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Airtel Mobile ID verification SMS

‘Dear Customer, as per the latest Government instructions, you are requested to submit fresh ID documents at the nearest Airtel Relationship centre to continue uninterrupted services’.

If you received this message from Airtel and you are in Andhra Pradesh, there is some good news to those who are far from an Airtel Relationship center. Airtel has partnered with India Post to collect the documents of those who received this message. Customers can simply deposit any acceptable Government ID Document in the nearest Post Office and they will in turn transfer them to Airtel.

Airtel has been sending such SMS since last few months to those customers whose identification is un-confirmed or dubious. However, it is reported that many customers who are using the service since a long time (more than 2-3 years) and submitted proper documents too have received such Messages.

Apart from Airtel Relationship centers and Post offices, there are thousands of Drop boxes left in Hyderabad and across the State at various places such as Malls, Petrol bunks to make it easy for those customers who received the message. The partnership with the Postal Department may be expanded to other states if this proves to be successful.

Those who have submitted an ID Proof document following the message can check the status by sending an SMS as CHK to 52212 (from the same mobile number which received the Message).

Update: TRAI and Government of India have made it mandatory for all telecom operators to strictly verify the identity of their customers. So apparently its not just airtel which is sending such SMS’s but other networks too are doing the same and it need not be specially said that this is something that is not restricted to just Andhra Pradesh or Hyderabad but applies to whole India.

I have been with airtel for some 10 years now and apparently it seems even I have to submit fresh documents for verification.

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  1. Hi all. I also got that message instead of submitting all information.

  2. my father number is 99809—- this number is disconnected 3 times now one more time asking address proof how many times we have to give this address proof really this is too much

  3. Dear Sir/Madam,
    This is to inform that I was convert my mobile from Airtel to Idea on 22.07.2011. Only 15 days had better response of that change then last 15 days, it is completely close and no answer given to me by GVC (New Delhi) after calling.Address & No is given below:
    My Number: 9810425921 For Contact(New Number):9990682368

  4. As per the latest instructions, customers are requested to submit ID proof for verification at the nearest Airtel Relationship centre. But the scene at Airtel Relationship centre at Panaji Goa is completely different. They are demanding to fill the form again besides ID proof documets which is really harrasment to the customers. If the customer goes with the ID proof they do not accept the documents with the application. Is this the instructions issued by the Govt. of India? Pls. explain.

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