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Aliexpress (China) shopping experience from India

When I was in US, Nike free’s were the only shoes that I used to wear. For play, for travel and even to school. I brought the pair to India and they almost lasted for a whole year. Since then I’m without free’s. I wanted to buy a pair, but the prices here are just too much. Naturally, I scouted the whole internet to find the best deal and I ended up at Aliexpress.

Aliexpress is a Chinese site and belongs to a fairly popular Alibaba.com, a B2B Marketplace. While Alibaba only caters business needs, requiring a minimum number of units, Aliexpress sends items to retail individuals, even if its just a single unit. That’s the main difference. Buyers are protected by their ESCROW service, which holds your payment till you report that you received the product or until such time mentioned in their terms. So payment security is not an issue.

Why buy from China?

There are many reasons why one may want to buy from China. Of course this doesn’t apply to all product categories. Products such as many rechargeable LED lights, soft toys, stuffed toys that you see here are imported from China. Even smartphones from Indian mobile companies like Micromax, Karbonn, Celkon are simple imported phones from China and rebranded. So if you do it directly, you will get it for cheap.

But, you should remember that you can only buy items for personal use. For example, its ok if you order 1 or 2 items but if you order more, the customs in India will block your shipment. If you have plans to resale items in India, you should first get an import license; which is not needed if you intend to use an item for personal use.

My buying experience from Aliexpress

I found Nike look-a-like’s on Aliexpress. The first thing I did was to see sellers reputation and this is the first thing that everyone must do to. Buy only from those who have good reputation. This is same as eBay DSR’s. Seller was a top member and there were already a lot of orders for the same product.

Obviously I didn’t buy them thinking they were real Nike free’s (a pre-sales chat with the shop agent clearly tells you that they are not original). I have both real one’s and those from Aliexpress now and I can’t even tell if any one of it is fake.

The listed price was 65% less than what I would have paid to get a real one’s in India. Aliexpress

Ordering is easy via credit card. But the shipping time is the sad part, 15-60 days via free China Post Air Mail.

There’s a neat disclaimer on the product page that China Post orders may not be tracked and may result in lost packages. I proceeded anyway.

I stay in Mumbai and I wasn’t expecting any news for atleast a month.

I received a packet number but there’s no way to track it reliably. There’s a official site for China Post with a weird URL which never works. So, as the disclaimer mentioned earlier; I was clueless about my packet for over 25 days. On 26th day I called up Kolkata customs as that is normally the first destination for parcels from China. I was right and they have informed me that they forwarded it to Mumbai just yesterday (24th day).

I was happy, it cleared customs without any hassle in Kolkata. But I knew it would be retained by customs in Mumbai. There was no news for over a week and with the experience I have with USPS parcels in India and customs, I decided not to call them this time. After keeping it for 10 days, they called my number (on day 35) and said that I needed to pay customs duty and that can be paid to courier agent during delivery.

Two days after this, on day 37, I received the product via Speed Post courier and the customs duty was Rs.1100. This is almost 50% the order price but it was okay since even after including this, I got it for almost 50% less.

The feel and the comfort is absolutely the same as the real one’s. How long they will last obviously cannot be said now.

To be frank, I expected the process to be a lot more tiring with many calls to customs etc. But in the end, it was fairly effortless. There is no guarantee you will have similar experience but its more likely that you will have problems if there are more than 1 unit in your package.

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  1. Hi sir I’m planning to buy a tablet pc worth inr 6k, will I be charged customs? I have seen in some other website saying their will be no custom charges on free shipping option I.e China post is it true?

  2. Hello, Iam planning to buy some clothing materials from Aliexpress, its around Rs.4000. Is it legal to buy ? Will the product reach here safely, and will it have any custom duties? This gonna be my first shopping from Aliexpress. Is it really safe and legal????

  3. Hi..I want oder a mobile of 10000. they tell that they will make as a gift of 20 dollar!!
    Whether customs open and look the box!!

  4. Hello good day!
    This is my first online purchase out of india and i am about to order a smartphone through aliexpress worth 15000 INR. I am ready to pay custom charges too, but i really dont know the process,whether i need to go somewhere else to pay custom duty or the courier company will take care of it and will take import charges upon delivery?
    Thanks in advance

  5. Hi sai,
    And hi to all the posters,
    I have ordered some products from diff sellers of aliexpress in which i recieved only one packet and another 4 havent recieved yet.i placed the order on 24-oct and till now as of 10-dec i havent recieved.
    And the problem is one package is handle by pos malaysia another is by yanwen and last one is by china. And when i track these by tracking number it says arrived in india or india counter tracking end.
    So how can i track these paks and from where.
    Please suggest me something from your exp and knowldg.

