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eLitmus test, what is it?

Established in 2005, eLitmus has grown leaps and bounds in these four years and now, its one of the most preferred test (pH test) for entry level job seekers.

This pH test will be similar to those written test that are conducted by companies in campus recruitment’s. But instead of separate written tests for each company a single pH score will be a tool to enter into the second round of the recruitment process of various companies, the Interview.

Some of the top recruiters for the pH test include Accenture, Apollo Health Street, Canon India, Dell International services, Ericsson,  GE Health care, HCL technologies, Huawei technologies, ITC Infotech, LG soft, L&T Infotech, Logica, McAfee Software India, Microsoft India, Motorola India, National instruments, NDTV, OnMobile, Robert Bosch besides many others.

The pH test tests the employability skills of the test taker. It doesn’t include any specific subject in your graduation but just basics in Mathematics and English language.

pH test includes 3 sections,

Verbal, this includes Reading comprehension, Sentence Correction/Completion, Analogy.

Quantitative aptitude, this includes Arithmetic, Geometry, Probability, Mensuration and other basic mathematics.

Problem solving section that includes Critical reasoning, Puzzles, DI/DS.

Each section contains 20 questions.

The pH test result gives you the percentile score, which compares your score with other test takers for that particular sitting.

Scores will be available online on eLitmus site approximately 1 week after the test date. After which you can apply to companies (on eLitmus site itself) that are recruiting at that time.

Generally it is said that a percentile of 90% or more is considered as a good score with which you can expect interview calls from Recruiters.

You can always take another pH test if you score less in first take.

Your pH score and percentile will be valid for 2 years from the date of the test.

Students who are in their final year of graduation or professionals with a max. experience of 2 years can apply to pH test.

At present the pH test fee is Rs.699 (its Rs.750 now) which can be paid either online, or by a DD or by cash (if you stay in Bangalore).

So, go ahead and test your pH.


  1. hey….. friends
    my 10th percentage is 68
    12 th 58,
    and in b tech i have scored 70 per in overall semisters
    do i will have any benefit after scoring good marks in my e litmus exam…
    plz help me to clear up my doubt….!!!

  2. Hi, My percentage details are: 10th – 88%, 12th – 55% , BE- 53% agg. With good pH score can I get any interview calls from elitmus? Please email me, THanks

  3. Any reference book or something to study for this test?

  4. hello..i am a 2014 b tech passout..recently i gave the elitmus test and my sectional percentiles are 72.37,45.77 & 79.32 in verbal, logical & quantitative…is it enough to get a call from accenture??? pls let me know..

  5. I am 2014 passed student.I am appearing for elitmus exam to be held on 5th october.I have been asked to bring all marksheet of graduation.I have marksheet till 7th sem.Presently,i dont have 8th sem marksheet.What should i do???

  6. hi friends please answer me
    my question is, is elitmus help me if i get percentile above 90%. my academic percentage record is below
    12th-57% it has below 60%
    can i eligible, after getting above hp score ( i.e 90% or above ) for all MNCs like infosis,hcl dell,wipro….etc
    or Elitmus can’t help me. plz reply me.thanks in advance.

  7. im 2013 pass out.. is it worth while to attend elitmus now. wat are the chances for getting a cals for 2013 passouts.. please reply thanks in advance

  8. hello sir,
    my ph test result came out today- Verbal
    Problem Solving


    99.35% 92.22% 90.62%
    but i had applied for job before my result came out,will that affect the interview call because i havnt received any.\?
    and generally how much time does it take for a call after u have applied for a job?
    10th -79%
    b.tech (ece) final year -68%

    thankyou in advance

  9. 10th with 49.8%
    12th with 64%
    BCA with 77%
    MCA with 65%
    elitmus 86 percentile.
    Any chance to get an interview call?

  10. Hi,
    I am currently working in TCS..I am 2013 pass out. Am I eligible to give elitmus test? As I have seen that most of the companies are hiring freshers i.e 2014 pass out..Please suggest.

    Thank you..

  11. Hello,

    Can any one tell me how do e litmus inform the candidates whether they are shortlisted for attending the interview or not, after applying for jobs from their e litmus account?

  12. How do e litmus inform the candidates whether they are shortlisted for attending the interview or not, after applying for jobs from their e litmus account?

  13. Hey m 2012 passout btech eee, with no experience , could dis elitmus be helpul to me for getting jobs? If I’ll give on sept 2014

  14. I am in final year of MCA with more than 75% till second year but i am a b.sc graduate n scored only 57.47% in my graduation. plus, i am 65%+ in 10th and 12th. Am i eligible to give eLitmus? i am very good in apti and verbal.

  15. My percentages are as-
    most of the time i face problem due to 12 result. So is it good to give elitmus. It will help to get a job as software developer . Please suggest. Thanks in advance.

  16. Friends, i am 2012 passed out engineer graduate with no work experience.
    Am i eligible to give elitmus? and how much worth writing it?

    my academic details:

    b.e(ece) -66.3 %
    xii- 78%
    xth- 76%

  17. my 10th -85%
    12th -83%
    B.E.- 78%
    I have attended elitmus exam on 20th july
    verbal- 67.30 percentile
    problem solving- 85.64 percentile
    quantitative – 55
    can i get call to any companies….

  18. I have just completed my post graduation(B tech and M tech integrated in IT) from IIIT Gwalior with CGPA 5.8.
    my school academic records are as follows-
    10th – 85.2%
    12th – 77.7%
    as my CGPA is low do I still have a chance in companies through elitmus? does college reputation matter?
    if I have a chance how much should I target to score in pH test? please reply

  19. I took pH Test last month and my score is
    Verbal – 99.73
    Problem Solving – 98.75
    Quant – 100.00

    It has been almost a month since the result was declared. But I’m not getting any call even at this score. Can you please help what might be the issue!!!

