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Airtel Unlimited Internet for Rs.98/month

The offer that was discontinued by Airtel for some reasons is back in the New Year. Now recharge with RC 98 and get 2GB of free data with a validity of one month. Let me tell you, 2GB is a LOT of data when you are browsing from your mobile. Since this comes under GPRS, speed remains fairly low with a max speed of 14.4kBps.

But since this is on mobile, where browsers are good enough to compress, remove pictures and disable java script (if you’d like to) you won’t feel the speed to be that slow. But connect to the Internet using this Access point on your laptop; you can easily have a cup of tea before an averagely heavy page loads 🙂

I currently have the Airtel My Data Offer which gives 100MB of free data for 3 months. Those 3 months will be completed by February 18 (for me). A good part of that 100MB is going waste for me each month. Immediately after that offer ends, I’ll be moving into this plan without a doubt.

If you think Rs.98 (or 2GB) is heavy for your mobile, you can go for a Chhota data plan of RC 24 (Available for RC 17 in some circles) which gives 200MB of free data for 3 days.

Post free data usage (either for RC 98 or RC 24), you’ll be charged 30ps/50kb of data, which is the normal charge for the Mobile Office APN.

Also see Aircel Pocket Internet mobile data plan (Unlimited Internet for Rs.98/month)

Update: This is a really old post and none of the mentioned recharge coupons exist today. Today, it costs Rs.125 for 1GB of 2G data (if you see this post in future, even this may change; so check airtel site for latest data pack rates).

This post was initially written in February 2010 and I’m seeing this now in June 2013, I really wonder how in the world my phone couldn’t get over even 100MB a month. Without any browsing, for just background syncing and emails, I now use up around 800MB data each month. Those were the days…

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  1. Hello, can anybody tell me, what is the number to check internet balance for RC.125/- plan.

  2. I recently recharged with GPRS Rs 98/- but i got only 1GB of Data. I am really confused whether we get 1 gb or 2gb for Rs 98/-..

  3. Please tell me how to check airtel internet pack in assam circle. thanks i need your reply.

  4. hai every body, i have purchase airtel dongle of rs 2000, and i got 2gb data with for 1st month,, so, i have convert it into 3g by sending msg to 121,, after activating 2g my speed recharge up to 4 to 5 mbps.. so on with in 10 to 12 days i have complete my 2g data.,, and even my main balance also become nill, so i have recharge with 251 and i got 4gb data and 1 rupee as my main balance,, but after 2 to 3 days my main balance become nill and my speed was goes to very low,,, when i call to customer care they said me if have the main balance than only u can increase u r speed,, so i have recharge with general balance, its not at all getting recharge, pls can any body tell me how should i recharge it?



  6. I am using 3G airtel USB modem since two months and when ever I recharge with 100 rupees voucher it gives me only 1 hour internet service. I spoke to the dealer of Airtel from whom I bought the SIM regarding the services. He says 100rupees recharge valid upto 1hr. I would like to know how can I exceed the internet service from 1hr. Does I need to make any settings in my usb modem or I need to recharge with more vouchers. I use to make video call on skype. Is this the reason of short service.

    Mohammed Rafeeq.
    Nizamabad – Andhra Pradesh

    • The Rs.100 voucher gives just 200MB of data and since you said you used Skype, that 200MB would be completed very soon. If you want more data or time, you should put more money, Rs.750 gives 4GB Data.

  7. how much i got benefit from it if i use airtel 98 pack………

  8. hi Iam using my nokia N72 handset as a modem on PC but facebook page open with error and the error is the details are shown one-fifth to the left side of the page. Please tell me what can I do solve my problem as early as possible.

  9. Hai,i am a fan of airtel services,specially internet pack ,it was gives range in all places,compare to idea,reliance,vodafone, mts, uninor its speed was good,accept docomo. airtel was giving browsing in 0 bal like this……

  10. sunil kumar chauhan

    i am using airtel internet, bv how can i get 3G speed in 2G SIM.

