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Airtel Re 1 video service. Any other extra data charges?

You might have seen the ads already. I did and I also downloaded a few videos (or clips, rather). Not that the service is really useful or anything but just to see if there’s any catch in it. Surprisingly, there’s nothing. Its just Re 1 and that’s it.

I thought people might be charged for browsing and downloading/streaming of video clips but no, that didn’t happen in my case. I have a mobile data pack and nothing has been cut from that account. It’s just Rs.1 from the main account that is debited. airtel Re 1 video service

How to get airtel Re 1 video?

You just dial 52010 (toll free) from your airtel mobile and immediately you’ll get a link as via sms. That link will take you to a video page on airtel live portal. Normally, browsing airtel live is free when you use your mobile data. But when you use your wifi, you’ll be charged form your main account. Its not applicable here, as there are no charges for browsing via wifi too (if it matters; I have an airtel Broadband connection).

Video clips can be browsed via their respective categories; movies, sports, news etc. The portal is customized to your circle which makes it likely that you see news clips from your state. The clips are rather small, anywhere from 30 second to a minute and the quality is just ok. Some videos get downloaded to your mobile but some others just get streamed.

But its not without problems though. The portal seems to be unresponsive and needed a few refreshes to work. And once, I clicked on a cat video and it began downloading a Virat Kohli Six video. Sigh.

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  1. This is what I call as a hopeless service from airtel

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