    Further, my acads are also good.
    X – 92.8% CBSE
    XII – 95.2% CBSE
    B.Tech. – 70.1% IIT Mandi (EE) 2013 Batch.
    Work Ex. – 1 Yr. in a broadcasting company

    How much time does it usually take on average to get a call after you have your score?

    • It’s not about how much time, it’s more about how many companies are recruiting at this point of time. Did you apply for companies, just to be sure?

      It’s only a matter of time for you to get a call with those scores and background.

      • Yes Sai, I have applied for companies. The status since ever shows ‘Applied’. Nothing like shortlisted or selected.

        I also want to know that there are some companies to which I applied before the score was declared. And now I cannot apply for the same again when they have again posted for the same profile now. So, in such conditions, when the score is out, does it consider the updated candidature for the process or I missed out on those opportunities coz of applying without getting a score?

        • I’m not sure about that.

          If you haven’t already, I suggest you visit official elitmus forum. There’s much more information there shared by other applicants. You’ll find it useful.

  20. can you explain me

    i am B.tech (ECE) 2013 passout.


    i want to take ph test.
    how much score i get in ph test to place mnc ,job like software developer, web designer,java developer explain with example take one ph test taker.

    and i need info

    time duration of ph test
    weightage of test ,means blue print

    thanks .

  21. Hello Sir,

    I have completed my B.Tech in 2012, and currently i have experience of 2 years and 2 months working as Software Developer. I want to switch to java technology even as fresher. If i got good percentile in elitmus test then is it full fill my goal?
    Please help me and how much percentile i need ??

    Thank you.

    • There are forums in elitmus site. You can see various people discussing percentile required for each company that recruits via elitmus. There you can get a decent idea. Roughly, good companies call candidates with good academics and scoring 95%’ile.

      • Good Morning sir,
        Ok got it i will visit on elitmus forum for %ile. And what about my experience of 2 + years as, i not fresher. My BTech in Computer Science completed on 2012. Means companies hires experienced candidates also?? If i got good percentile and I have 70 + % on my overall academic record, Is there chance to selected in good company (2 + years gap as experience as software developer)?

        Please reply sir.

  22. Pranab Chatterjee

    Dear Sir,

    My academic career all through more than 70% upto B.Tech. How elitmus help me in getting employment.Whether I have to apply to respective Company or the Company will ask to get interview through elitmus. How elitmus will help in finding out job to the examinees of elitmus.



  23. Hie,
    Through Elitmus i got placed in accenture in nov-2014.
    Now there is a job post by AMAZON in Elitmus.
    can I apply for it?
    My score is verbal-72.84
    problem solving-99.37
    quant-98.74, but as i already accepted a offer came trough Elitmus (accenture), i just wanna know can i get short listed in other company so soon.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi, I’m not sure about this.

      But I cannot see any regulation on eLitmus that doesn’t allow you to apply to another company even if you got one. Apply and find out yourself.
      No need to worry about the Accenture thing, that’s with you already.

      Update: That’s what I thought. But it turns out that the eLitmus system will NOT let you apply to another company once you have accepted an offer from any other company. So that is it.

    • I cleared my 10th with 86%, 12th with 64% percent but with improvement(I scored 58% without improvement) and b.e. with 63% will good ph score help me in getting job.

  24. I have a very important query. My BE percentage is 55 but many good companies offering package of 5 lakh+ on elitmus dont specify the cutoff marks, they just say good academic record. Iwant to know if these companies would shortlist me considering my low grad score if i get an exceptional ph score like 99+?

    • That is unlikely. But as you said, if you get an exceptionally good score, may be they would understand that something might have gone wrong during your graduation for you to get low marks.
      I have no example or past experience in this, but this is just my thinking.

  25. Hi,

    I’m a 2012 Passout Graduate. SSC – 87% INTER – 92% Grad – 71%

    Currently working as a U.S IT Recruiter (1+ year). Is they any chances for 2012’s in Elitmus this year as i don’t have any relevant exp. Have done my .Net Course recently.

    Do let me know

  26. I have finished graduation with 86%.
    10th – 96%
    12th – 85%
    Currently I have been working for a company past 8 month, but I am unhappy with the stream and job. Can i write e-litmus and try to switch jobs?

  27. I’m having percentage as 10- 56%
    12- 65%
    MCA- 75%

    If I will go for elitmus then is it worth for me??? as i m nt having through out 60% criteria and yeah I’m 2013 pass out.
    please help.

    • Yeah 60 through out is required by most companies although you may find some (smaller) companies requiring it only in graduation. If there are any such companies now, you’ll only know once you register for the test. But I would think about alternative job options too. Most govt jobs don’t require any percentage.

  28. Hi! I am 2012 btech (cse) pass out. My scores are btech-69; 12th-64; 10th-76. And i have about 1 year basic experience of web designing and wordpress development But i want to go into java software development. I am ready to work even as a fresher in java. Will this web designing experience count for me if i score 90 percentile. An how much chances are there to get calls from companies?

    • Generally Work experience requires a certificate; in other words, work experience should be from a hired job. Self Employment seldom counts as experience. But, once you are called for Interview; if you can show them some of your projects in WordPress; may be they will be impressed.

      Your scores are decent so there are bright chances of getting a call if you do well in the test.

  29. Hello,
    my 10th% is 70.2
    12th% is 64.8
    and pursuing b.tech with 67% upto pre final year.
    and i have given elitmus test and the result is awaited.
    so how I proceed for a company.

    • Log in to your elitmus account and see which companies are hiring at present. And see their requirements. You can apply if you satisfy all the requirements (this generally requires you to have your ph score too).