  11. ha. M usin ma airtel sim in ‘roaming’ but its still d best. I access internet on ma lappy. Having rs.98 recharge and working on 3G mode . And trust me m getting f’kin speed over 475kbps. So its juz awsum 4 me.

  12. Hai! I recharged with RC98 but i am not getting internet access. always it is shown that subscribe to packet data. when seen packet data settings, they gave no result. it is asking access point. I REQUEST YOU TO SEND A SOLUTION FOR THIS SOON.

  13. i want to recharge through net

  14. i am using air tel 98 rs plane.but i am unable to know their balance & validity period.tell how i can check.

  15. Hey i do not use this free pack and i not activate airtel 3G for free can you help me

  16. Is there any provision to see the balance of GPRS in AIRTEL USB modem ? I am using the micromax USB modem with airtel SIM. But I unable to see the balance and validity without mobile set. Pl help

  17. Folks,
    don’t go for any of the airtel GPRS Plans like this 98rs. I have been using this since last august 2010 and all of a sudden i started finding amount from account getting vanished from August 2011, i lost almost 444+444+444 rs on 3 recharges. I called up the customer care and checked with them for the reason and to my utter surprise they told amount is cut for the data usage and i have asked how come for data usage as i am using this 2 gb plan. One customer care representative told that it is because i made a easy recharge of 98 on July 2011. For that i told i haven’t done any easy recharge and for the 98 plan amount gets cut from main balance as mine is auto renewal plan. So i asked him to handover the call to his supervisor and to my utter surprise the response from his was that as my account doesn’t have sufficient balance it activated a 60 rs package which doesn’t have auto renewal and thus this data charge. One thing i don’t understand is how system can activate other plan if i don’t have sufficient balance and 2nd thing is why there is no notification and 3rd is why there are different versions of answers from supervisor to supervisor which doesn’t match at all. Every one knows that airtel quality of operations in india are degraded after their African entry. So please think twice and take the connection if you want to face any problems.

  18. sudeshna sadhukhan

    I am Sudeshna . I use Airtel 98 pack for 1 month but sir this pack 2G connection are very slow internet pack so sir fast pack plz longest kolkata

  19. deepak srivastava

    Hi,i am deepak srivastava i want to known about airtel internet in nokia N73 please send me all details of internet to start on my handset on my e-mail id with all details and how to setting gprs

  20. airtel sim card internet speed is good but only 2gb
    plz give the customer unlimited internet pack

  21. How to know GPRS usage in an Airtel postpaid connection

  22. I want to use another sim card in my micromax 610u which support only airtel sim.I also tried to insert another sim card but it says only the specific sim card can be used in device…….please help ….me I want to use another sim card.

  23. Dear all,
    Airtel is a not launched for unlimited gprs plan.


  25. Please send a GPRS setting for mobile Micromax-x600 ASAP. my mobile number is 9729090440

  26. i want to know when we use nimbuzz and i have internet card activated so will the balance will be deducted from main balance or internet card…plz reply soon

  27. sir
    I m using micromax 3ga modem with airtel 98 pack. how i can get my gprs account information. i checked through *123# ,*123*1# and *123*10# but i got only about main balance information.

  28. pls help.
    i active 98 of 30 days internet plan(airtel).pls deactivate process?

  29. I have a Samsung Star phone. I activated GPRS service and I received 3 messages from airtel. They sent the configuration of internet, WAP and airtel live. I installed all three. I do not know which to make my default setting. The customer care told me to make Internet setting the default. I did that and it worked, but I have the 98 plan. I read that internet usage would be free if I activated the microsoft office setting as my default. I do not know what to do, I just want my browsing to be free. Also, when I access youtube, I am unable to see any videos. Please tell me what to do regarding that. Reply as soon as possible.

  30. hiiiii……….can anyone pls help me…… der any 98rs recharge card……….if der wat is the procedure to be followed for recharging

  31. sir i have a query..i got that @98 internet pack activated..thereafter i used nimbuzz..but it ended up with a main balance deduction of rs. 29..n d browsing bal is still 2047 MB..cant i use nimbuzz?

