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The AC buying guide

Buying an Air Conditioner for your house can be a real tedious task. It is especially tedious as it is YOU who has to decide what suits you the best. Compare this with buying a mobile phone. You first decide the price range, visit few websites of phone manufacturers (or the physical stores), read few reviews on the web, take suggestions from friends who already have that model (or at least a phone of the same brand) and come to a conclusion, it’s easy, isn’t it?

Selecting an Air Conditioner

Come the case of selecting an AC, you’ll first have to make up your mind on what type of AC you want whether Window AC, Split AC (again single or multi), cassette type (that sticks to the roof top), slim line type (that stands on the floor vertically) and whether the AC should act as a room heater in winter or not and of course, the selection must fall into your budget.

The most common choice for the households will be either window or a split AC.

Hence we’ll look into those two things in details.

How big an AC do you need?

Again, there are different sizes in AC’s that you can purchase depending on your needs like 0.75ton, 1ton, 1.5 ton, 2ton. A general rule while choosing an appropriate size is to check your room size in sft. For a room which is 12×12 sft in size (length x breadth), a 1 ton AC should do the job. If you have a bigger sized room, go for a bigger capacity AC. Again, it’s only you who knows how your room is like, whether the AC directly faces the room door, how far is it from the roof top or a near by window, does it directly receive sun light (in case of Window AC) etc. Most of the company websites help you in this regard to select the appropriate tonnage. If you still can’t decide, throw all your questions at the salesperson before deciding on the size of the AC as this is the most vital thing in selecting an AC.

Quality and power consumption

It’s almost always unlikely that you get a quality product for a cheap price. If you really want an AC that can perform its job for some years to come, you have to put in your money. As far as the power consumption goes, look for the EER (energy efficiency ratio) given by BEE. Higher this ratio, less is the power consumption. Beware, don’t believe the words of the sales persons’ regarding BEE rating but look for the sticker on actual product. Some products do no have that sticker on them and yet claim a BEE rating. Although finding a 5 star AC is really difficult, you can be happy if you get hold of a 4 star or at least a 3 star AC (A 5 rating product can save up to 25% electricity compared to a 1 star AC. Lower the rating, lower the savings)

As a quick reference, the Vertis gold split AC from Voltas and quite a few 1 & 1.5 ton split AC’s of LG are rated 5 (but Voltas has got a bad reputation of not providing the after sales support, which is generally not what Tata products are known for).

Noise level is another important aspect in selecting an AC. Generally, Split AC’s produce less noise than Window AC’s.

Set Out to buy – The company lists’ in India

Once you made up your mind on what features you need in your AC, you can visit the respective companies’ websites (or stores) to narrow down to a product.

Here are the most preferred AC brands’ in India (not in any order):

Carrier, LG, Samsung, Bluestar, Voltas, Panasonic.

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  1. Hello Sai what a nice blog that gives information about Air Conditioner such as its features , how to purchase AC, quality and power consumption etc.Thanks keep it up.

  2. hi , which window ac I should by for retail showroom..an 300+300+300+300+300….total 1500 sqf …..n I want suggestion that “5 ” window ac of 2ton is enough for it or not….my budget is up to 35000 PR ac….pls reply me suggestion as fast as possible.

  3. Hi,
    I stay in calcutta in an apartment, on the top floor. As you know that calcutta has a lots of humidity in its weather. So i am planning to buy one panasonic 1.50 ton cube split ac since there is only one window and door in the room which we are planning to install and its size is 10.50/11.50 sq ft. Did i make a right choice and what is its longevity?

  4. Should i buy Haier split ac in terms of quality as compared to lg, samsung?

  5. Videocon 1.5 Ton 3 Star VS5 Split Air Conditioner, should i buy this at 22 Thousand? 12*12*10 sized room two person only.

  6. Hi sai. I want to purchase 1.2/1.5 t 5 star split ac and making my mind about voltas 155cx. Is it a good enough choice? Or I should opt for any lg split ac?