  30. I am b.tech with EI branch 2013 passout student.
    B.E- 56%
    Do i have a chance?
    will elitmus help me?

  31. I’m in 3rd year but my university issued only 1st year marksheet. Am i eligible to give the e litmus exam?

  32. Dear friend,
    I’m in the final year of mca 2014
    I have
    10th -45%
    If i score 80+ percentile in elitmus is there any scope to get a call from any company.

  33. My academics
    B.E- 54% 2013 passout
    do i have a chance?
    will elitmus help me?

  34. Sir , I am a 2012 passout and did nothing since then. In 10th, 12th and B.tech I got 77, 75 , 67. I got a PH score above 90 percentile then will i be able to get any calls from the companies like Accenture.

    • Yeah seems decent scores. Did you take the test already or asking me if you will be eligible for Accenture?
      If you already took the test and if Accenture is currently recruiting through eLitmus then you will see it in your eLitmus account.

  35. Is pH score any advantage to experienced people. I got around 2.7 yrs experience in a tier 1 MNC in Software testing, so if i am changing my job, will it help me?

  36. I am a 2012 passout. I have poor academics..
    10th – 79
    12th – 58
    Btech(CS) – 59 with 70% in the core subjects
    GRE- 332
    165 in quants and
    and 167 in verbal.

    I Couldn’t get into a descent college due to my extremely low GPA. So now am trying for a job but my BTech percentage is really holding me back.
    Do you think giving elitmus could help me find one? (considering the fact that i can score quiet good in it).

    • I don’t think so. Academic scores are equally important along with ph score to apply to companies. Most companies have application barriers set at 70% through out academics.

  37. Hello,
    I have 78% in 10th, 76% in 12th and 56% in B.E(computer science).

    As most IT companies demand 60% or above.
    I wish to know if i get good percentile or say just clear cutoff for elitmus would i be considered eligible for interviews by companies or their criteria will remain unchanged regardless of my elitmus score.

  38. I am a 2011 b.tech cse passout. I could not take up a job because of personal problems. I gave elitmus test recently and got 97.57 percentile. But i am not eligible for most jobs as they are asking for 2012/2013 passouts. What do i do?
    icse – 86.8%
    isc – 83%
    b.tech – 79.9%

    • I am not sure but that’s really sad. You got some exceptional scores all through.

      With that good percentile, may be you’re worth more than just a job? Try writing CAT for MBA or even IBPS MT/PO (luckily today is the last date, hurry up).

  39. Did anyone with ph score above 90 with decent academic background, get any calls from companies? I have my elitmus test on 21 July, my scores are 10th- 87% and 12th- 89.6, do I get a call if I score 90 in ph? Pls tell me.

    • Forgot to mention my B.Tech score, its 67%.

      • Basically, the process is like, once you get your ph score, you should apply for companies that are currently recruiting. They will clearly mention the qualifications needed. Although 70% is what most good companies ask for, I’ve seen plenty of companies requiring 60 or 65% in UG. So yes, if you get a decent ph, you can apply to companies and you will get a call.

  40. I got 55% in B.Tech, 86% in 12th, 68% in 10th. Am i eligible to take the e-litmus test.

    • Everybody is eligible but since your btech % is less, you will find it difficult to qualify for individual company requirements post your test.

  41. Is there negative marking in ph test, if it is there, then how much marks will deduct for each incorrect answer.

    • Scoring in elitmus is similar to GRE. There is negative marking but there is no single digit or percent that will be deducted for incorrect answers. It depends on the level of difficulty of the question you’re answering. For example, if you have wrongly answered an easy question (assuming most others have answered it correctly), you’ll lose more marks. Where as if you have answered a difficult question incorrectly, you wouldn’t lose that many marks.

  42. I have 10th marks -84.4%
    12th marks-74.6%

    and b tech – 76.23 % what will be the good %ile for me to get a call?

    how many times a guy can attempt this test?

    what are the chances of getting selected after getting call from company?

    • 1.) Atleast 90%’ile should be a good start
      2.) Make effort to go through the site
      3.) Academic marks look decent to good. If you get good percentile, that definitely helps and keeps you in the ranks. Finally, it depends on your interview.

  43. Hello friend, my 10th marks are 77%, 12th 64.6% and b.tech 74%. As my 12th marks are less, will it be beneficial for me if i give ph test?

    • Top companies look for atleast 70% throughout your academics. In that case, you will not be eligible to apply because of your 12th marks. Still, there’s no harm in experiencing something and there are always other smaller companies looking out for talented people without much consideration for marks.

  44. I have 67.4% in btech, 71.4 % in 12th and 73.33% in 10th so how much score is necessary in ph test so i can get a call from Accenture.

  45. I’m taking ph test so I need practice papers for preparation.

  46. I am chetna Goyal. My BE aggregate is 72.7 and 12th percentage is 73 and 10th percentage is 75. I want to give ph test please tell me I’m not late for this test right and I started preparing for this test from today.

    • You are never really late for anything. There are calendar wide placement events, so first book a test date and concentrate on your preparation. Once you get a good score, then apply for the placement listings.
      Your academics are decent enough.

  47. I want to ask that why majority of the companies come for computers and IT. Why not for other branches? And even if we get very good percentile we are not eligible for those companies.

  48. Hello..
    I just appeared for the test and frankly speaking it was not easy at all.
    Verbal part is the most easy part out of the three sections.
    AND for those people who are begging for sample papers, I want to tell them that they don’t disclose their papers and the questions that come are so complicated that you’ll hardly remember any after the test gets over. So, there is a piece of advice; the quant section is just like Xats quant. So check out those papers you yourself will get an idea about the level of the exam. And for the logic section, refer cat papers.