  6. hii Sai,
    You have done agreat job. Thanks for that.
    I have a small doubt,
    If m gonna order something less than 5$(Free shipping) to India, Do I need to pay any Custom or Extra fees at the time of Delivery ??

  7. Hi
    I would like to buy a phone worth $200.
    What would be the total cost I have to pay assuming free delivery?

    There were talks of an importer’s license. Do I need it?

    Also, t was being speculated that duty without importer’s license is about 50%. Is it true?


  8. Hi I need your help. It is the first time I am buying from aliexpress. I am buying a rear view camera for my car. The seller has good feedback. The thing is the amount is $23. I have an option to pay through debit card using the Escrow service of alipay. Is it safe to make this transaction. Secondly is it legal to make such international transaction on my debit card. Is it legal. Hope I will not face issues for such international transaction

    • There’s nothing illegal in using your debit card for international transactions. Only question is the delivery. You should be ready to wait for quite some time.

  9. Hey I have a doubt wen I m importing or purchasing a frame or jewellery wort around 200. And 2-3 clothes around 500-800 I m living in Gujarat from Ali express do I have to pay caustpm.duty how much and explain me about d system plz

  10. Please what’s the number for Kolkota customs. My package has been there for about a month

  11. Hi, i have ordered, shoes worth rs. 1000 and two more little things worth 200,and at different times, so do i have to pay the custom duty on all of these three different things?

  12. hi sai

    Am new to online shopping and new to aliexpress…
    Am planning to buy a Quad copter kit from aliexpress (which contains- motors, esc, controller chips, plastic frame, propeller..with it….) its charging about 5400rupee. how can i pay him?? Can i pay from internet banking? is it safe to pay from net banking?
    how much will be customs charges? parcel weight is 700grams, dimensions-22cm*20cm*10cm
    am opting to ship through CHINA POST AIR MAIL. how long will it take for me to reach to doorstep?? it shows 15-39 days delivery time!
    Is china mail a safe way to get parcel?? is there a chance of loosing parcel??

    thanks in advice…

  13. hi
    Am new to online shopping and new to aliexpress…
    Am planning to buy a Quad copter kit from aliexpress (which contains- motors, esc chip, controller chips, plastic frame, propeller..with it….) its charging about 5070rupee. how can i pay him?? Can i pay from internet banking? is it safe to pay from net banking?
    how much will be customs charges? parcel weight is 700grams, dimensions-22cm*20cm*10cm
    am opting to ship through CHINA POST AIR MAIL. how long will it take for me to reach to doorstep?? it shows 15-39 days delivery time!
    Is china mail a safe way to get parcel?? is there a chance of loosing parcel??

    thanks in advice…

    • yes you can pay to him through net banking i also pay through netbanking and it is safe for you and almost take 45-30 days for your product get your doorstep. No chance to loose your parcel.

  14. I want to order a clone smartphone(of Samsung) worth usd200($200) and shipping of $40 do i have to pay any customs on it?? If yes how much??

  15. how do i track my orders once it enters india?

  16. hi
    i have orderd 8 different products from various sellers on alixpress..
    total bill was 90$..and i paid it through card but i’m not able to understand the further process and do i have to pay custom duty charges too?

  17. I was place an order before 2 mnths ago on Ali express still it not recieved.no one rply for the my message.Can u tell me how to i track my order

  18. I haven’t received my order yet nor I can track them in India. Kindly provide the customs number for enquiry about it in India

  19. I recently tried buying apparel from aliexpress. However during payment it got failed. I used sbi visa international debit and shopping card. Please suggest. Thank you.

    • how can i order to kolkata howrah?

    • hi ipshita,

      i guess your card is not yet processed for international payments.

      go to your bank branch and ask them to activate your card for international payments..

      all the best 🙂

    • Hi ipshita
      Payment fails if your credit card billing address is not same as the product shipping address. Make both the same and it should not fail


  20. can i get order to this address bangalore international airport-560300. karnataka india.

  21. Hi. I am planning to order a pair of boots from aliexpress. They are marked 5$ and free shipping. May I know about custom duties if any?
    Also, the seller is not a reputed one. What kind of problems can I face in such a case?