    • One thing, all star rated AC’s are certified by BEE for their energy performance levels. So no matter its LG or Voltas, energy consumption will be almost identical. If your town has decent Voltas service centres, then there’s absolutely no harm in going for it.

  7. ankur srivastava

    I am going to purchase an ac please can you tell me which brand of ac is good and and room size is approx 12*14 so please tell me and guide me i will be very thankful to you.

    • What should I guide you about? Everything is up there on there internet for you to search. LG is a good brand to start with and for that room size a 1.5T should be good or even a 1T AC will be enough if you’re tight on budget.

  8. Hello,

    I am planning to buy AC within 1-2 days I am confused which one to opt Window or split. As I have practically no problem in installing any of them as I have pretty decent space available for window AC’s exhaust. The problem is that my room is app. 12B*20L*18H height of my room is very much as it is an old architecture. And what about panasonic how is it?
    I don’t want more than 3 star.

    • Hmm, 18ft height is pretty high. I generally prefer splits over windows AC. You can buy a split and fit it around 7 to 10 ft high. Cool air always comes down and hot air goes up, so that waste space overhead is not a problem since cooling happens bottom-up. But since the room area is too big, I think you’ll need a 2 Ton AC. I don’t have a Panasonic AC so cannot comment on it.

      • Are Videocon and Whirlpool reliable and good quality products?

        [links to external sites checked and removed]

        how are they so cheap.

        and please suggest me any specific model, and don’t worry I am planning to get the false roof.

        • Lower the EER is better or higher EER is better?

          • EER is Cooling capacity divided by Power input, so obviously higher EER is better, since we want more cooling at less power input.
            Regarding those Videocon and Whirlpool models, I could find them in their websites so they must be very old products. The ratings standard changes every year. So a 3 star AC of 2011 consumes more power than a 3 star AC of 2013.
            Specific model? You really have to research. I have bought an LG AC in 2010 and that specific product no longer exists. AC’s keep changing rapidly.

            • Thanks Sai,

              Then kindly suggest me any Split AC within 24000-26000 Rs atleast 3 star and 1.5 ton.

              As I wanted to know that are these Videocon and Whirlpool Brands are worth it, means should I consider buying them, are they reliable and good quality product as Panasonic is Japanese brand and it is very well known that Japanese don’t compromise with quality like Samsung.

              • Samsung is a Korean company by the way.
                Please do your research. Although it looks like you’ll struggle to find 1.5 T 3 star Split AC’s below 26K. When in doubt always prefer reputable brands (LG, Samsung, Panasonic); don’t fall for low prices unless you know what you’re doing.

                Just as a suggestion, if budget is really tight, you might want to wait for some time. The summer is almost over for this year and the prices would come down in monsoon.

                • Sai,
                  I know samsung is south korean brand and they know how to sell their products.
                  But in my personal experience I have faced very very bad after sales service from samsung end whether it be mobile, refrigerator, or television. All visited to service centre within a year and never came back in best condition.
                  So I can not take risk of buying samsung. Yes LG is pretty recommendable and Panasonic too.

                  I just wanted you to recommend me any one model of these two company, I can manage 5-6K max. Better if they are efficient in 52D.

                  • A salesman in any retail store would better help you than me. Or you could take a look at sites like snapdeal and read other people’s opinions.

                    For your price, LG is really out of view. I could find just 1 current LG split AC below 30K (1.5 Ton, 3 star). So Panasonic is your only option.

  9. Hi,

    I have a living room/Hall which is around 20*22 Feet in Delhi/NCR
    There are another 10 floors above my flat.
    I want a good AC for this.
    Most probably I will need a 2 Ton for this or 1.5 TON ac with more cooling capacity
    Can you suggest which AC to buy?

    How much power consumption Inverter AC do say for 2 Ton as compared to a 5 star AC?

