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Eye blinking superstition in India

Alright, this is what is happening to me since 3 days, my right eye keeps blinking/flickering intermittently in phases. I’ve had this eye blinking thing in the past too, both left eye and the right one, but never really went on this long. It used to come and go all by itself. But now, since this is happening for 3 days continuously, I asked my grand father what that means? (You know, they are really good at superstitions)

He said, something good is going to happen soon since it is the right eye that is blinking. And he adds, if it is the left eye that blinks, some sad news is on my way.

It is the opposite in case it is a women, left eye blink – Good, right eye blinks – Bad.

Thankfully, it’s the right eye that is blinking for me.

Keeping superstitions aside, medical studies say that blinking or flickering of eyelids occur due to lack of sleep, stress on eye and such similar things.

Lack of sleep shouldn’t be the issue in my case since I take a good 8 hours sleep (at least), no matter what the World is up to 🙂

Stress on eye, however, could be the issue since I work for almost 9 hours a day sitting in front of my laptop. Laptop is the key here, since it will be nearer to the eyes than a regular desktop.

To get temporary relief from the eye blinking, I wash my eyes with cold water and the effect of which will last for at least half an hour and then, the blinking starts again.

Will just wait for a while and if this still persists, will seek medical advice.

And talking about the good news, I remember filling out few coupons for the grand prize of BMW X5 during my last shopping 🙂

Update: I have just won the grand prize of BMW X5, hurray..No, not really. And I didn’t seek medical help since it stopped by itself after 2 more days.

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  1. My right eye has been bothering me since 4 days and I’m beginning to worry. Hope it goes away by itself.

  2. What was the outcome of this? Good news or Bad?

  3. thanks sir for this information……………

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