  22. how much icici bank charges for buying from aliexpress.
    what is the conversion fee

  23. Hello Sai,
    I want to buy a suit from aliexpress. Want to know if I ask the seller to mark it as gift , can they do so? to make my purchase custom free . Can I pay using my SBI Visa, master card or by maestro?

  24. I am willing to buy a suit from aliexpress. this is first time I am buying anything from it so want to know is custom duty is paid at the time of ordering or when we receive it and approximately how much will I have to pay tax if the suit cost Rs6000/.

    • hi varun,

      dont buy expensive stuff from china….the quality might not be what you expect…if you are unhappy with your purchase you cant return it since its out of india. and there are many cases of lost china post parcels ….so use your diligence…

      as for customs duty…customs is levied on products that arrive at the indian ports from international location…how much the customs dept charges is a guess game..

  25. Hi.. I want to contact the Kolkata cutoms post office. I contacted the HO but they gave another number since all the post are done at post office of customs. but the number is incorrect. PLease help! Need urgent

  26. i am so so confused afetr reading all these reviews. some people are happy, some are not! my question is still unanswered though..should i order from them or not??! i need to buy some stuff for my kids like craft punches and all and they are so expensive here in india. i really felt like getting those cute things for my children.

    • if u are a first time buyer i would suggest order something cheap..like within 5usd ..coz there are a lot of fake stores …. apart from that even if they are genuine sellers…the quality that you see might not be the same quality that u get…u dont want to buy in bulk and find out they r the cheap alternatives to what you ordered. if what you get is good…then you can order more and may be you can also ask for a discount 😉

  27. Q1. i just ordered hdc phone for 115usd and its going to come by singapore post .
    how much custom i have to pay?

    Q2..if my seller send it as a gift and shows it value for 80usd which is less than 5000rs, then what happens?
    whether custom will check it or not?

  28. hey sai thanks for all your information.
    I have orderd an item on this website which costed me around 7 dollars and unfortunately a number in my house address is wrong ( instead of 26 I have given 36) .will the courier guy call the mobile number given on the pack if he dosen’t find the given address ?
    and one query i have, will all the parcels come to kolkata first and then shipped to their respective places?
    I stay in bangalore ,can i myself go to customs office and pick my parcel?

  29. Hello,
    My parcel got stuck inside my state territory.
    as per tracking info. it has cleared the custom clearance process and moved inside the state.
    but now i didn’t getting any update from tracking site since last 11 days.
    Is there any other way to find it on Indian post??
    You have mentioned that you got parcel from private courier but most of people get it through Indian post service.

    How can i find “who will deliver my parcel??”
    should i search it in local post office ??


  30. I am planning to order goods using my SBI credit card, is their any additional charges i need to pay for bank because of paying in USD currency.

  31. Hi Sai,

    wonderfully article.

    I am planning to buy goods using my SBI credit card, will the bank charge any additional fees for paying in USD.

    Please reply.

    • Well pavan you won’t have to pay any additional bank charges just you need to make sure your card is VBV and you need to start your net banking that’s it.

  32. Hey Guys,

    Got quite a lot of things from Ali Express…no duties on any of them & got it well within 30/35 days of ordering
    All came thru China/Hong Kong Post via India Post oh & BTW for some items tracking info never got updated & landed directly at the door steps.
    Also guys, some of my orders got cancelled & got the refund on credit card just in time.
    Overall till now its been a good experience though still yet to receive some items lets see how it goes.
    Will keep you guys posted.

    • do you know how long will it take to deliver to delhi through china post? the last update of the package was hong kong international airport.

    • Hi,
      I have done shopping through aliexpress many times amount ranging maximum 1K (actual cost) but its free shipping and takes around 1.5 months time.
      I would like to import children toys initially for 10K (actual cost).
      can you help me in shipping to Bangalore in a
      fastest way and how to avoid customs. ?

      • hi….

        even i have been shopping on aliexpress….and the products are really good…but its the prices that are mooost attractive 😀

        the first product that i ordered arrived after 42 days of wait !!…i had begun thinking that i was scammed coz even after 20 days of there was no sign of any parcel in my mailbox…but fiiinally it came ! they give china post tracking but wish it worked 🙁

        the 2nd time i ordered the parcel never arrived…its been over an year…that was a bad experience…lost my 3000rs there 🙁 seller wont refund coz it was not his mistake and said he couldnt lose both his money and product….

        then thought of importing through dhl/fedex/aramex/bluedart but……. they charge insanely high… like i cant pay 3000-4000 rs for a 10 dollar product..

        after 3 months of digging the internet i found a way to import at relatively low prices(800-100rs for half a kilo) than i would pay dhl/fedex and the likes and faster too…delivery anywhere within 4-10 days…that way i was avoiding customs too 😀

        not at liberty to disclose about it here….message me if interested.

