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Airtel unlimited 2G internet at Rs.149 a month

I know a lot of people who use Airtel’s Rs.98 2G data plan. I used to use it too, but as I said before, I’ve shifted to the new Rs.151 plan, that offers a nice combo of 2G and 3G data. For Rs.98 a month, you’d get 1GB of 2G (EDGE/GPRS) data (on first activation and 1.2GB on each renewal). If you couldn’t care more for 3G speed but just need more than 1GB of 2G data, well, here’s a nice plan that I found today. airtel unlimited 2G internet

For Rs.149 a month, you will get Unlimited 2G data. As always, the (in)famous airtel fair usage policy applies which triggers the speed reduction at 2GB. Once you exceed that limit (which is very unlikely if you just limit the data usage to your phone), your 2G speed will be reduced to 40Kbps (just so you know, in normal conditions where you have access to EDGE, your 2G speed can top 236Kbps). So that is a significant reduction in speed.

Note: This Rs.149 plan existed since those days when the data on Rs.98 plan was reduced from 2GB to 1 GB but it is only now that it is made Unlimited instead of completely limiting to 2GB (see Aircel pocket buddies for Unlimited Internet).

Game for SMS too?

Instead of recharging with the Rs.98 voucher, you could recharge with Rs.99 voucher and get 1GB Internet Browsing (only browsing, no downloads) data benefit along with 500 local SMS’s plus Rs.30 talk time.

A slight variation of this plan is Rs.96 per month plan that gives you Rs.30 talktime + 500 local sms + 200MB 2G Data (includes downloading and uploading).

Note: The above tariff’s are as given for the Andhra Pradesh circle. Tariff’s may vary for other circles, so please check with the retailer before recharging.

Update: On rechecking, none of the above plans exist as on 10 June 2013. For Rs.99 a month, you now get 300MB of 3G data. So always recheck for latest tariff rates before recharging.

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  1. I like airtel, always gives signal where ever I go in India.

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