    • For 440sft, you most definitely need a 2T AC.
      Which AC? If I made absolutely no research, I’d go with Worlds No 1 brand (in AC’s) LG to be safe.
      Inverter AC saves 40% power on average compared to 5 star AC’s of similar capacity.

    • Can you clarify little more on the 40% power save here? In the specifications Inverter AC of 2 Ton is showing around 2000 Watts similar to the 5 star ACs. Do you mean it will work at less power than that.

      • You are mostly talking about the Power Input. That’s only for the unit which stays inside your room (which will obviously be similar for both). What consumes most power is the compressor, which stays outside your room. The specifications should mention this as ‘Cooling (watts)’. This value is fixed at the high end for a Non inverter type AC. For inverters, this will vary ‘intelligently’ from minimum to maximum, there by using less power.

        • Thanks Sai.

          I used to believe that the cooling watts is the cooling capacity of the AC,so the higher the cooling wattage,the better.

          From your post it seems it is not so.
          So from where I can understand how much power will be consumed per hour when the AC is in a cooling mode and how to compare that with Inverter AC to find how much power I can save in an Hour.

          • We cannot really calculate inverters power consumption because the compressor speed is not constant all the time. It is the companies who say (and is widely believed to be true), through their research, that inverters saves any where from 30-50% compared to 5 star AC’s.

            This PDF (although a little out dated) should give you an idea on how things work practically.

            Edit: I have to correct myself and say that you are infact right. Cooling watts is cooling capacity and more is good. The power input watts figure takes into consideration both the indoor unit and compressors’ power consumption. Sorry for the confusion.

            • Hi Sai,

              I considered many 2 Ton Split ACs till now.As my running may be around 6-7 Hours a day, I didn’t think to go for 5 star AC as I may not cover the up front price soon. Hope I am not wrong here.
              With a price range of less/around than 40 K,
              Options I got
              1-Hitachi-1star, cooling 6200 W,power consumption 2300 Watts,Price 41k
              2.Voltas 2 star-Cooling 6200w,Power Consumption 2280watts Price 36k
              3.LG-3 Star,Cooling 6150,Power Consumption 2200 W,Price 35500
              4.Panasonic 2 star,Cooling 6400w,Power Consumption 2250W,Price 36k
              5.Whirlpool 3D cooling,Cooling 6400,Power Consumption 2105 W,Price 37k, 3 star

              Can you suggest any of the above.

              Whirlpool one looks attractive for me as power consumption is around 2100 w and Compressor built in Japan.Wiring in Copper

              Please advice

              • I couldn’t find a 2T 5 star and a 3 star AC from same brand, just to compare how much you can save every day. However, I did a rough calculation for a 1.5T 5 star and a 3 star AC from LG and you will save about Rs.10 every day (considering you use it for 7 hours a day and unit of electricity is taken at Rs.6/unit). 5 star one is about Rs.4000 more than a 3 star AC. So it’ll take you just about 13 months to cover the upfront cost. If you use your AC only for the 2-3 months of summer, it totally makes sense to got for a 3 star one rather than a 5 star. But if you plan to use it through out the year, then clearly a 5 star AC is suggested, since AC’s are not something we change every year. At least not me.

                Of course, this calculation is for a 1.5T AC and will be different from a 2T AC.

                Just to answer your question, from those 5 options, clearly the Whirlpool one looks best.

  10. What about Napoleon AC?

    • Wow never heard that name before. Searched for it now and it looks like a local brand which doesn’t even have a properly setup website. Best to leave it aside.

  11. Hi, I am planning to purchase a 1.5 ton split A/c. I am considering Carrier/Midea/General/LG/Blue Star etc. Which of the brand should I go for. I am in Delhi and I prefer an A/c Which can cool even above 46 degree centigrade & budget friendly. Request your advice.

    • 46? I don’t think it gets that hot in Delhi, does it?
      Anyway, LG should be a good choice and if you can afford, go for inverter AC’s.

      • Thanks. Why inverter A/cs? Also, I would like to know is there any difference in performance between 1.5 ton Window A/c and 1.5 ton Split A/c.