    • hi…i have ordered few jewellery items from aliexpress….please can anyone tell me if i will be charged more while receiving delivery of product?

  33. dear all..questions are always never ending. And i too have one.

    i have to order a airgun scope ( telescopes fitted on guns for targetting) and i need it just for plinking targets in my garden there are prices exceeding 5k and also 10k for these scopes, so what is the amount from where the custom duties start to apply. I need a scope that is of rs 4.8 k and also 6.5 k, so will i be subjected to custom duty? I can order them separately or as one is matter of any issues. Plz help.

    Still not ordered.

  34. Hi Sai,

    Have seen you mentioning that if we are importing the products to re-sell them I need to have a licence.

    How would the customs know that I intend to resell. Am I missing something here?

    and bdw great work here sai 🙂 .. I thought it was only me from India who knew aliexpress 😛 but thank god I discovered others too….I think we should all make a group on fb so that we can learn from and help each other regarding Aliexpress…what say..!

    • Its mostly got to do with the quantity of items. If its just 1 or 2 items, then no worries. If the order is in bulk then re-selling is the most obvious reason.

  35. Hello friends,
    I m planning to buy lenovo mobile worth Rs. 8500/- (usd 135). can anybody guide me how to proceed?.. i mean should i place order as it is or should i tell the seller to mentioned it as gift with value usd 25?

    What would be the custom duty exactly if they send it by Singapore post? does Singapore post provide accurate tracking no.??

    Thanks in advance


  36. Hi Sai,

    Can you please help me know how much custom duty will i have to pay for clothes,accessories make up shoes watches worth 20k
    its all for my personal use and not for re selling
    also will my orders arrive separately and will i have to pay the duty individually on each item
    since some sellers are going to ship products within 7 days while the others just a couple of hours
    lastly my final query is do you think if i place a huge order it will seem fishy?
    should i start buying things weekly?

    PS should one trust a buyer that has no orders and feedbacks ?
    thanks a lot for the help you’re providing.

    • For most everyday items, official duty is flat 10%. What the actual charge is; no one knows.

      If the sellers are different then its obvious that they will arrive separately.

      Yes, huge order (I’m assuming in terms of quantity and not price) will raise eyes. However a sine or two costly items would pass easily.

      I wouldn’t trust a new seller. It’s just not safe enough.

  37. Hi I wanted to buy nike free shoes from aliexpress but i wanted to know weather they charge customs for a single pair of shoes and if yes how much would they charge for shoes worth $27.
    n one more question how to pay online in INR ?

  38. Who Ships The Packages After They Reach Kolkata Sorting Office?

  39. Hi
    I ordered hardware tool on Aliexpress, on Aug 15th, its more than a month but tracking shows last transaction of 28th September, not 18 days passed, but no update.
    Can some one help me with status/the way where I can get information
    My tracking number is : RI136642565CN


    • Hi!
      Same Thing Has Happened to me. I ordered a cover for my G2 on 28 aug but no update (Showing the same update-(Departure from outward office)) If You Get Any contact no whom to contact or you get your parcel or can help in any other form.Please reply!!

    • Have you got your ur product ?

  40. bought by aliexpress and seller used the cnzexpress and gave me a tracking number that I think is FAKE because it uses the international standard and can not tracking in my home country that is Brazil.
    tracking only has one letter and 7 numbers and nothing else.
    Who can help if it exists?
    cnzexpress is real or fake. it directs to other postal mail and other tracking number?
    need to know the truth because is very bad and only 29 days cnzexpress that the server was open and this basically empty inside.
    someone help ??

    • I thought its fake but one fine day its tracking worked superbly. So, its technically a bad courier company but its not a fake one.

      • when you saw the crawl worked ??
        My tracking number is: S1330961
        only perfect vision in the cnzexpress site and other sites the information is invalid tracking number.

        the information that I have cnzexpress site validity ends in late 2014.


