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Airtel Money Bookmyshow Free movie ticket (Cash Back)

There are so many offers to get a free additional ticket or some discount when you book movie tickets at Bookmyshow. You can see these offers when you reach the payments page. Most of them require you to have certain type of Credit/Debit or Internet Banking account. For normal cards, the offers are limited to few bookings on a first come first serve basis. But here’s one offer which everyone can use and get a free ticket when you book 2 movie tickets, as a cash back; the Airtel money Bookmyshow cash back offer.

How airtel money cash back works?

You simply need to pay for your tickets via Airtel money wallet. If you want to get 3 movie tickets, you should initially be paying for all 3 movie tickets, out of which 50% amount will be returned as cash back into your airtel money wallet. With this returned money, you can either book tickets again or simply recharge your mobile or even book train ticket.

airtel money bookmyshow

There are obviously some conditions that apply here. ‘Get 50% off on Movie tickets‘ is just a Red Herring. There are two main conditions that are applicable here; one deals with the maximum benefit limit and other deals with whether you can existing airtel money customer or not.

Maximum Benefit limit: The 50% cash back is limited to Rs.200, once per month

New or existing user: The 50% or Rs.200 is only applicable to New users. Existing airtel money users are only good to get 25% or Rs.100 cash back, whichever is lower.

For example, when you but three movie tickets at Rs.150 each, for a total of Rs.450; New airtel customers would get Rs.200 cash back (since 50% of Rs.450; Rs.225 is over the Rs.200 limit) and existing customers would get Rs.100 as cash back (since 25% of Rs.450 is over the Rs.100 limit).

As said before, this offer can be used only once per month and till the offer is valid.

I happened to use this offer last weekend and there is absolutely no reason why anyone shouldn’t make use of this offer if there’s no other offer applicable for them.

One just needs to open a airtel money account (can be done online) and fill it with sufficient amount from your cards or Net Banking account.

Payment via airtel money happens completely on the merchant site; Bookmyshow in this case. So instead of paying via cards or Netbanking at the end in a normal scenario, we are just doing it before hand (to load money into airtel money wallet) and getting some cool discount in return.

Note: This is valid only for bookings made through Bookmyshow.com or via its app and not valid for booking made directly via airtel money USSD service.

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  1. Wish they had 50% off for repeat customers too, but atleast something helps too.

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