  49. 10 th marks 65%, 12th is 58%, BE is 60 %…with good ph score will i get a software developer job?

    • Its not just with companies recruiting via pH score but top companies any where ask for a minimum of 70 or 75% through out your academics. So…..

  50. Plz tell me maximum topics covered in aptitude for elitmus, plz send me reply on my email as soon as possible.

  51. This is vijay. I took ph test on 12-08-2012. I got score but i don’t know how to measure it.

    score percentile
    verbal 75.00 85.28
    problem solving 52.50 89.60
    quantitative 37.50 91.90
    165.00 90.57

    I dont know how to measure and is this good score please let me know.

    • Unless you have a great academic scores, this is an above average Ph score. If you apply to the jobs available, you might or might not get calls. Instead, had you scored, say, 95% (ile), you are sure to get calls.

  52. Verbal section is so easy and you score more score in this section…

    aptitude level is so much high equal to mba …..cat
    so prepare for it
    need lot of concentration.

    If you correct only 30 question out of 60 then your ph is more then 90

    logical portion is also tough but it need some concentration……

    time is main factor…….in verbal section 30 min is more then enough…

    some example:
    ques1: 1,2,1,2,2,1,2,2,2,1,2,2,2,2…………………..sum of
    first 1234 terms….

    ques2: find the number of terms between 100 to 1000…..in the format
    like 234
    2*3*4=24…..find the number of term whose multiple is 24…….

    ques3: in a book shop exactly 4 digit number of books are there….in
    which exactly 1/6 th are math books….exactly 1/8th are
    physics….exactly 1/10 are biology books…….
    find the difference between the minimum and maximum possible digit
    number books in library….

    ques4: in logical one table is given and some calculation may be
    performed and base on that table 5 question are there…..

    ques5: in logical there is one paragraph like a ,b,c,d,e are 5 member
    know english and from the punjab a………..there are 6-7 condition
    lots of concentration is needed in this

    good level
    but if you understand this then 5 question are correct

    so attempt these question
    in elitmus paper ques 31 to 40 are these paragraphs.


  54. any one can send previous papers of elitmus exam

  55. e-litmus is neither good for freshers nor for 1-2 year experienced persons. I have given exam and got 88 percentile but got no response from any one company. When I first visited the site I found lots of companies with good and high packages claiming to recruit on the basis of Ph score (e-litmus test). But later on registration by paying Rs.699 I found the those companies do not call anyone but they always show job vacancy. The site is fake. It may be good if one can score above 97%ile with overall good academics i.e. above 75% in B.Tech. and in 10th and 12th which is not possible for most of the people. I guess by showing names of good companies they are luring more people into taking the exam.

  56. plz send me elitmus question paper and syllabus

  57. my 10th % is 97% and 12th % is 84.4% but i have 4 back papers and 2 year backs. I scored 99.9 percentile in quants and 10 percentile in verbal…but i want to crack cat after 18 attempts..

  58. I don’t have good aggregate in 12 th so if i appear and get good percentile in ph test will it be beneficial for me?

  59. I am MCA fresher 2011 .
    I scored :
    12 th-68-67%
    can elitmus pH test help me in getting jobs?
    Kindly reply me soon……….

  60. Hi friends
    plz send me sample ph test papers to my mail id

  61. hi pls any one have sample papers of ph if it means pls send it to me

  62. i got 59% marks in diploma.
    70& in b tech
    if i get good ph score.will i ever get a call from companies or recruiters or not?
    i know i can appear for elitmus, but will i get a benefit from it or not.becoz i was not allowed to appear for campus interviews bcoz of my less percentage in diploma.kindly rely on my email id..

  63. harpreet can u please send e some sample papers on my mail id. plzz

  64. plz send me some of the sample papers for the preparation and from where should i prepare for the reasoning part?

  65. what is elitmus, & what is the procedure of test,interview calls, plz give me information about it any one.

  66. got 94.88 in tenth, 89.33 in twelve and 76.57 in B.E… but a low score of 74.54 in ph test… can i expect calls ?

  67. Hi i’m sharad i completed my BCA 2011 wit 70% aggregate. i want to know Am i eligible to write elitmus exam? if i can means how and where to apply.

  68. i am a b.tech ece 2010 passed out with an aggregate of 70.47 %, intermediate 85.33% and 10th-85.33. am i eligible to write elitmus test now?


    plz send me sample paper of ph test on my mail

  70. please any body tell me what is address of elitmus ph- test in delhi

  71. B.tech-66% (bioinformatics) 2011
    XII-57.6% (PCM) 2007
    can u please tell me am i able to get recruited in good company with the help of s ph-test?
    please reply me soon

  72. I am MCA fresher 2011 .I scored :
    12 th-64%
    Will scoring 85-90 percentile in pH test help me in getting jobs?
    Kindly reply me soon……….

  73. i want to know about last date of registration for elitmus

  74. plz send me the link where i can found the ph test sample paper

  75. @ elitmus

    Why don’t you help those student’s who have scored less in their (10,12 )th…….

  76. Hi Friends

    I have done my MCA 2011 with aggregate 67% but my past academic record (X and B.Sc.) is below of 60%, then please tell me this test is beneficial for me or not.

  77. can u plz send me d sample papers of elitmus exam and books for its preparation.

  78. HI iam karunakar .i am from hyd,i have just now mca complete with 70% (2011)i have completed degree with 70% (2008) i have completed intermediate and schooling with 77%(2005)and (2003) respectively.Now i want to apply ph exam if i get 70% ph score how is my career let you know pl share with me.