      • I ordered baby shoes. Its been 2 months but I still haven’t recieved. I spoke to bangalore customs as well as kolkatta customs but they say the tracking number is wrong. . This s my number can u help me.
        YC204319064YW .. its just baby shoes do I don’t understand why the delay. Please help.

  41. I need to order a watch worth 15$.if I choose a chian post shipment method can any one suggest the custom duty

  42. Very useful info bro.
    Will keep you posted about my aliexpress orders & experiences.
    Have too ordered few things, though haven’t received it yet.First order booked on 7th Aug 2014 & then consecutive.
    All sellers have chosen different methods of shipping like china post, yanwen, cnzexpress, singpost & hong kong post, but realized that hong kong post is the fastest, ordered a pair of shoes on 19th & packets’s already reached Bangalore customs via Mumbai day before.But don’t understand why Bangalore customs when parcel is meant for mumbai?
    Also, any idea who delivers yanwen & cnz parcels here in india?

  43. Hi Sai,
    Thanks for this post. Really helpful. I see that I am very late in asking this but still here it goes.
    You said that you had called Kolkatta customs. Could you please share the number if it is a general landline? And is Kolkatta customs the same as ” KOLKATA AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE” . I see the last update for my item is at this place.
    I plan to call them in a week if there is no new update. So it will be helpful if you could share the number. Thank you!

    • It was long time back Akshay. I don’t have the number stored in my contacts unfortunately. I just dialed all the numbers that I found for ‘Kolkata customs contact’.

  44. hi thanks for the info it was much needed as I plan to buy craft items from aliexpress and was wondering how safe the site was. Can you please guide me on the following
    firstly can the payent be made through debit card and if not how safe is it using your credir card.
    secondly regarding customs. If I plan to buy craft items like moulds and cutters etc how is customs charges decided on that. Do you have to pay for every purchase or there is a limit etc?
    please guide… thanks

    • hi Ron,
      did you go ahead and buy those craft items from aliexpress. i want to order too for my kids but i am very skeptical. did you order free shipping? how much time did it take? were the products useful?? pls reply.

  45. Hello sai, i’ve finally found what i was looking for all over the internet in aliexpress, it costs less than 1 USD , will it have any custom duties? Another problem am facing is with the payment, i tried transaction through sbi visa (debit) but failed several times, i don’t know what to do.

  46. Hi am from Noida (UP) would like to buy cheap cloths and handbags from ali express (4 to 10 $ cost). Please advice how much would be custom duty on these?

  47. I buy samsung note 3 clone phone of price rs 6000 though aliexpress.com shipment came to me but they demand me customs duty of rs 11000 or it will send back to seller but i dont get any money back what is do.

  48. I have placed an order through aliexpress.com. While making transaction using my sbi visa card the transaction used to fail. Then i used my mastercard and the transaction got completed without asking for a password. Is it normal? And do you think i will have to pay custom duty for $10 purchase. I live in mumbai..

    • Its very normal. I have also face same incident with my icici bank transaction but then there is no problem.
      As far as custom duty charges, it depends on import duty of material and also whether it will retained by custom or not… They might impose penalty if wrong declaration.

  49. Hi Sai,

    This is very nice site, I m thinking of buying mobile phone for $450 from Aliexpress. Seller will declare value 30$ to $50 on invoice. (If I want as Gift)

    What custom duty I may need to pay? Will they open parcel and check which mobile is inside and decide the cost and duty?

    Awaiting for quick reply 🙂

    Thank you in advance,

  50. Can you post the flow diagram? if i order cartridges posted as 962.50/piece and if order one piece and pay using internat visa card (via dhl or india post airmail) how much i have to pay custom charges while home delivery? else free of charges. please tell me.

  51. Hi, i want to buy a mobile phone worth Rs.29000. Could you please let me know how much would be the customs fee.

    Thanks in advance.

  52. I fear that i dont end up paying much of money more than what i’m planning to earn. Plus i don’t have any idea how the transactions work. Before beginning i wanna have all the info clear. So want someone to guide and help me out.

  53. I’m planning to buy things from aliexpress and sell thm here in india delhi. What’s my prior concern is that any product that’s rated as few Usd will actually cost me more.

  54. Dear sir,

    I want to buy some electronics components like sensors modules, small dc motors, etc.
    I want to know how much customs and import duty do I need to pay.
    And also what courier service I have to choose because they provide free shipping through china post.

