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Aircel Pocket Buddies Unlimited 2G, 3G Data and SMS plan in AP

Till now, the Rs.98 per month (or other similar plans) data plan used to be the most common data plan amongst the young smartphone users. Airtel has recently announced a Rs.151 plan (may be slightly different in different circles) which offers 500MB of 3G and 500MB of 2G data per month. Of late, I have seen people increasingly subscribe to this plan, which also offers 3G data (up to 7.2Mbps speed) unlike the Rs.98 plan that just offers 1GB of data at only 2G speeds.

If you are an Aircel customer and fortunately have aircel 3G in your circle, you too have similar plans on offer by your network, in the name of Pocket Buddies. Note that the below plans are for Andhra Pradesh state (which has Aircel 3G service) and charges may be different for different states.

Pocket Buddies Unlimited 2G Data with 3G and 6000 SMS

Rs.88 plan (15 days validity) – Unlimited 2G data +250MB 3G data + 3000 Local and National SMS

Rs.143 plan (30 days validity) – Unlimited 2G data + 500MB 3G data + 6000 Local and National SMS (direct activation: *122*14300#). If you maintain sufficient balance, this will automatically renew at the end of 30 days, until the tariff plans are revised.

Note: 1.) SMS are limited to 200 SMS’s per day

2.) 3G speeds will be up to 3.6Mbps

3.) For states that have Aircel 3G service but don’t want 3G data, there is a Rs.129 per month plan which offers Unlimited 2G data + 6000 Local and National SMS’s.

4.) For states that don’t have aircel 3G service, only 2G data will be provided and of course will have different charges than those mentioned here.

So clearly, this is a better offering than Airtel’s Rs.151 plan since 1.) It offers unlimited 2G after exhausting the available 3G data and 2.) It offers 6000 free SMS’s, which is not available at Airtel. But unfortunately, no body seems to use aircel network except in Chennai and possible few in North eastern states. I haven’t seen a friend talking about aircel till date, ever.

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