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Nokia 5800 XM and Sennheiser headset deal-Don’t fall into the pit

Came Diwali season in 2009 and Nokia started promoting its Nokia 5800 Xpress music phone aggressively, with special emphasis given for the free Sennheiser headset worth Rs.2290. Keeping aside Sennheiser headset, the price of the phone itself is slashed from around Rs.19500 to Rs.14000, with the exclusions of features like TV out, Extra stylus, Music stand.

This article is a review of the Sennheiser headset that comes free with the Nokia 5800XM. The one which I got was the Sennheiser Headmax PMX60, which was a back wear type of head set. To be frank, the headsets are really disappointing in their functions. The noise cancellation is the worst part, both inward and out ward. Even when the sound was set to its max, I could clearly (just about) hear my friends talking and it was the same with them that they could hear the track being played. Although this may happen with any other headset, it was worse in this one. So, clearly this doesn’t work in either public places (as you’ll hear all sorts or noises from the roadside) or in silent places (such as library, since others would be disturbed by your music).

If the people arounsennheiserd me were quite and they have no objections of me hearing songs, the stereo quality was good (see the two ifโ€™s there).

There was another ear phone, that was a part of the regular 5800 pack. That was as like any other Nokia ear phone used mainly to talk rather than to hear songs as one thread will be a lot shorter than the other.

I only used the Sennheiser headsets once and since then itโ€™s the ear buds (the Sony Ericsson style that go into the ears; I like them) that came with my Dell studio laptop that became my default when listening to music.

So if the Sennheiser headsets are the main attraction for you to buy a Nokia 5800 XM, you can safely choose any other phone. As it is, the 5800XM for Rs.14000 (keep a note on the removed features) is a fantastic buy, throwing the Senn headsets away.

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  1. hi…. Can u suggest me where can i get sponge covered caps for my sennheiser pmx60

  2. I am getting the same Sennheiser PMX60 headset for Rs 650/- new. Should I go for it or should I buy the phillips one thats for 499/-?

  3. ..whats are the price of nokia 5800 headphone.(wired leed)

  4. Thanks a lot for the review. I really wanted to know the model no. of the senn .
    I am going to buy this phone only bcoz of the headphones since my dad doesnt see the point in buying costly headphones when we get them as cheap as Rs99.

  5. hi
    i just wanna ask u that the Extra Headset comes with 5800 is Wireless(bluetooth) or Wired ????? can u tell me plz…..

  6. It may be that the quality of these headphones is disappointing but Personally I am using Seinnheiser HD 202 headphones for past 2 months and they are quite great at a price of 1200 INR.

  7. Hi Sriraj, can you confirm the Reebok bag and car charger offer along with the extra headphones and the 100 song download. Is there any official announcement of the free stuff from Nokia?

    • This was written in the Christmas New year festival week Binoy.
      Now I’m not sure about the Reebok bagpack and Car charger, but the Sennheiser headset and 100 songs download from Nokia music are like default. You get them in every season.

  8. I don’t think everyone gets the same head sets? I’m not sure.
    I saw in some other site that it is actually a headphone and not headset that they are giving, but as in newspaper I see headsets itself. So you may be correct

    • As it is, Senn is a great brand in music accessories, but since this is a free stuff, they would have made it from trash ๐Ÿ™‚
      And regarding the headset itself, as far as I’m aware its only the headsets that they are giving, possibly with a change in model number.

  9. I buy a Nokia 5800 in November 2009 but I didn;t get any senheiser headphones? who should i ask now?

    • Ahhh, you should have asked them then itself. Now it would be very difficult to get your freebie. Earlier, it was only specific dealers that were giving this stuff for free but now Nokia itself is promoting this free headset, so I believe every dealer should give this to every customer who buys one. What’s more, now apart from the Senn headset, you also get a Reebok bag and a car charger worth another Rs.600.

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