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Airtel reduces Rs.98 2G data from 1GB to 600MB and validity to 21 days

Arguably the Nations’ favourite mobile data plan is undergoing yet another change. But, as I see it now, the change has only been effective in few circles. Other circles still continue to get 1GB for a recharge of Rs.98. Whether this stays on as it is or if all remaining circles will, too, eventually get reduced data remains to be seen.

Circles such as Delhi NCR, Karnataka, Kerala, Kolkata, Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Rajasthan, UP (West) and Kolkata now only get 600MB (or 650MB in few of these circles, such as in Karnataka). And the validity too has been reduced from 30 days to 21 days. If you remember, Rs.98 plan used to give you 2GB data only till a few months back. So this is a second change to this very popular plan. Airtel 2G data plan

If you are from any of these states/circles, and want to get the earlier 1GB data with 30 days validity (or 28 days in circles such as Delhi NCR), you’d now have to spend Rs.125 (or Rs.123 in Kerala).

From the remaining ones’, big circles such as Andhra Pradesh, Chennai, Mumbai, Maharashtra & Goa and Tamilnadu still continue to get 1GB data with 30days validity.

Note: These tariff rates’ are as on 15 January 2013 and may change at any time.

Why this change?

Well, it’s about time. Telecom companies have seen enough of competition and it’s time for the big boys again to stamp their authority.

Will other big players like Vodafone and Idea follow this move? You bet they will.

My take on this move

The reduce from 1GB to 600MB shouldn’t effect most of the users, data wise. Ideally, you don’t ‘download’ anything on a 2G mobile network. You just use it to sync emails, access apps on your phone and use it for occasional browsing. If this is the case, 600MB should be more than enough for you.

BUT, the validity is an issue. It’s just 21 days now. For three 21 day cycle recharges, that is for 63 days (or just over 2 months), you now have to pay Rs.294 (98*3); where as before, you used to pay just Rs.196 for almost as many days. So in case you use more than 600MB a month or come closer to that, it’s better for you if you change your plan to Rs.125 a month.

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  1. I don’t know from when is this change implemented but I’m from Karnataka and I’ve been offered the same 1GB of data when my plan renewed (automatically) on 14 Jan.

    • Yup, I heard this from a couple of friends as well. The automatic renewals are still getting the same old 1GB. But fresh recharges get the reduced data.

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