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So, Letsbuy/Samsung thinks early adopters are fools?

You might all be aware that Samsung has launched Galaxy SII in India on May 25 and has exclusively partnered with Letsbuy to take pre-bookings. Samsung has announced the MRP (Maximum retail price) of Galaxy SII as Rs.32830. It was available for pre-booking for just Rs.1000 and the remaining amount (Rs.31830) was payable later at the time of actual phone purchase. To add some spice, Samsung/Letsbuy offered some freebies with pre-bookings such as Bluetooth (which ran out of stock on May 31), a case, HDMI Adapter and a screen cover (so effectively, there are only 3 freebies from 1-7 June). From outside, it looks as if Letsbuy has received quite a lot of orders.

Now, came 8 June, which was earlier announced as the last day of pre-orders, the price of Galaxy S2 comes down to Rs.30999 with 4 freebies again, this time, a new one that of Samsung car charger added to the list.

So what does that mean to those over-enthusiastic fellows who pre-ordered as soon as it’s available?

It simply means that they are paying Rs.831 more than those who book now at Letsbuy and also don’t get a more useful freebie in car charger compared to their Bluetooth headset. What’s worse? They still didn’t get their phone and will only get it along with those who book now.

Way to do your business people.

Update: As Guru Nayak said in the comments below, letsbuy is officially giving away Rs.2000 voucher for all those who already made full payment (pre-revised price). So some love finally for the early pre-booking fellows.

Update 2: And I can confirm now that I have received my Rs.2000 coupon from letsbuy which doesn’t have any expiry period. Use it whenever you want to buy something from letsbuy. Also, they have been generous enough to provide me a car charger for free (which early set of buyers didn’t get).

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  1. I feel Samsung and Letsbuy together are cheating customers. LetsBuy and Samsung were aware that the stock is limited, but still they allowed people to order Samsung Galaxy SII .
    Now they are telling people, phone will be available in the month of July only. Its cheap on their side to block customer money for 15-20 days.
    If you have any regrets then stand up and compensate for the delay.

  2. Letsbuy is clearly cheating. They didn’t have stock with them, despite took lots of order to take the benefit of demand. I ordered on June 12 and I’m based out of delhi. After following up with their CC 4-5 days, yesterday I got to know that they don’t have stocks with them and phone can be shipped only in first week of july now.

    The site was open for placing orders 2 days after I put my order. If they were not having stocks then why did they took orders.

  3. Thanks dude

  4. Raghav, What about the dimensions mentioned in your box ?

  5. Raghav, am not excited about the NFC option, but if you get that for free, its good na, and i dont mind waiting for a week….also wanna know whether the dimensions of the phone with NFC have changed… can u pls confirm asap….

    • There’s no way to check. Samsung India website mentions it as 8.49mm and we should go by that. I’m coming from a Galaxy S which itself is a thin phone, and believe me, this one is damn thin.

  6. I wanna know whether any of you guys have received the product now ??? I was about to order yesterday from letsbuy.com only for the presence of NFC (as per Samsung’s announcement) but it got SOLD OUT. Now feeling relieved that i haven’t ordered on seeing ur comments….. And if u have received the product, can pls confirm the presence of an NFC?

    • I booked on 7 th and received on 13th, sans some free accessories, which Letsbuy says it will ship in another weeks’ time. Regarding NFC, Indian version of S2 has NFC chip but options for which are disabled by Samsung. Don’t know why you are so excited about NFC which is pretty useless in India and Samsung has rightly disabled it for the moment (it can be enabled by a software update at the will of Samsung).

  7. i had pre-booked galaxy s2 on letsbuy and i will receive the coupon tomorrow…i guess
    but now on letsbuy site it is coming as the product is SOLD OUT..
    What should i do??? Is the phone reserved for me?

  8. Yes Samsung is cheating us. They announce NFC for the phone people pre-order and then the Phone does not have NFC. They also cheat people with the Pre-order price.

  9. Same here Nishanth!! 3 of us at the office ordered the phone last week. One of the guys and me have yet to receive any confirmation that they’ve shipped it. On top of that we haven’t even got the 2000 voucher because of the delay! The other guy who ordered 2 days after the rest of us has already got the shipping confirmation and the 2000 voucher!

    They are not delivering it in the sequence people have ordered on their site!!

    The latest i got from their customer service when I called yesterday 8th June was that they were out of stock; they had only 300 devices the first time; they are expecting stock from Samsung today (9th June), and it would be shipped today and would eventually reach me by Saturday, 11th June. I don’t think they got the stock because i haven’t received any shipping confirmation. I getting pissed off on how Letsbuy is handling this without letting customers know whats going on! I feel like cancelling and getting it from flipkart at the lower rate WITH the freebies!

    • This is weird. What’s the point of pre-booking when we get the phone’s nearly a week after they are available?
      My friend purchased one SGS2 from a local store yesterday (9th) here in Mumbai for Rs.30399 and I feel like……

  10. Nishanth Peethambaran

    I had booked on 26May, paid balance on 2June with the promise that phone and car charger will be dispatched by 4th Jun and that other stuff (HDTV adapter, case, screen protect) will be on 14Jun.

    There are no updates from them as of 9th Jun, today. My price was 32830 and haven’t got the phone. They collected the money early(interest gain for them) at a higher price and haven’t shipped the phone. They are now giving 2K gift voucher with a condition that I have to purchase for 2500.

    Now, the price is 30999 and readily available as per flipkart or letsbuy. This is daylight cheating. I have been a regular customer of ebay where promises are always kept and expected the same from letsbuy. This would be my last business with letsbuy and would inform all my friends too to stay away from them.

    If possible, I would like to cancel the order and buy from a shop – safe in case of any manufacturing issues.

  11. well I booked on 27 may, completed the full purchase yesterday and still waiting for the phone. I heard letsbuy is giving some 2000 worth voucher for those who already paid full payment for the phone (32.8K), but i’m yet to get that voucher (if its true). Any way, this is not an encouraging move by Samsung

  12. Im one such who was fooled. I thought price would come down for sure after pre-booking period but these freebies would be taken off. I booked on 4 june with 3 free accessories and now I feel like im cheated.

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