        • Inverter AC saves a lot of power, say approx 50% less power usage compared to similar starred non-inverter type AC. But the upfront cost is somewhat high. But since AC’s are not something that we change very often, it makes sense to go for inverter types if one can afford. Even performance wise, it makes a lot less sound (not that non inverter types make some heck of a sound) due to its smoother cooling pattern.
          I am really not aware of window AC’s but wouldn’t advice buying them at this time. Its like going back and buying a scooter. Their time is past.

  12. Hi,
    I would like to know how much will be the current consumption (in watts) and whether it will be mentioned in the product.

    • Yes, it will be mentioned in the product specifications. There are two different watts here, one is the power intake watts and the other is the cooling watts (for compressor).
      As a reference, an LG 5 star 1.5 Ton Split AC consumes 1530 input watts and 5200 watts for cooling. The cooling part will only come into picture when the compressor is running.

  13. I want to buy Ac . but i don’t have any idea about the Ac please Help me which Ac should i take.

  14. I have to buy a new AC
    My room size is around 160 to 170 sq/ft
    My requirements is it should be 3 star to 5 star, best cooling, copper compressor and my budget is up to 35,000 to 40,000 and I want to buy best a.c and i am thinking about daikin a.c 1.5 ton 3star rated. So please tell me should i buy this.
    Please reply me fast.

    • Is there any specific reason you chose Daikin? I can find 5 star 1.5Tr Spilts from LG in that price range too. Not that Daikin is bad but LG is more easily serviceable.

  15. I want to purchase 1 ton split ac for our house please tell which brand is better.

  16. I want to buy 5 star rating 1 ton split ac for my room 12*12. I am confused between bluestar, hitachi, voltas, daikin. Please suggest me i am situated in chandigarh.

    • I hope you have done some research before excluding the two most popular brands, LG and Samsung. Out of the one’s you’ve mentioned, I’d chose Voltas. If all are 5 stars, the power consumption will be almost same so the only thing you have to look is after sales service. Go for the one which has good service network in Chandigarh.

  17. Dear All,
    I have 2 rooms side by side, each 10 x12 ft, with a west wall window of 20 sft in each. Salesperson in a reputed shop suggested 1Ton ac for each room. I was wondering whether I would be saving more on power if I go in for a 1.5 Ton Multi-split ac like one from LG or Hitachi (which have single outdoor and individual indoor units with capacity divided between the two when running both indoor units), rather than using 2 individual units. Or a divided capacity of 0.75 Ton inadequate in peak summer for Hyderabad heat? Please advise. Thanks.

    • I really don’t know how a multi-split AC works, but your idea looks decent. For a 120sft room, normally, a 1 Ton AC is sufficient. If its a 0.75 Ton (Multi-split), it would just take some more time to cool the room. Once the room cools, then its just a job of keeping it at that temperature which 0.75 Ton can easily handle.

  18. @bhavesh, Vestar is Chinese product with japan Compressor. Its not O General. In India ETA is selling O General products and vestar. So they are claiming O General name.

  19. dosto maine voltas ,hitachi,samsung aur panasonic use kiya par sabhi faltu ac hai
    and i think lg is the best and no 1 in india isliye maine sabhi ko hatakar lg hi lagwa liya hai

  20. shailendra gupta

    i want to buy AC and i have the sufficient space for window AC. Please some one solve my problem that should i buy window or split AC. My first requirement is to save power consumption.

    • Split AC, without a doubt. If not already, Window AC’s will be obsolete in a few years. It is a myth that Window AC consumes less power than Split.

  21. dimension of my room is 11*14 which is 140 sq. ft
    it should be value for money, needed durability, good material as well
    how much tons is needed?
    what type should i go (living in farm house)?
    which brand u prefer?
    and type?

  22. buy any ac … but never buy hitachi …… its yak types … just cools you if you sit in front of it and not some where in the room … even 2T ac is ridiculous …….. Mitsubishi & whirlpool are the best in their categories ….