  32. Does 2GB here mean Bytes or Bits? I’m confused about this.

  33. I wanted to know if this rs 98 plan can work on my Nokia x2-10 using airtel prepaid. i recharged for rs 98 at the retailer and got a message saying: Recharge Successful, talktime-Rs1, value Rs 98. I tried browsing through Opera Mini while having selected Mobile office as Preferred Access Point. Opera mini does not load any web page and only the Dedicated Key for and nokia browser work properly. The nokia browser does not allow any other web addresses to be inputted, so this creates a large Problem for me. Please Help.

  34. thanks u all guys to enlighten me on different issues about internet with Airtel.I am using beetel data card and airtet Rs 98 plan on my asus leaptop .it is simply mast ,keep using.good night

  35. I have desktop of lenovo and i would like to use RC98 plan for browsing on this desktop.
    Please let us know what I have to do for this. I have Airtel SIM also. How it is connected from mobile to desktop and what other things are required for browsing.

  36. I’ve done all of this, activated also, got a message that it already activated but i still cant connect to the net.. help please..

  37. Hi, I am using MMX 610U data card with an airtel prepaid SIM. Evey month I have refilled with RC 98 plan and enjoying browsing web pages. This is indeed good for browsing only. Do anybody use Data card without paying monthly rental, if not, do it.

    Use throttle 6 in case your browsing speed is very slow.

  38. I am using AIRTEL GPRS in my mobile NOKIA 3110c, there is an interrupt while browsing, “Service Reply, Call Cost 0.15 INR; ” like that bh which I cant browse network will be stopped, what may be the reason and how to solve it…..

  39. Hi
    Your RC98 plan is not sufficient for me,
    can you help me?

    thank you.

  40. hey i have i phone 3gs and i also wana use this RC98 can i use on iphone?
    and how cum settings b saved in my phone.. plz temme asap..

  41. People have a lot of questions about the Airtel GPRS Pack of 98/-. After recharging the said amount from the Retailer and receiving the successful recharge message simply wait for 5-10 minutes and then dial *567*11# and press the Call button. The GPRS pack will be activated via this procedure and roughly takes about an hour to get activated. Speed is around 14.4kBps. To check the usage dial *123*10#.
    If you are a speed freak better go for BSNL 3G. By the way I am from Kolkata and I guess the activation procedure might change from circle to circle.

  42. can anyone help me out in tis case? i have put 98 booster but am yet being charged. where as in aircel and vodafone am not being charged a penny either. and my free mb’s remains the same..

  43. Hey Sriraj, When I used this plan my money goes whether I use Opera(In built) ,hold zero, or try any other internet using app…
    My Config- default config settings [airtel(Items recieved:*web,*multimedia messaging,*x-midlet-NokiaVisual Radio,*access point)]
    Preferred access point-Mobile Office{Config Settings:AIRTEL
    Data bearer:Packet data
    Packet data
    access point: available [Airtel Live!]) same in Airtel Live! escept its instead of
    Am using nokia 2690 with airtel prepaid

    • and I reside in Delhi and have done the codes…( *567*14# ) and used net after 3-4 hours but is goinh

  44. Hi,
    I got the airtel internet plan of RC 98 about 5 days ago. The airtel number i am using is of Uttaranchal but I got it recharged in Bihar and it was working well. But today when I moved to Uttarkhand the service it not working. I don’t know what’s the problem but it says “subscribe to packet data service” even though I had the validity up till 18th jan 2011 when I got my RC 98 done. Please help!!!

  45. can anybody tell how do i know my remaing mbs that i used and that can i use according to this plan thanks alot

  46. Resently i have been using airtel 2 gb plan,but the problem is that all my mobile app. Such as opera,nimbuzz etc r not able to connect to internet.while i am able to surf and download content through nokia browser i am using mo setting.plz help.

  47. whether any extra charges will be deducted in case of using internet pack of 98 if i go outside state.?

