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LG 2 in 1 LCD Monitor TV review

Ok, you may have seen a LCD computer monitor being used to view TV programs or a TV LCD screen used as a computer monitor. But how about this, viewing TV programs and playing computer games on the same screen at the same time?

This LCD product is from LG and is called as ‘Monitor TV‘.

First things first, the price, is so realistic at only Rs.12990 for an 18.5″ Monitor TV. You may say that you would get a 29″ Flat panel TV for the same Price. Yes, you’d sure get a flat TV but still an LCD is an LCD and a Flat panel can never match the clarity of an LCD screen besides providing both TV and computer usage at the same time.

lg-monitor-tv This one is HD ready with surround sound and a good contrast ratio of 20000:1 providing extremely  good black levels. And since its an LG product the legendary ‘eye vision’ provides even more comforts to  your eyes during darkness or at nights.

The resolution provided is 1366×768 pixels for the best High Definition experience. Two HDMI ports  make a seamless transmission between your digital photos from a digital camera or a game controller  much smoother.

This one is also available in 21.5″ and 23″ screens that cost Rs.4990 and Rs.6990 respectively. And what about the offers?

On purchase of any one of these 3 Monitor TV models, you’d get a free DTH with 6 months free subscription.

Note that you have to claim your offer to get your free DTH. Find a free DTH coupon inside the packing of your Monitor TV and follow the process described.

Here is one good reason why you should buy a Monitor TV. By having one, you can easily control your son’s long computer hours daily :D. Simply say it’s time for a TV soap and that the half screen isn’t good.

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  1. I have purchased an 26″ LCD tv in the month of January, after a month of use there was some problem in the tv, an service engineer attended and brought to running condition.
    but i am not satisfied with the performance of tv after the service.
    what shall i do

  2. please tell me the price of costilest model of nokia mobile

  3. pl tell price of whole system for LCD monitor cum Tv along with cpu + keyword n its configuration

  4. please tell me the price of 23″ monitor tv

  5. Where can i Get 23″ LCD monitor cum TV in Hosur or Bangalore

  6. Hello……….
    There r 3 models in LG Monitors TV…..

    1) M197WA – 18.5″
    2) M227WA – 21.5″
    3) M237WA – 23″
    All monitors r used as a TV as well as PC…..
    In 21.5″ & 23″ u will get PIP (Picture in Picture) Function i.e. 50% screen used as a PC & 50% as a TV (Except 18.5″ Model)….
    Using this function u can watch TV while working on PC……
    In all models u can connect Dth, DVD Player, Cable TV, PC, Home Theater system, Play Station, Digi Cam & etc…..

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