  55. Can i make payment through Karnataka ATM cum international shopping debit card?

  56. Hi

    I have called for some pairs of sunglasses worth inr 5k. What will be the approx. customs duty?

  57. Hi, i have ordered some costume jewellery and a hand bag on aliexpress.com. Total value around 5,000. After i placed my order i got a little jittered whether they would deliver to kolkata or not. Reading through the posts was a little relieved. Will update once i receive. Orders placed on 4/6/14 & 5/6/14 respectively. Thanks Sai for this site 🙂

    • You’re welcome. Did you receive the order yet?

      • I received my handbag on 21st June ( and going by feedback on China post….that was quick, must say). I was able to track my consignment on China post, however, I guess the tracking site has delayed updates because while it showed my shipment had not left Shanghai- received the hand bag 2 days later. Awaiting the other items to be delivered.

        I read earlier on that ppl had trouble making payments. I used my SBI credit card and the transaction was pretty smooth.

  58. Hats off to you Sai.
    You have cleared most of the doubts.
    I tried shopping but bank transaction was not successful.
    Will try with different Credit Card.
    Can you please specify which Bank Credit Card will be successful?
    Thank you in Advance.

    • Ohh, I don’t have all banks’ cards to test and specify. Other users have mentioned the cards that worked for them, so please go by those reports.

  59. I have ordered dji phantom vision 2 drone helicopter it cost around 1400$, but to avoid tax payment the seller declared 96$ and gift. and they are sending through DHL. do you think it can be? with regards. …SUCO

    • No. Gifts can be only upto rs.5000. So you’ll definitely be paying customs. You tell me what happens. Interesting case.

  60. Christina Saikia

    Hi.. I have ordered 13 items like sandal, t shirts, tops etc. from different sellers of aliexpress the total of which is 89 USD. How much do I have to pay to the customs?

  61. I have order an anklet (Korean Fashion Charm Rose Gold Butterfly Rhinestone Anklet for Women) on 28th april 2014 with tracking number [checked] from china post air mail. How long will it take to reach mi my city ie.(bhalki,Karnataka,india-pin-585328).

    • Approx number of days should have been mentioned in the order page itself (while you select shipping choice). At present, according to tracking, it was last scanned at Shenzhen customs in China. Don’t know if it has reached India.

      • can u tell the kolkata custom office number/contact where u had contact to get detail about your package ….??

  62. I m planning to start a small online jewellery business and landed in AliExpress. Most of the stores expect at least $10 order to provide free shipping via China Post. Do you think I will be charged customs on it? I don’t want to end up paying so much that I cant earn any profit over it. Also about the import/export license, I read on the AliExpress site somewhere that we don’t need one for any transactions from AliExpress “as of now,” am I missing out on something?

    • I’m not particularly sure how things work from the sellers point of view. But customs is normally charged from the buyers and not sellers.

      Edit: On second thought I figured that you want to buy things from Aliexpress and sell them in your country? In that case you would need a license. Any import for personal use need not have a license but if you intend to resell the imports, you should have one. And coming to customs, I don’t know, its more random. For the same product you could be charged once and not charged another time.

  63. Dear Sai
    Thought like going for the item mentioned in the below link. The cost of this TCL Idol+ is mentioned as 30$ and DHL courier charge 17$. What may be customs duty which can be applicable? What is the minimum duty applicable to a smartphone ?

    [link checked]

    • Normally 20% of the product price. But this is not regular, sometimes they take nothing and few other times, they ask even more.

      But generally speaking, do you have anyone already using that phone? If not its better avoided. Those images look great but I can assure that the experience of using those phones will be nothing like the pics. Google Play access will be very limited, if at all it even exists.

  64. How much custom will it be charged if i order a product from aliexpress which costs 10 dollars?

  65. I too have ordered a pair of Nike Free Run 2 worth 36 USD from aliexpress. I came to your website through google.
    I guess the sheer size of the shoe box makes the customs charge duty, since in the past I have ordered on multiple times, things like phone covers, phone tools, T shirt and most recently a copy MontBlanc, which got delivered duty free.

    Regarding China Post tracking , I have been able to track successfully each and everytime.

    I use this link.

    and Once it reaches Kolkata


    • Thanks for those links Ritesh. Tell me how the shoes are after you receive them.

