the need of electricity. And thankfully, that feature continues in Pure IT Marvella too. The Automated thing is for the water source. Previously one needed to pour water manually into the top chamber but now with Marvella, you can say good bye to that trouble. Simply connect a drinking water source to the Pure IT Marvella, and it automatically fills the chamber once the water level decreases upon daily use.

The purifying technology is further improved (via Reverse Osmosis or simply RO) and ohh, you would have already seen the Ads in TV, yes, you don’t have to remember that crap of AD for ON, OD for OFF (or something like that), everything is automated.

The price and more features of Pure IT Marvella will be known shortly.

Update: Pureit Marvella can be had for Rs.14990 and there is also a slim version of Marvella which can be yours for Rs.10990. In the same Marvella range, there is Marvella UV which is a different technology from RO. This purifies water using a high intensity UV bulb. Marvella UV will be selling for Rs.7990.

All Marvella range of automatic purifiers will have 15 days advance warning after which the purifier will stop working. A CSF Germ kill kit for Marvella RO can be purchased for Rs.700 (Rs.125 for installation). Each such kit will be good for 4000 litres of water purification.

Pure IT Germ kill battery kit

In our previous review on Pure IT, a lot of users commented that their request of Battery kits were not being considered and that their water purifier’s are non running due to battery completely turning red. To further simplify the process of ordering a Germ Kill battery kit, Hindustan Unilever has introduced an online system where you can select the Germ kill kit that you want and order online and Pay on delivery.

A 3000 litre purifying capacity Germ Kill kit for Pureit classic can be ordered for Rs.790 (plus Rs.40 for installation).

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  1. I need to change the csf of Marvella RO. What would be the cost of that CSF?

  2. I want to know the price of marvella ro kit and also, the capacity which it can filter.

    • As such, there is nothing like ‘germkill kit’ in RO. There are two thing that you should replace, the CSF and ROM. CSF roughly lasts for 400 hours or 400 litres and ROM lasts for 800 hours or 8000 litres.
      I’m not aware of the prices of CSF and ROM but I assume they will be upward of Rs.1000 each.

  3. Utpal Chakraborty

    I have purchased a Pure It water purifier 4 years back. I am fully satisfied with this. The taste of water is also fine. I can recommend any one to buy it. Thanks & regards.

  4. we are not satisfy marvella ro pure it because its not work good, we buy a marvella ro just in 2 days but its not work good, employers change marvella two time in our house we are not satisfy and happy your service

  5. Pure it marvella price at Hyd: 5900/-

  6. i want to knw the cost of pure it marvella n the storage capacity of the water n also battery life.As i am using pure it which was first launched,i want to exchange that wit marvella.that is also very good purifier.i am changing because of cleaning problem,too many spare parts to clean.i am fed up so.if i don see ur reply then i ll go to eureka forbes.waiting fr ur reply soon

  7. it’s very wast product about service and not it long life

    i use it

  8. Sir
    I have purchased Pure it simply by its brand name and i have been duped to say the least.I have absolutely no after sales assistance from this company.I have made several complaints to your so called customer care in vain.My problem is I have ants settled comfortably in the final chamber from where water is dispensed! The man who came after several calls was totally blank and had no technical knowledge.He has merely come with a battery,when not due for replacement and when not called for!! why change the battery when not due and why spent again when it is not rendering any service as promised.Killing crores of germs and promising to pay 1 crore? If ants can seep in,what about other microscopic germs?
    Can anybody from Hindulstan Unilever send a proper technician to repair? All this ants,inspite of maintaining and keeping the same in most hygienic condition!!!! I must say …this product of yours the so called ‘pure it’ water purifier is a farce.

  9. Looking for HUL water purifier which can remove viruses, bacteria, heavy metals & limit total dissolved solids. Which of HUL models would do the above. Most cost effective Model.

  10. pls give me pure it marvella price & its capicity .

  11. Chandra Sekhar Bose

    Please let me know the difference between the function and features of PureIT and Marvella.
    And also the exact price of Marvella water purifier.

  12. Hello ……..I am Anil working for PURE IT…………Lucknow.For any detail please contact me…… would b in safe hand.
    my contact no. is 09532019998

  13. I bought it yesturday (26th Dec 2010) for Rs 5800/-

  14. features and price

  15. Please let me know the Price of Pure IT Marvella and about the details, and dealers in Bangalore

  16. plz let me know the price of pure it marvella? i want to buy it !

  17. Please can you share pure-it Marvell’s cost including installing?

  18. Please can i know the price of marvella..

  19. subhashish mitra

    plz advise the price of pure it marvella, i am from balasore ,orissa so,plz give the dealer contact no & address & price

  20. Is der any installment scheme for marvella pureit?

  21. Sujata Baldodiya

    i want to by your product but it is really so expensive so i don’t want to buy your product.


    Sujata Baldodiya

    • Jitesh Karanjkar

      Price is High, Storage Capacity is 4 lts and Total Water purification capacity or Battery life is only for 2200 lts which is approx 5-6000 in other purifiers….
      Good but Costly

  22. Price of pure it marvella is Rs .6900 !!

  23. price of Pureit Marvella? Storeage capacity? Contact details in west bengal?

  24. Please disclose the price of the product MARVELLA

  25. Please give us the Pure it marvella price. also what is the water storage capacity?

  26. Please disclose the Price of this new product and the capacity it can store water. Also lifespan of Battery kit.

  27. dharam veer pandya

    Please give us the Pure it marvella price. also what is the water storage capacity?

  28. please tell me the price of pure it marvella

  29. Please give us the Pure it marvella price. also how much water it can hold in the chamber?

  30. tell more about pure it marvella product

  31. Please advise the Pure IT Automatic price.
    Also, we already have the manual Pure IT so is there any scheme to upgrade to Pure IT Automatic purifier for less rate?
    Thank you.

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