  79. can u send some sample papers to my mail ….which books will be helpful with author name

  80. can any one tell me the best book for e-litmas test

  81. i have passed 10th with 83%,12th 72%, grad 61% and mca with 80.7%.
    i m planning to give elitmus exam. whether its good for me or not and will i get call from companies

  82. Just before I heard this elitmus test.Can u tell, how to prepare for this test??? And where to get the sample test papers? If possible pls send the material links related to this test?

  83. Respected sir, i want to the do elitmus course ? How plz suggest me immediately. Thank u

  84. HI friends………
    this is rajasekaran.. am 2010 passed out student.. am completed my B.Tech(IT),,, still am searching job .. am going write elitmus test.. can anyone guide and what r all the books useful preparation…. then if u know off campus for 2010 passed means please kindly inform me..

  85. hello everyone ! I m preparing for elitmus test. can anyone help me how to prepare and if anyone have some papers of it then plzz send me

  86. Pls can anyone send me test pattern or sample papers for the test i have my exam coming on 17th july ’11 , and this is my first exam , so i really don’t have any Idea . pls help me out

  87. hi plz give ph test pattern and what type of questions they are asking and if you have previous papers plz send me to mail:this is my mail id

  88. can anyone please help me out….by sending me the question of ph test of elitmus…..god will surely help him……..plzz…i need it…..i m planning for this test and badly need the sample papers…plzzzz….send..if anyone have.

  89. what would happen if i qualify the elitmus exam with a good percentile and after that i again qualify the test with a less percentile from the previous one .So which percentile will be considered for PH test?
    or the average of two will be considered?

  90. vinay kumar pandey

    can u pls guide me, the topic cover in e litmus test for aptitude section.& which book i do prefer for preparation

  91. Hi,
    Iam Hari.I have completed my MCA in 2010 with 72.68%,But in my previous academics are very low.In Degree 50.80% in 2006,
    Intermediate 44.20% in 2003,
    SSC 48.17% in 1997.I’ll write ph test.It is useful to me.Please reply me.I am very helpless about my future.

  92. Guys, please help me is there any eligibility criteria to give PH test? i have only 56% in b.tech. i wanna give my ph test…..what if i score good in PH test.

  93. please send previous litmus papers n give details about the procedure……

  94. plz can ANy1 provide me with test papers… or little bit of hints… it would be very grateful …

  95. Please some one send me Elitmus test papers if possible. I am giving my test on 27th march.. It would be very helpful… Thanks..:)

  96. HI, Friends
    I want to write ph test. You said no need to search for sample papers. Can u please suggest me which book is the better to prepare no.s, permutations, combinations and reasoning & Sample paper Can u send pls send the mail to me..

  97. hey my 10th is 83%; 12th is 78% and graduation is 60.2%. will elitmus help me..??

  98. h! evry1…as i hv gaped of 3yrs aftr 12th,now i m in b.tech final..am i eligble for ph-test?

  99. hi!!
    I have joined TCS in sept 2010 at a package of 3.15L p.a.
    but i am mot content with the package.
    Can E litmus PH test.. help me??
    I completed my B.Tech in May 2010.

  100. hai,can you plz tell me whether a candidate with less aggregate percentage like 56% in B.tech[IT] can give PH test or not..?

  101. HI Friends is this ph test is online test?

  102. ma pH score…86.11

    verbal:82 percntile
    Prob solving :65percntile
    quant:89 percntile

  103. Pls can anyone tell me that 80.09 percentile score will be helpful for me or not???

    Do anyone know that either the best score will be choosen among all the given test or the latest score will be choosen????pls if anybody knows then answer me..Its urgent 4 me…

  104. Can any one tell when n where this test will b conducted

  105. Hi,
    Can anyone please tell me , is there any fixed number of days duration of gap before one could appear a next time i.e no. of days between two attempts?
    Thank you.

    • Is there any gap required between 2 attempts of elitmus tests?
      Like if i am giving it on 3rd feb then can i give it on 17th feb as well?

  106. pls tell how to apply the PH test

  107. can any one give the sample papers for the pH exam .

  108. can you send me any sample paper for ph test ,which book is better for this test

  109. murali manohar m
    Friends I want to attend this elitmus ph test so please suggest me about it…
    and if anybody have the elitmus ph test pattern so please send me in my mail ID

  110. pls send me any sample paper of PH test…………

    And pls tell is their is any negative marking…..

    pls send me the sample paper at ankursah10 at gmail.com

  111. if any have pH smaple paper send me

  112. hey is there any chance to write the Ph test for B.sc(comp) students can u plz reply me

  113. plz tell me books for this test and about toughness.how much time is sufficient

  114. Hi guys please suggest books to refer for writing the ph test… I want to write it on 9th jan 2010.. Is it enough if I start from 28th dec? my email-id is rohitbr1 at gmail.com

  115. i have planned to atten this test on Jan 2011.So give some tips for me….

  116. hi guys
    my e-litmus paper is on 9 january
    it will be gr8 help if you can provide me with some sample papers and how is the toughness of e-litmus….
    plzz help
    my mail id is- shrayrawat at gmail.com

  117. Hi Candidates,
    I m sure at least one among you who is viewing this would have an idea on the PH test. I Need informations like, the Test duration, and kind of preparation that i require in areas like Puzzles and verbal. Any genuine ideas on where I can find sample or a model test paper on the PH test would be much appreciated.

    Email: arun.12587 at gmail.com

    Appreciate any help.

  118. hi every one i am going to write a xm on 19 dec.
    if hv a qestion pattern pls send me
    and one more that is it ph test is help full for us

  119. Hi ,
    Can any one tell me few questions which are expected in elitmus test.
    Cheers ,

  120. Where is test location located in delhi

  121. Can I have a e litmus sample paper from somewhere? ,,,,my exam is on 19th December

  122. i heard a lot about this e-litmus and created my own account also.
    please help me to know about the question pattern and the topic being asked.