  23. I have installed Wirlpool 1.5 ton Ac Rating=3 star on 8th May’12. It is ok for 13×11 room size and cooling slowly but I am little bit confused regarding its current consumption, I observed, some times consumption is getting high and some times low for fixed hours of running. After sales support not yet experienced but hope its well.
    Can anybody help me by funda of current consumption (hourly basis).

    • It ‘really’ depends on the actual room temperature and the required temperature set by you. The compressor (which is normally outside your room) will only run if the room temp is more than set temp, bringing it down. It is the compressor running that consumes most of the AC energy. So if the both these temps are close to each other, the compressor won’t run for long, which means not much power is being consumed. Hope you understood..
      You’d really understand this if you’re AC displays both these temps. Does it?

  24. I have 2 Ac’s both 1.5 tons.. hitachi one is a window ac & lg one is split 5 star.. I would say i just hate hitachi i just bought it few days back.. it just gives cool air if you sit in front of it. never ever cools the whole room. lg split is like you are seriously on a hill station, I wish i could sell the hitachi one..

  25. bought new hitachi rav518erd 1.5 ton ac i is awesome………..

  26. I just purchased a Videocon 1.5 ton 3 Star Split AC for rs 24500+free stabilizer+free installation & it is doing good one of my friend using same brand from last 3 years without any problem

  27. Panasonic ACs shows better EER than LG EER. But both are having almost equivalent wattage and running current. E.g. LG, 5 star, 1 ton, wattage=1080, EER=3.43 and panasonic, 5 star, 1ton, wattage=1090, EER=10.8. Will somebody help me to understand the difference in EER?

  28. power consumption and amps cooling capacity based following brands are good

    Brands 1.Ogeneral 2.daikin/carrier 3.Hitachi, bluestar 4.Panasonic/lg/samsung
    Service wise,

  29. I tell you never go 4 faltu ideas like brand loyalty, i’ve 3 AC”s in house and all from different co brands, if the machine is ok, then the grill is a problem, even Hitachi while making a better machine make their front grill with cheap light plastic and when the fan air blows the vent grill starts making jarring sounds. so all the company compromise somewhere in their products and charge and loot customer and only give 2nd rate products. In fact CUSTOMER means ‘CUSHT Se MAR’, so do not spare these cos n file a case in consumer courts ‘en masse’; then these cos shall deliver the goods.

  30. I want to buy split AC, witch brand should i buy? for good service and long life, at maharastra – kalyan,

  31. sachin bhatnagar

    I want to purchase a ac with in Rs.250000 my requirement are follows
    type – split
    rating- 2star or3star
    no need of heater
    in our city electricity is coming for 12hrs in a day , we use inverter for back up so ac should be running on inverter
    suggest me which ac i can purchase

  32. best and top class ac is hitachi..simply go for it dudes..i had made a lot of research and finally advising you guys…it has awesome features that no other ac’s had…go for 5 star if you use more..

  33. Blue star Split AC is best for Ever.here you can have the list of top companies by product wise
    LED/Plasma TV – Samsung
    Washing Machine -IFB
    AC – Blue Star
    Cooler – Mccoy
    Fridge – Godrej

  34. THE BEST A.C. Is HITACHI and BLUESTAR. Its power consumption is very low and makes cold fast. no other brand can beat to this brand.

    • Okay now please don’t show your favoritism on forums. AC’s of any company that are rated equally (for example, 3 stars or 5 stars) almost consume the same energy (power). That’s what ratings are for. As far as cooling goes, I think almost all companies have Speed cool or Jet Cool feature that get down the room temperature as fast as possible.

  35. Go for Hitachi. Best in the business.

    After taking lot’s of parameters into equation, i have finalized this one (1.5 T)


  36. can anyone tell about the performance of Lloyd 1.5 Split AC as i plan to purchase in this week

  37. I want buy split ac tomorrow. i am bit confused please help me which company product go for?
    Area is 11*15
    please help me

    • Since you’re in a hurry, it is better to go with the industry leaders. Choose a 5 star 1.5 Ton Split AC of LG or Samsung make. If you have time, do some research taking others companies in to account too, such as Godrej, Panasonic, Bluestar etc.

