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Airtel Rs.152 2G 3G Combo plan for Mumbai circle

Having shifted to Mumbai (temporarily) from Hyderabad, I was wondering where my darling Rs.151 plan has gone. It’s there, it’s still there, but it doesn’t give me 500MB of 2G and 3G data each, but instead puts my mobile number on ‘Safe Custody’ for 6 months. It’s a feature to keep your mobile number from being deactivated if you chose not to use it for 6 months. Coming back to the 2G-3G combo plan (airtel calls it Juggle plan), I made an enquiry with airtel and came to know that its Rs.152 plan here in Mumbai. Well, what a difference a Rupee can make.

This plan has been there with airtel since atleast 8 months now but I didn’t cover it before. If you are completely unaware, here is what you will get; 500MB of 2G data and 500MB of 3G data for 30 days. Lot of people I know were just subscribers of the Rs.98 2G data plan (1GB). But now, that tariff has been raised to Rs.125. So instead of getting 1GB of 2G data for Rs.125, why not get the same data with 50% of it being at 3G speeds for just (around) Rs.25 more? Surely makes sense.

Here’s a small bad thing about this plan

You have to keep a constant look at your data usage and change your network manually from 2G to 3G or vice versa. This is not an unlimited plan, you will be charged at 10ps/10KB for 2G or 3ps/10KB for 3G data respectively post your 500MB usage. For example, if you keep your phone in 3G mAirtel 2G 3G juggle planode and use up your 500MB, you will be charged at 3ps/10KB even though you have 500MB of 2G data left. To use 2G data, you have to manually change your network to 2G.

Note: If you keep your phone in Auto mode, it’ll mostly use 3G network so you have to be careful with your 3G data limit.

Here is combo plan tariff chart for various circles.

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