  123. can anybody plz send me some sample papers to my mail ….rohit6543@yahoo.com
    which books will be helpful

  124. Hi Friends,
    This ph Test schema is a new one for me…. can any one make me clear that writing this test would fetch us to get into Grade A companies in India??

    And can anyone suggest me some tricks to overcome the test with above 90%….

  125. i have given ph test on 31st october …..i have done 22 questions ……problem solving part was comparitively easy ……. verbal and quant was tough…….will i make good percentile.

  126. jyotirmayee mohanty

    plz give me which type of questions are asking in the ph test .i m goin 2 give ph test on 31st oct .plz send me 2 my mail soon .

    • ther wil be no sample papers. searchin is waste. verbal wil be easy but u got to prep wel for quantitativ. it wil be very basic but too tough. formulae wil be ther at de quest paper itsel but it won be helpful at al. prep on numbers, averages,ages, permut an combi, probabil.reasonin wil also be equally tuf. a diff pattern for negativ markin s ther.better do not touch if u dunno.

      • Hi,
        I want to write ph test. You said no need to search for sample papers. Can u please suggest me which book is the better to prepare no.s,permut,combi……………and reasoning. Can u send pls send the mail to me..

  127. please send me the sample paper for pH test paper, I’m appearing for test on 31 october 2010.

  128. Please share with me the phtest sample or previous question paper for elitmus.
    my email id

    • I hav d questions…but why I will giv them to u????????????????????????

      I will make them hidden ..and take d advantage by my ownself only (gupt strategy !!!!!!).

      • bhai tu to mere ko CHATUR lag rah ahia 3 Idiots ka yaar

        help out the people if u really have gt d questions yaar…..
        kabhie tereko bhi help magta ho na to yaad karne ka apun mana nahin karega…..:)
        thik hai bhaijaan….

        My Email id is— nakul19a_007 at yahoo.co.in

        Mail me the questions bro or tell me the sections and topics to study………byeeee

  129. i need some previous papers of this elitmus PH online exam. kindly send it to my mail id abhishek_the_co at yahoo.co.in

  130. please send me e litmus previous paper.

  131. friends,pl z send me the pH sample test papers,so that i can prepare for it.pl z send it as early as possible, on my email id:- jeetu.dec25@gmail.com

  132. can anyone send me the sample questions or previous papers for elitmus ph test?

  133. pls send me the elitmus sample papers…..

  134. bro. anybody would plzzzzz send me few sample papers on elitmus

  135. can you provide me the eLitmus previous question papers and ph test papers.

  136. Hi…..
    Friends I want to attend this elitmus ph test so please suggest me about it…
    and if anybody have the elitmus ph test pattern so please send me in my mail ID

  137. plz plz sir send me the sample paper of elitmus…i m in final year
    ashishmangal27 at gmail.com

  138. friends,plz send me the pH sample test papers,so that i can prepare for it.plz send it as early as possible.. i m an BE graduate 2009 passout. Plz help me

  139. friends,plz send me the pH sample test papers,so that i can prepare for it.i am a final year BE student.plz send it as early as possible..

    my id: kapilagrawal2724 at gmail.com

  140. Hi…
    I am Haji . i completed my MCA this year…
    could u please tell me wat is the the PH test and wat is use of it?
    what is the advantages?..
    plezz tell me .. and dont know completly about pH test.

    thank you..

  141.  Can any one provide me eLitmus ph test sample papers and/or previous ph test papers.
    My eMail ID: tyagi1987 at yahoo.co.in



  142. can u give me some sample questions for elitmus ph test
    i will be looking forward for your valuable suggestion
    thank u

  143. can you please provide me the previous question papers and sample papers of elitmus ph test papers.i am a student of BE CSE.

  144. hello to all!!!!!can anyone tell me how should i prepare for the ph test.which books i should prefer for it to get good marks.also tell how much time is required for the ph test preparation.

    • hi friend. i am saikishore.s
      i want to write ph test. is it usefull to us?
      if so, give me the guidelines how to prepare, so that it might be usefull to me.

      Thanking you…

  145. plz tell m how can i apply?m doing my 7th semester in I.T.
    how can i get job in any it company.plz reply me at my email id and previous papers of some companies………….

  146. friends,plz send me the pH sample test papers,so that i can prepare for it.i am a final year BE student.plz send it as early as possible..

  147. hi .i am madhu. can any one who already took the test, kindly tell me what the pattern is and how to apply and prepare for test.

  148. plz send elitmus paper as soon because my PH test is on 14th aug…..

  149. Hey hiee
    I have scored 57% in my Btech….so can this e-litmus…PH paper be of any help to me??
    What is the usual cut-off percentile taken into concideration (both accademic & ph score) by the companies??
    is there any negative marking scheme??
    And also…what percentile should I aim for(considering my BTech score)??

    Please do repliee….
    Thanks!! 🙂

  150. plz send me the pattern of pH test & also suggest me which book will b helpful

    • there were 60 bits,3 sections,eng,math,reasoning….if you prepare for any competitive exam like cat,xat,mat its easy to crack it..if you answer 30 to 40 questions you wil get good percentile but hit ratio should be good means no. of correct attempts….

      good luck

  151. hi,
    i want to take the ph test can any one give suggestion on how to get 90%…
    and pls send me one sample paper…!

  152. Can anybody help me in samples of puzzles and analogy.. rest of d portion, i guess, is easy..!!

  153. “Students who are in their final year of graduation or professionals with a max. experience of 2 years can apply to pH test.” wat does this mean…?? those who’ve completed theis graduation n ‘ve less than 2 yr experience cant apply….!!!