  38. I think LG is the no. one in Air conditioner.
    also having a very good after sales and service support.
    real value for money.

  39. i think so HAIER is the best ac brand ranging from 25000 n above ,service is excellent,superb cooling,energy efficient!!!!!

  40. I have gone through all the comments. What about LLOYDS make 1.5 TR 5 star AC? Its model CLARET appears to be good against price. Its EER rating is 3.12. Pl advise & give your comments. Thanks.

  41. i want to buy a split ac 1 ton. Tell me which company will be better.
    My price range is about 20,000 and is there EMI facility
    pl. advice me

  42. arvindkumar rajput

    I want to purchase split AC of my room size 10×13=130 sq.ft. I have to use a.c for 10 hrs per/day. Suggest me best rating (stars), best capacity (tons), best performance, best prices, low maintenance, low power consumption and best company soon. Tomorrow I need to purchase a.c

  43. Should I go for LG or Voltas.

    Now as Day’s LG has offer, Just 555 as part of down payment and remaining amt pay in future EMI.

    Please suggest Voltas Elegnat or LG – LSA5MR5T

  44. i want to buy a split ac 1.5 ton. Tell me which company will be better.
    My price range is about 20,000

  45. I want to buy a 3 to 5 star window AC 1.5 TON please guide me which one is the best in window AC -LG OR HITACHI and also which company provide better service after sales.
    Please if u can provide the best price(dealer details) in delhi.

  46. the order of preference should be ..
    1.) O’ General
    2.) Carrier
    3.) Hitachi/Bluestar/Daikin
    4.) LG/Samsung/etc…..

  47. @Bhavesh
    don’t go for that ‘Vester’ a/c, its better that pay little more and go for a good brand.
    You can go for Samsung/LG/Carrier/Bluestar etc

  48. @Bhabesh
    Don’t go for that a/c.

  49. i m owning a voltas gold air conditioner so can i use it in winter season as well?

  50. HI,
    I would like to know which ac brand is best for room of 14×10 i am totally confused with these comments

  51. Hi,
    i want to buy A/c for area 100 sqft. im confuse to select either window or split a/c. please are the best and medium range models in both types.

  52. Rajkumar Rajasekaran

    Please suggest whether Panasonic CS-C18MKY and O General ASG18A which is the better option (Cooling Capacity, Energy Saving, Durability and Spares availability)

  53. i want to purchase a 1.5 ton split ac for my bedroom so tell me that witch brand is best in performance thank u .

  54. Hi,

    My friends say that O’General A/c is one of the best and it is costly.

    Have anyone using this? can you share your experience on O’General A/c?

  55. Bhavesh Dewangan

    I want to buy an AC for household purpose. Please suggest me a good Company nd model
    price range-25000-35000
    star rating -5 star
    split ac
    plz…as soon as possible

  56. Daikin (Inverter type) is the best A.C. as far as energy efficiency, cooling, noise, and smooth operation are concerned. Price is slightly high as compared to Hitachi, Voltas, Samsung, and Godrej but availability of spares and after sales service excellent.

  57. Hi guys ,
    I want to share my experience with my LG AC, I use the AC for home purpose which makes it for use in night and some times in afternoons if i am home. and No AC in winters.