  48. aircel connection is the best internet connection.

  49. I have activated this scheme 10 hrs ago and still it is not activated so pls help me at is turn around time of this scheme ASAP…????

  50. i’m trying to connect to internet thru my new samsung galaxy 3 (GT-I5801) using airtel 98 with 2 GB plan
    even customer care couldn’t help
    but even after trying all options, it didn’t work
    when i try to install manual settings, the settings are automatically deleted
    pl help

    • use pc suit and cunnect through bluetooth, but speed will be slow.

    • Hi,
      I had the same problem with my galaxy s. I tried various MO settings but finally gave up and restored to the default setting. Then for some reason I restarted my phone and when it came back on the EDGE connection started working
      Dunno if that is a general solution but i’m guessing that’s what did it.
      But it’s crazy expensive. Took a trial consuming bout 1 mb . Damn thing cost more than Rs. 7. Take the 98 data plan for a month if ur using it much. For now I end up in enough free wifi hotspots

      • Yes, the phone has ability to automatically request and set most networks APN’s. Try putting BSNL Sim, and 3G APN will be automatically available.

  51. Can I Use this 98 Rs. pack in PC (Computer)

  52. yaar i m not able to recharge this in my mobile…i m not able to dial 123….wat is the procedure to activate this plan??

  53. Hello sriraj,I have a Nokia 3110c phone.I want to get the airtel 98 Gprs plan.I wanted to ask you will it give sufficient surfing(not download) speed if I connect my mbile to PC(not lappy).Please reply.Thanks in advance.

    • yes, it gives sufficient surfing speed which is 460.8 kbps through cable with support of Nokia PC suite. and you can also download song etc. with additional software (Internet download manager,accelerator plus etc.)with sufficient speed.

  54. i have samsung B3310 mobile phone. i want to connect my laptop to internet using cable or blue tooth dial up present 2GB airtel plan is active and working .please help

  55. is there any tariff that can extend validity of the internet pack?

  56. Nicy Pavartikaran

    Dear Sriraj,

    I am very much pleased with this blog. You have been providing good solutions to all the queries. You are doing an excellent task.

    I have Samsung (model – GT – S3653W) mobile. I would like to take the airtel 98 rs gprs offer and browse net by connecting to my laptop. Can you pls guide me how to do this. Kindly guide me with the network settings i need to do on my mobile and also how to connect to laptop and use. I would like to download gmail as well as to chat wth my frnds mainly. can you tell from which site can I download. Will it take more kbps for downloading gmail n gotalkmobile?

    If i use only for chatting, will it exceed 2GB. PLease guide me with my queries.

    PLease reply ASAP.

    • I presently use a Samsung mobile, but that is on ANDROID OS and I have never used a Samsung mobile before, so I’m not sure how its settings will be.
      Regardless of the Phone’s settings, you can simply download Samsung NPS software (PC Sync app) to your computer, connect your mobile to your computer and browse the Internet on your laptop using NPS. Settings will be set by itself.
      Download NPS from ‘’ (look in the software section). It is some 168MB in size and takes some time to download.
      As far as Gmail is concerned, you can visit ‘’ from your Phone’s in built browser (not Opera etc). If there is an Gmail app for your mobile, it will show you there and you can download it. (I’m not aware of what gotalkmobile is, sorry)
      Yes, if you use it only for chatting, you SHOULD NOT cross 2GB limit. But you can always check balance by dialing *123*10#

  57. How can I check internet balance and validity online of Airtel Rs 98/-unlimited pack ?

    • U know the most funny part of the Airtel PostPaid GPRS? you will not be able to check how much you have used of the 2 GB, at any given day. you simply have to belive airtel if they say you have exceeded your quota..this is absurd. and why they use term UNLIMITED, when the limit is 2GB?