  154. can u plz send me ph test patten
    as well as some sample papers also

  155. Raja sekhar reddy.k

    hi every one after attempting the elitmus test once and if we dont get the better score can we apply once again

  156. send me ph test patten
    as well as some sample papers also

  157. hi friends

    Most of qustions coming from GRE Barrons 13th edition model test paper 1 to 5

    prepare it.

  158. hi, can i know that after getting the result of elitmus how it will help in getting the job.

  159. Plzzzz send me the sample pH test paper. . .. .Thanks in advance

  160. Plz tell me about the paper pattern.Can anyone send me some sample question or suggest me the appropriate books.

  161. Hi,

    Can anyone please share the sample test papers for PH Test?



  162. hai,
    can u plz send me a sample qpaper 4 ph test………..

  163. can u send me a smple question paper

  164. Hi,

    Can anyone please share the sample test papers for PH Test?


  165. Navneet Likhar

    Plz tell me, will the elitmus exam solve the criteria problem to sit in the MNC’s company.

    • same prob here yaar.. I recently visited e-litmus.. they said having a percentile above 93-94 would do.. lets hope it really does.. m appearing on 1st Aug 2010..!!

  166. Plsss any one who has given ph test share his/her xperience as it can help me as i m appearing 4 1st time
    plz do tel me from where should I start…
    plz guide me

  167. Hi can anyone please tell me that how about negative marks should be calculated?
    Is there is any tricks to get the good marks?(means any tips)
    waiting for reply………..

  168. hi,
    plz send me tha sample questions on the test and how much time they will give to complete the test

  169. Hi,
    Anyone please send me some sample questions of the pH test, as it might be of some use when i take the test on 4th July.
    Thanking you all.

  170. Can u send some sample papers to my mail plzzz ….

  171. hiiiiiiiiiiiiii…………..
    i want to know about question patterns of pH test.if anybody has information regarding this,then do mail me

  172. hai , i am don’t know about the elitmus pH test plz give the test idea and give some model test paper .it is use full for me to know about the test

  173. Has anyone got jobs through elitmus ? why do I feel that they only arrange for some interviews but nothing fruitful happens after that ?

    The concept, no doubt, is good but does the implementation matches what is being said ?

  174. hi guyz,

    As far as i knw dey (Elitmus) hav cancelled dis 20th Test due to unavailability of test centres .
    I hav already forwared a mail regarding the same and i’ stil waiting for the reply.

    Aryan (Ching)

    If u hav any info about the same , plzz mail me at ieccollege2010[at]yahoo.co.in

  175. Can a 2009 passed out candidate preparing for CAT examination write this ph test

  176. plzz send me ph test sample papers.. i have a test on next week. It will be help full for me…

    • i to have test so please forward test papers 2 my mail also my mail address is sunilmarths12072gmail.com

  177. IS elitmus is really helpful….does any one got job through this…

  178. hello, i am giving ph test on 20th june,please send me sample paper if anybody having.

  179. hi guys… iam going to write e-litmus test on 20th june of this month. plz if u papers plz fwd me to my id.
    it will be helpful for me

    • i am going to attend elitmus cot 31. so please tell about question pattern,how they calculate marks and negative marks. what is the best way to prepare and everyone says prepare cat material,is this neccessary or not? how to get high scores. if i get below 80 or 90 percent,shall i attend the retest or not.
      please help me

  180. hi, i am going to write e-litmus on 20th of this june,plz sum1 give me sample papers or some question those r related to e-litmus question..i will b very thankful 2 u.
    plzz make it fast,i dont have time

    • hi ,
      as u have already written the ph test can u just me the idea of how the test was with the content and the difficulty level and the material needed to prepare for that if possible can u give me the questions which u have remembered in the exam?

    • hey as u had given d papr plz tell me hw to prepare as i m giving d paper for 1st tym

  181. plz guys if u hve any ph sample test papers,send me on ma id


    i’l b vry thankful 2 u……
    plz help me.

  182. Hi Everyone,

    I am appearing for elitmus test to be held on 4th Jul 2010
    Can somebody tell me what is the difficulty level of the aptitude questions being asked in this exam(is it CAT level)??

  183. hi friends, can anyone tell me how to apply 4 elitmus phtest, i hav recently cmpltd my btech with 76% from ece, may i eligible for the test ? what is the use of this test ? plz send me the full details about this test

    • its simple first you hav to register urself with elitmus then select the city and you can take rest information from elitmus webaite after register

  184. plz any one can tell me how to apply for elitmus test?

    • first of all u must register on elitmus site..then check for next ph test..nd apply by paying 699 rs. online

    • You just need to log into your account in elitmus after registering. Then click on the tests tab and select the test location and apply for tat test, test fee would be around Rs. 699.

  185. no1 can send u anything….guys
    jst prepare urself…n crack d mirror

  186. if anyone hav sample question paper for ph test & any suggestion regarding the preparation for this test…pls send to my mail id

  187. Hi Guys,

    I am going to give PH test in 6th June. Could you please send any sample papers or previous papers if you have .

    Please send me on email id – malviaggarwal@gmail.com

  188. plz send me some phtest question….as early as possible….

  189. nikhil srivastava

    hello i m nikhil….
    i m in 2nd year of my graduation…
    cn sm1 jst tell me abt hw 2 prepare fr this ph test…
    nd frm whr can i get d study material for ph test??????

    • bro you are wayy tooo junior to pstart preparing, if you are serious about it, then prepare for cat, its on the same pattern and way easier,, if you are 85% percentile guy in cat , you are a 95% on elitmus, am talking on personal experience

  190. Guys,
    I’m badly in need of model or sample questions for pH test.
    Help me out, I will be grateful to You……………………

  191. i need elitmus ques pap……help me out guys…..