    I have bought LG Split AC (LSK-1862QC) in 2002 from when the problems started
    1. Bought AC , Came to home & Installed
    2. Checked overnight and found Low cooling , next i called showroom persons and after check they said that the unit is running Oil it needs repair, i have said them to replace and they did so
    3. Worked well for 1 year, and again got problem of gas leakage, and after which it went every year to Service center without fail for the same problem, and from past 9 years i am spending 2000 Rs for each gas fill. if i am asking the service person they are saying it is due to corrosion, I wonder how coastal people will refill gas while i still live in Hyderabad
    4. With my experience i keep telling my friends & in Office not to buy LG AC

    I am fed up know and want to purchase new one which doesn’t leak gas. ,
    Plz guide me to buy a 1.5 ton AC , Price is not a matter but i should not get this kind of headaches
    i hear that Hitachi,bluestar produces one of the best ACs, plz help me to buy one


  58. i want to buy Panasonic cube ac is it good choice,

    if not

    then tell me which ac (window) suitable for small room whose price should be lesser than 18000

  59. hi
    i want to buy a 3 to 5 star ac. price range 24000-35000. the cheaper and better one. pls suggest reg lg 1.5 ton, 5 star, and hitachi, and onida 1.5 ton, 3 star. i don’t trust lg electronics. no experience with lg though. checked in net that service is not good. pls suggest, urgent.
    thanks in advance

  60. want to buy an a/c 1.5 ton capacity window as well as split, but top international brand,pl. suggest, which one should i buy

  61. hi,
    i could like to purchase blue star split a/c model no: 3HW18VA @ 28000( including stabilizer & installation) , in one or two days. can u advice me how the a/c quality & price.

  62. i want to purchase a window ac 1.5 ton suggest me a good one and with price affordable please

  63. I am from Chennai and i purchased a Samsung 4 star rated split 1.5 ton A/C on april of 2009. It has only 1 year warranty for the unit and 5 years for the compressor. It gave me lot of troubles every month like hot air blowing, Condenser discharged, water leakage inside etc. I had to call the technicians once in every month and fix it and spent a lot on this. I am against the AMC (stupid principle) to keep investing more and more on a product which is already invested and you get nothing out of it even u take AMC.
    Last two weeks i experienced only hot air blowing out of my unit and when i called up the technicians they told me that there was gas leakage in the Aluminum coil.( the unit has a aluminum coil set up that would consume less electricity power.) since it was Aluminum they would replace the unit completely and not weld it. it costs 3500-4500 Rs extra and for filling in gas and transportation Rs 3000 separate….
    So tell me guys should a customer invest in a product and keep spending on a technically defect product?…i am really pissed…filling a consumer complaint against the Samsung.

    • If you have sufficient proof that these problems also occurred in the warranty period (which you’ve informed but wasn’t solved), and you have time to attend consumer courts, you should consider filing a case.
      Or, you can bring any well known technician to see if that Aluminium coil is indeed the problem to re-check that the Samsung technician isn’t playing a trick to dupe you.

  64. Siba Sankar Tripathy

    Dear Ones,

    Please guide me to purchase a best A/C for my room of 12×10. My priority is about very low electricity consumption then low price and long working with good service.

    also I want to know the comparative between 2/3/5 EER -electricity consumption status.

  65. I would like to purchase a 2 ton capacity split air conditioner for my house with size 15 X16. You may recommend me as to what is the best air conditioner available in hyderabad.

  66. i want to purchase 1.5 t. split ac but i confuse k whose brand ac will give me perfect satisfaction in outdoor hot weather and and ac will work even in outdoor temperature is 52 c.

  67. i would like to know how good is whirlpool 1.5 ton split ac is.so please reply me in detail

  68. sir i want to buy a split air condition for 12*12 room plz suggest me one

  69. Panasonic having blue fin condenser , that means its doesn’t corrode salt content air ,those who are staying near seashore please, buy blue fin condenser tech.and most of the brand are using aluminum coil condenser its life span very difficult. it s come few year only

  70. i thought pansonic good, because a good quality giving high rate is not a quality, its should be give low rate this principle as follow panasonic brand.