  58. Hi

    I recharged my phone with unlimited internet (Rs 97) internet card. Whenever i connect to internet with Mobile Office APN or to my laptop the amount is deducted from main account. My internet account remains constant whenever i check by dialing *123*10# it shows 2043.88 MB left valid upto october 24 2010. Why i am getting charged from main account @30P/50KB. Please help

    • You are assuming that you are connecting through Mobile Office but it is connecting through Airtel Live APN. Please check your APN Priorities.

      • Sriraj,

        I have Samsung Galaxy 3 (i5801) mobile (its with Android 2.1 OS). I recharged it with Rs 98 (2 GB) pack. During my browsing, balance is deducting from main balance, instead of Internet account. When I called up customer care they told, I am using Airtel Live to connect to internet, instead of Mobile Office. But in my phone APN is set to Mobile Office. I dont find any entries related to Airtel Live in APNs. How can I make my phone to use the Mobile Office for Internet Connection.

        Any suggestion is welcome

        • Hi, I have one Galaxy S with Airtel and I believe the MO settings are same for Galaxy S and 3. In the APN section, I only have Mobile Office (with url, and AirtelMMS (with URL, Is that the same with you? If not please check this post on Airtel Galaxy S MO settings for detailed settings.

          • Yes. Me too have same Mobile Office and Airtel MMS. But while browsing my main balance is deducted instead of Internet account balance. When I contacted the airtel customer care, they told i am using airtel live to connect, thats why my main deducted. In my mobile I selected only Mobile Office, even then I really dont know how their (airtel) records shows I am connecting through Airtel Live.

            Even few times, they send the Mobile Office setting, I installed it too.. but in vain.
            To try my luck , I deleted both the APNs (Mobile Office and Airtel MMS) and clicked “Reset to default” under Access Point Names Menu. It again created the “same” APNs (Mobile Office and Airtel MMS)

            I have another peculiar problem also with my android mobile. to check my prepaid balance i used to dial *121# or *123# a message “ussd code is running” is showing up after that there is NO message about the balance validity.

            In my previous mobile (Sony Ericssion w200i- a non Android model) these codes used to work properly for the same SIM card.

            Airtel Customer Care guys are really dumb. they are not able to understand/provide solution for this.

            Any other “android mobile + airtel prepaid” users facing similar probs ?

    • it is so bcoz d rchrge shud b of Rs.98 bt nt of Rs.97…!!!! 😀

  59. Hi sriraj, i m using sony ericsson k530i, i’ve downloaded opera mini but when i use it, it charges from main balance so wat shud i do as i want to surf using opera(98 RC plan is activated).

    • I have not used Sony Ericsson Mobile but it looks like the browser is using Airtel Live APN instead of ‘Mobile Office’ APN. There should be some settings available to set priorities for APN’s. Mobile Office should have the highest priority (that is number 1) and then Airtel Live.

  60. i think Companies like Airtel think that Indian users are fools. as they dont know the difference between unlimited and 2gb limited. they say unlimited free GPrs upto 2 gb. after 98 rs recharge in post paid. first thing it is not unlimited it has a cap of 2 gb. second it is not free. they are charging 98 rs for that. third thing that they dont tell is u cant check usage in this plan on post paid. i asked customer care executive abt it and he said we are sorry . there is no such thing…so guys think about it….are we people are so dumb…??????????????

    • hi…
      I Agree with u r comment ….Why airtel like big company cheat the people by giving Advertisement as Unlimited Internet , Free by charging Rs.98 and giving only 2GB…of

      They have to change their advertisement atleast by saying Rs.98 for 2GB…

      Why they cheat indians like that especially in Karnataka Region in India…..why i specify karnataka is in AndhraPradesh and other States they mention in their advertisement as Rs.98 only 2GB… they never mention unlimited…. but in other states ….. they says Unlimited..Some one should file a suit in Court on Airtel… because they use Unlimited…

    • i have a usage meter which disply on the sreenif u want that send me a mail

    • Yes, Indians are dumb.