  192. hi all
    if any one have question paper of pH test or any material for study
    please send me on batrayatin@gmail.com


  193. please send me pH test papars.I want to attend it soon.Also please tell the books which i should refer for this test.Mail me as early as possible.I’ll be very very thankful to you.

  194. hi all
    if any one have idea or have question paper of pH test please send me on shiv.kumar710@gmail.com

    Thanks .

  195. Is this test beneficial at all ? Is there anyone who has actually benefited from it and got calls from top MNCs ?

    All the test centres are far away from my place so would it be wise to travel all the way to Delhi to take this test ?

    Please guide.

  196. can anyone mail me the ph test paper.I wanna give the test soon.

  197. Please anyone send me previous pH test question papers…Please..

  198. i m going 2 give elitmus paper in next week..please any 1 can help me n provide me the elitmus sample paper.plz help me out.

  199. please send me pH test papars.I want to attend it soon.Also please tell the books which i should refer for this test.Mail me as early as possible.I’ll be very very thankful to you.

  200. hey pls send me some sample questions of the ph test . ma email id is [removed]..thank u

  201. Is dat only students who are in their final year of graduation or professionals with a max. experience of 2 years can apply to pH test ?

  202. plz send me some sample papers of the elitmus test…….i’m going to appear for it on 4th of april,2010

    • Hi Pallavi,
      Did you get any question paper till now for Ph test. If you got then please let me know. I am also planning to write this test.

  203. Please, send me PH test previous year question paper…………

  204. hey frndz!!
    plz send me the elitmus papers or the list of topics which r imp for dis paper as im takin dis nxt week.plz frndz if anyone can hlp me den plz do so….i wil b highly oblidged.

  205. hi,
    plz send me pH test papers and for this i will be thankful 2 u.
    i dont know how 2 prepare for the test. so plz help me in this context .

  206. please let me know the details about the typ of questions as im going to take up the test soon… pls send me d sample papers if anybody has it asap

  207. pls mail me sample paper of phtest any1.i naad it

  208. hi,

    I’m appering for the ph test. so anybody plz tell me abt the preparation for ph test or else any material or books to study for ph test…
    plz send it to my id……It ‘ll be very helpfull……..my mail id
    kaur.karanbeer at yahoo.co.in

  209. hi,

    I’m appering for the ph test on feb so anybody plz tell me abt the preparation for ph test or else any material or books to study for ph test…plz plz send it to my id……It ‘ll be very helpfull……..my mail id s:chanduandanur01@gmail.com

  210. hi,
    anybody pls say how to prepare for ph test or any study material.
    u may pls send sample test paper to me
    pls pls pls

  211. hi,
    anybody pls say how to prepare for ph test or any study material.
    u may pls send sample test paper to me
    pls pls pls

  212. please send me model question papers of ph test to my mail id.test is on sunday so i want the help of it.

  213. hi..am taking up ph test on feb ’10.Can anyone help me by providing sample papers,or its pattern,or guide me in preparing for it?Plz mail me ur ideas at
    tsakshi1 at gmail.com…
    I would be grateful if u can help me

  214. can anyone mail me the ph test paper.I wanna give the test soon.

  215. Hello Friend,

    I am going to give Elitmus Paper on Feb’10 so anybody can provide me sample test paper.
    Thanks in advance………………….
    my mail address-> vipin.gupta.mca at gmail.com

  216. friends,plz send me the pH sample test papers,so that i can prepare for it.i am a final year BE student.plz send it as early as possible..

    my email:santhosh.engg9@gmail.com

    thank you.

  217. hi..guys i m going to take elitmus test on 10 jan 2010 in bangalore..pls pls mail me or tell me any link for sample elitmus test..My email id is priyanka.smit2006 at gmail.com
    also tell me how 2 find out the centre for the examination!!
    thx a lot…

  218. hi guys i m going to take elitmus test on 10 jan 2010 pls pls mail me or tell me any link for sample elitmus test

    also tell level of exam compare to cat

    • Even I’m taking the test on 10th Jan in Hyd. I haven’t prepared for the test.
      I’ve heard that the level of the test is comparable to that of CAT & GRE. Is the test supposed to be lengthy? If you have any sample questions, do send it to me, as well.

  219. please let me know the details about the typ of questions as im going to take up the test soon… pls send me d sample papers if anybody has it asap

  220. Hey guys !!
    am also appearing for this litmus test on 13th in delhi bt have nt got the test centre venue yet…so what centres u ppl will b giving this xam at?
    and i too searched for this sample paper bt they do not leak it out…i have heard question are of CAT/MAT type so u can check it out there….

  221. my email id is skylimit.job at gmail.com.please send me the sample papper

  222. ph test is not as scary. I know we are used to solving previous question papers to feel comfortable. You can solve any of GMAT / CAT / MAT / XAT papers… elitmus test questions will be of similar type. They also give all required formula in question paper so no need to mug-up formulae. Just work on basics, thats enough.

  223. i want to know that i secured 77%ile in ph test conducted by elitmus……….
    is that good score for the recruiters? plz tell me.

  224. plz send a mail of ph test paper

  225. @ Abhishek
    me too applied for ph test on 13th dec.
    do u hav sample papers???

  226. i will be very thankfull to anyone who mails me the sample paper for the ph test in case you have it.i am appearing for the ph test this 13th dec.

    • Hey Abhisekh,
      Plz share some of your experience of ph test as it can be helpful as i am goin 2 appear 4 the same in july
      Thanls and regards

  227. can u send some sample papers to my mail ….
    which books will be helpful

  228. @ deepak
    U will be given a time of 2 hours to complete 60 questions.

  229. plz tell me that 60ques of ph test have to be completed in how much time?

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