  71. i need suggestions, i called up E-zone in delhi, they said to wait for 10-15 days new upgraded models will be available on review prices.. shall i wait??
    and i have selected few models of 1 ton split AC as follows:

    Brand model ton price power EER Air Circulation (M3/Hr)

    carrier- durakool plus 1.0 23800 1067 11.90 579

    hitachi- RAU014HQDP 1.2 28600 1235 11.34 778*

    HSU 18H03/R(DB) 1.5 20400 1650 12.71 850
    HSU 12H03/R(DB) 1 14500 880 13.81 720**
    HSU 12LEA03 1 14500 1230 9.76 650

    panasonic- CS-C12KKY 1 27800 1080 11.1 671
    CS-C12JKY 1 26500 1150 10.35 624

    Vertis Plus S 1.0T SAC 1 20500 1196 9.57 600
    Vertis GOLD 1.0T SAC 1 22600 1140 10.53 810*

    electrolux ETS32CE1 1 14800 1295 8.75 849*
    EYS35RL1 1 21800 1135 11 934*

    * i liked on the bases of power consumption and air circulation
    ** most preferable ac, low power consumer, low price and according to it more air circulation.

  72. Hi,
    I want to buy a split AC for my room of size, 120 Sft
    I use the machine in the night times only….suggest me the best one which can reduce the power consumption and should have good performance.



  74. i want to purchase a ac my requirement are follows
    type -split
    area-300sq ft
    rating-5star or 4star
    no need of heater
    in our city electricity is coming for 12hrs in a day , we use inverter for back up so ac should be running on inverter
    suggest me which ac i can purchase

  75. Hi,
    I got 2010 LG new modle 1.5ton 5star its realy good. Low current also. No 1 Brand.

  76. i m planing to buy a whirlpool split ac 1.5ton,it seems its d latest 2010 model-WASR18K30CWO/2010 ranging rs-22500 with installation,kindly advise if i hv selected d best brand,urgent pls

    • Get LG 2010 1.5ton 5star new model. Very good.

      • I want to go in for new split ac 1.5 ton. Could you please tell me the model no. of LG 2010 5 star ragted split ac and price what you bought at.

        Would please guide me which one is the best in split AC- LG, Samsung,Career and also which company provide better service after sales.

  77. Hi There,
    I am making my own house in Delhi and I am at the stage where I need to choose what split A/C units I need. I am having a hard time deciding which brand to get installed.

    Initial money expense is of no concern as I am after a brand which should last me in the years to come. Energy rating is also something I am not really focused on but it is a plus. Major points I am looking for are: the best quality product, good after sales service and an A/C which doesn’t breakdown every 1-2 years.

    Will be looking forward to all the replies.

    • whatever you do, dont go in for Voltas. i bought three voltas AC’s and all of them had a gas leakage problem annually. i even purchased the AMC to make my life easier, but when it comes to filling gas, they claim that the coils have corroded beyond repair and cost Rs 4500 and will take 15 days to procure. they give all sorts of excuses to not honour the AMC.

      I still have 2 AC’s lying as junk and they are not more than 2-3 years old. Voltas knows their product quality is terrible, thats why Voltas doesnt offer more than 3 years of (lip-service) AMC’s as opposed to LG or Whirlpool AC’s for which the AMC can be extended upto 6-7 years.

      in short, Voltas = too much nuisance and no real saving

  78. please suggest some ac in rs. 25000, for a room size of 12 by 12, thanking in anticipation

  79. hi,

    today only- i have purchase ac named ”VESTER”. as i have purchase from the shop which they are saying that they sale the company second ac. a fresh ac but slitely at low cost then show room price.

    now this ”VESTER” ac they are saying that it is a o-general ac and having the hitachi compressar.the price is 23000/-.i still have 2 day’s as yet i have not given the payment. you are requested to give me the suggesation as fast as possible.

    • If it is 1.5 ton and a 5 star rated AC, the there is something wrong, it shouldn’t be that low a price (I’m assuming it to be a split AC, I couldn’t see any ‘vester’ thing on their website).
      In general, O General is a good maker of AC’s.

  80. hello dear

    i have buy Panasonic Split A/c yc18kky

    please give me review and more detail about that ac

    thanking you

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