      • Updating after receiving my shoes. Surprisingly, there was no duty asked for. The postman just delivered.
        Date of shipment:8 April 2014
        Date of Receipt: 25 April 2014

        I have been using it for last 3 runs and I still need to get used to them. They are lighter than my previous shoes and I am unsure about the correctness of the size. My old Nike’s were size 9 USA, however these shoes didn’t come in that size. It was either 8.5 or 9.5.

        The quality is excellent and there is no scope for doubting that these are copy shoes. Lets see how long they last.

  66. Hi, i have to buy LCD screen for my sony mobile from aliexpress. Can anyone please tell about ESROW payment via bank and customs and also delivery time. It costs about $43 (USD)

    • Payment is only by credit cards. That’s fine but what’s not reliable is their shipping. Most sellers use awful China Mail for free posting.

  67. Hi,

    Thanks to all for posting and sharing.

    I have ordered some stimulating [edited] products. Now i am worried. I had spend 8 thousand for 5 different product from different sellers (china mail). Ordered on 21 March14.

    Can you tell me, will this products be delivered to me in India.

    • Wow, I can’t let that be posted to public. But I read it.

      If its a normal post there’s no way to track them so you can’t do anything. But most sellers clearly mentioned that it takes around 30-40 days for normal china mail to reach India. So its not past those days yet. So keep waiting.

  68. Hi

    I have imported from aliexpress around 100 backpanels worth 7000/- via dhl courier. Will i be charged customs on this. If yes then how much?

  69. Can i make payments in INR (indian rupees) for the items on aliexpress.com, through SBI ATM cum Debit Card (Master card)

  70. Hello Sai,

    I recently ordered some circuit boards (180gms) and the package left China and i’m getting this message
    ‘The message (starting with RC8) ending January 15, 2014, pending the destination customs inspection’ do I have to pay customs charges? And how many days does it usually take to reach Karnataka?

    Thank you.

    • Once it clears customs, it takes the same number of days as any local speed post delivery (say 1-3 days). Customs, I’m not sure. Never came across anyone buying circuit boards online. You tell me when you receive the product.

  71. I’ve ordered the back panel of my HTC mobile phone through Aliexpress (as it is not available in india) which costs around 15$. Can you tell me how much custom duty will I have to pay.

  72. Hi sir I’m babu from Karnataka’s small village. I like china products but i did not take product. How to take china products please help me.

    • What China products do you like? If you want the products for your personal use then you can buy them like any online shopping items. If you want to re-distribute them in India then you need to have proper import and distribution licenses.

  73. I recently tried buying from aliexpress.
    However, my credit card got rejected.
    Is there a restriction on the payments from ICICI/AXIS credit cards to aliexpress?
    What are the alternative payment methods from India?

    • VISA and MasterCards are accepted. I used SBI Visa card. So I do not see any reason why other banks’ Visa/MC credit cards will not be accepted. ICICI/Axis could have specifically blocked transactions from that site. Credit cards are the only option.

      • ICICI Platinum Visa Debit Card is accepted if you transact through Desktop Site. But again Debit Card transaction is not possible through Aliexpress Mobile App.

  74. I have a question! I have ordered which weigh around 100 gms, and costed me 200, how much custom duty will be charged? Do you have any idea?

  75. Thanks. Very helpful. I didn’t knew customs can be paid to the courier agent. It means i can also buy some stuff directly from aliexpress and would land in my home without me going anywhere.

    • When do i need to pay customs? Is it if i order goods less than Rs.10,000 then i do not need to pay customs?

      • Less than Rs.10000 and marked as gift. But this obviously doesn’t apply when your parcel is coming from a company.

        • Are you sure about the 10k margin??
          could you provide a link to back it up? I knew 5k was the limit.
          I have already received goods from them. No customs. but none of valve greater than 5k.

          • Turns out you’re right. Confirmed it from the official CBEC site. What I also have learned is that the gift can be sent by anyone, including a company or a person who is not a associated/relative to the recipient.
            Not sure from where I got the 10k figure but obviously I read it somewhere.
            Thanks for your comment.

            • Hi sai,

              First of all very nice post elaborating the process of shipping from china to India. I ordered a “front panel audio jack for cpu” {electronic item} from aliexpress & as i checked the yanwen tracking status ,showing as 2014-12-10 00:00 India Arrive at India Airport-(Yanwen’s Track End).

              Can u tell me:-
              1.How long it will take to reach Delhi ??
              2.do i need to pay duty charges?
              3.how can i get in touch with customs to Know actual status of my packet (speed post tracking no .)

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