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Airtel Broadband unbilled amount check

Just like BSNL Broadband, you have the comfort of checking your usage amounts in Airtel on a daily basis. All you have to do is create your account online following this link.

You’ll need to provide your Airtel landline number, Account number (can be found in the initial bill) and the activation date or Last bill number or last payment amount.

Once you register, you can log in any time in to your personalized account from Airtel.in under My account and check the usage amount (if your broadband plan is a limited download plan).

You can also check all the calls that are made from the landline number in any period.

You can click on the Account Information tab on the left side and then click on either unbilled amount or unbilled details to view your usage details.

Note that if you are seeing unbilled amount, you will be seeing an exaggerated amount as the unbilled amount as it doesn’t take your monthly tariff plan in to consideration.

For example, if you are on Rs.749 plan with 8GB download limit and you don’t make over 100 minutes of calls from your landline and not use more than 8GB of bandwidth, your bill should never exceed Rs.749 (plus taxes). But when you see the unbilled amount, you may see amount of over Rs.1000 and so on. It is because, the calculation doesn’t take your monthly plan into consideration but takes each pulse as Rs.1.20. At the end of the month (or your current months billing cycle), the amount will be finalized according to your plan.

You can see the unbilled details and confirm the bandwidth amount you have used in terms of Units. Multiply it by 10 and you’ll have usage in KB.

As long as you don’t exceed your monthly limits, you will NOT be charged more than your tariff plan (plus taxes).

You can also make payments through your account by visiting the payments section. It currently has payment facility using almost all leading bank’s Internet banking accounts.

If you want to keep track of the unbilled amount/usage daily by an SMS alert for free, you can send an SMS as SUNB to 121.

Note that, your mobile number should be linked with your landline to make this possible. Contact customer support by dialling 121 from your landline to link your Airtel mobile number with your landline.

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  1. Please send hard copy of bill to my email as our mobile number is not working.

  2. Greetings to you all. thanks for providing good service so far. lately I find deterioration in your services. you have been sending the unbilled usage in my mobile regularly. Some time you were sending the same on some days and not on other days. Now you have completely stopped that. when I try to again request you over mobile I get an answer sorry your request can not be processed try later. please continue. I have also not received my bill for September 2011. My should appear as J David Vincent and not J David David Vincent. I have complained about all about the above things in your Office at Anna Nagar opp to Ayappan Temple but no action . Also please note that the instrument is not properly working. they say buy one in market. I was the first to avail your services in our compound using old equipment. you may please provide a latest equipment. hope you would comply my request . thank you in advance . with regards.

  3. Thanks man…..u saved my day

  4. rajesh kumar sardana

    please inform me how can i check my unbill account my usages for broadband internet

  5. Thanks, you saved me from my dads beatings. My plan is 749 and I have 3 more days for my billing cycle to complete and the unbilled usage shown is rs.1396

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