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Dell Studio 15 Laptop review

I got my Dell Studio 1555 notebook delivered to me a month ago and this is my review on the overall performance of the notebook. The booking process was fairly simple and the delivery was made by BlueDart courier service exactly on the 5th day from the date of booking. I must say that was faster than what they promised.

First things first, I never went to any Dell showroom to have a look at this notebook. All I saw was an advertisement in a news paper and a follow up of its details on the Dell website. All though there are pictures of Studio 15 in the website of Dell, I didn’t have a clue about its physical ergonomics. What I immediately felt when the courier boy handed over the notebook to me was its weight. I have to say that it is slightly bulky compared to its peers. Especially at the hinge where the LED screen arises, the width of it will be easily over 1.3 inches. That wasn’t a problem to me as I anyhow use this notebook at my home itself, but if anyone of you intend to use this on your travel days then you might have to think again.


One thing I like about the Dell notebooks is their ability to completely customize before making your order. Although I didn’t make any major changes in the technical configuration part, I ordered a Ruby Red coloured Studio 15 with a Backlit keyboard. All other configurations were default which included a 4 GB RAM, an Intel Core 2 Duo Processor at 2 GHz, 320 GB SATA HDD, 15inch WLED monitor (I really wanted a LED monitor, otherwise a Studio 14 would have done for me), 8x DVD R/RW and OS being Windows Vista Home Premium which I don’t like at all. I’m just waiting for Windows 7 to arrive.

The setting up of the laptop was fairly simple although a bit confusing which includes choosing your keyboard display style and accepting Windows Vista terms and conditions.

Everything else was pre loaded and the notebook was ready to use. The power button is intelligently placed just at the point where the LED screen arises as you can see in the picture. The notebook included a 60 day free trail of Microsoft office 2007 and 1 year license to McAffee’s Anti-Virus solutions. The connectivity to the Internet was fairly simple if you have a wired Broadband connection. Just plugin your cable in the slot provided and you’re ready to go. The Wi-Fi connection too was pretty straight forward as it quickly grabs the signals. No problems with the Internet at all.

However, there were few problems with the Bluetooth application. I tried to connect my Blackberry to this Notebook which was done successfully when I realised that the connection was disconnected. I tried to reconnect but my notebook was unable to receive the Bluetooth signals. I restarted the notebook and then a whole new problem was raised. An error occurred displaying that the Bluetooth Tray Icon failed to initialize properly. What a pity, a brand new Studio 15 notebook and already a malfunctioning error. When I logged onto the Dell community website, I found few other complaining about the same error (BTTray.exe). So I thought it was a common problem in Studio 15 notebooks.

But hey, don’t feel dejected if you already booked your STUDIO 15 and reading this review waiting for your delivery. Dell-Studio-1555The solution for it was fairly simple. Just use the Studio 15 software CD that you get and then re-install the Bluetooth application. It was easily done and since then I neither had problems with the Bluetooth application nor with the Studio 15 notebook as a whole.

I’m enjoying every bit of acquaintance with this notebook which I’m sure is the best available laptop in this price range ($ 900-950). The red colour along with the backlit keyboard at nights is a scene to watch.

The Core 2 Duo processor lives up to its expectations as I’m now able to do various things at once without slowing down the processing time which I was unable to do with my previous Pentium 4 Desktop.

The 6 cell battery is lasting for nearly 5 hours when fully charged which I more than what I expected and the stereo sound was equally good. The noise cancellation ear buds were very well designed ergonomically to fit into one’s ears easily and actually stay in there.

All in all, I’d say that this is a fairly good buy at the mentioned price tag and my over all rating would be an easy 4/5.

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  1. want booking for dell laptop

  2. plz tell me if going for HP pavillion dv4 1503TU is worth it or shud i go wid stuidio 15 with i3 processor+4GB RAM+500GB HDD…response awaited ASAP

  3. Never order online, if you are in West Bengal. You will need to pay 10-15% extra tax to Buddha.

  4. I am also facing the same problem from a long time.I contacted dell and even after installing the drivers that I was told to install I am facing the same problem “BT Tray failed to initialize”.Has any body any solution for this??

  5. is there dell stdio laptop size in between 14″ to 15″ and what is the configuration of that.

  6. in how many days dell laptop is delivered

  7. i too hav this same problem..they’ve sent me an email sayin they will contact me in 24hrs but nothing happened

  8. Hey buddy, I ordered a Studio 15 yesterday. They sent an e-mail which says the dell people will contact me within 24 hours. But after 24 hours i have received no call from them. Tell me did you had this problem ? Also how much they charge up for tax ,as they haven’t told me about it yet . And my last question in which city are you living, that you got ur delivery in 5 days ?

  9. well…I have the same problem with studio15…I tried to reinstall bluetooth from the Drivers CD but a msg sayin a previous version of bluetooth is already installed keeps comin…Any idea on what I can do?

    • One of my friend’s, Studio 15 too gave the same error “Previous version of Bluetooth application exists”. But windows Vista saved him. Vista automatically checks for the solutions to problems and the solution for this error was shown to him after some 15 days after registering the error. May be you too will get the solution delivered by Vista. If not I’ll just consult my friend and ask him what he did.

  10. Guess what? by the time you read this comment (unless you read it before 9.00 am) my Dell Studio 15 would be delivered 🙂

    You were lucky to get it in 5 days time, I ordered exactly 2 weeks from today. So it took 14 days for me. And the delivery was promised today (July 2nd) but there was some delay with Bluedart. So I will get it only tomorrow.

    “But hey, don’t feel dejected if you already booked your STUDIO 15 and reading this review waiting for your delivery” – Reading these lines, I felt it was exactly at me. lol. Waiting is a hard thing man, you were really lucky. add on to that, a friend of mine ordered on the same day. Infact we ordered at the same time, cuz it was me who deposited the money. and he got it 2 days back.

    Am so excited – a lap was a long time dream 🙂

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