  61. hi ! iam using airtel gprs plan@ 98 2gb/month but in this plan the dwnldng spd is too slow is there is any trck to increase the speed if any plz mail it to me

  62. how to check postpaid usage

  63. i m not handling my orkut account esly last time i was using nokia 7610 in that time my orkut web page has cleary and fully opened. but now i m facing this proublm by samsung metro 3g. pls tel me solution

  64. Hi Sriraj….!!!

    I am using RC 98 Plan on my AIRTEL POSTPAID with Samsung Metro S3310 mobile….
    i downloaded facebook application which was of 5kb. Now whenever i start, it plays it in Java & shows the message ” ‘’ will start. This will require the use of airtime for which you may be charged. Continue? YES or NO ”

    Please tell in detail about this airtime charges…. Will it be charged to me above my monthly RC98 plan charges ????

    • If it is only 5kb, it isn’t an app but just an icon with the bookmark of facebook mobile site. When ever you click that app icon, you will taken to the mobile facebook site using your phone’s browser.
      Instead, to get free facebook access, type from your mobile browser.

      • Thanks a lot sir …..!!!!

      • Dear Sriraj !!!

        The code you told i.e. *123*10# to know the balance in RC98 is not working. I am using Airtel POST PAID Plan….. Is there any other way to get the internet balance…???

        And also tell would it cross the limit of 2GB p/m, if i browse through my mobile for two hours per day???

        • Obviously it won’t work for Post Paid connections and I’m not aware of how you’d check the remaining balance too. Probably, you should call Customer care and find out.
          Regarding 2GB/month for 2 hours a day, there are too many variables to consider. In short, if you browse web pages that has a lot of images, music or videos, obviously you will cross 2GB and that too well before you reach 1 month.

  65. Does this plan work while roaming too? Please clarify!

  66. Hi sriraj…. First i wd say thanx fr ur kind wrk… Realy ur doing gud wrk….
    As im having a query, presently im using n73 mobile and i activatd airtl 98rupee internet fr 2gb… In my mob and laptop it wrks very nicely, bt i cud’t abl to download any medical dictionaries and if dwlding als it wl nt supporting to my n73 mob… So plz guide, suggest any website fr dwnlng…. thank u…

    • What does this have to do with RC 98 plan?
      It’s just that you aren’t finding the appropriate app. Visit ‘’, set your phone as Nokia N73 (you’ll find this at the top right). After that, type what ever you want, for example, medical dictionary or oxford medical dictionary in the search box and then download appropriate apps.

  67. Hi Sriraj,

    I have sony k810i mobile and would like to go for 98 plan and also like to connect to PC/laptop please let me know the exacht steps.
    Do I have to download any suites?

    I know you already informed that this plan is best useful for mobile but even though I would like to connect to pc/laptop so please help.

    • I’m sorry but I’m not well versed with Sony Ericsson mobiles. I tried searching for ‘K810i’ on SE India site but couldn’t find it.
      You’d generally need a PC Suite (Nokia calls it PC Suite, it may be a different naming in SE Mobile but nonetheless, it is a piece of software that connects your mobile to your computer) to connect to Internet via mobile. So if there is one for Sony Ericsson mobiles, get hold of that.
      Or if your phone has ‘phone as modem’ option you can simply connect it to laptop and select your phone as Internet access point.
      As far as the Rs.98 plan goes, you don’t even need to go out to recharge, if you have enough balance, just dial *567*14# to get onto this plan (renews it self automatically every month).

    • hi u can use cd or dvd come with sony ericsson k810i what nokia call pc suite can be on that hope this work

  68. krittitbas ghosh

    How can I chek my internet balance and validity.I tried with *123*10# but it only gives the balance remains.pls help me.

  69. can i use opera mini in my cell….

    • Sure if it supports. Just make sure Airtel Mobile Office APN is given the highest priority in the connectivity settings or else, Opera mini would use the Airtel Live APN, for which you’ll be charged from your main account.

  70. is downloading also free until 2gb finishes or we can only browse

  71. hi friends, i have bought a micromax MMX 350G usb modem…i am failed to connect net with airtel…but with others connection (aircel, idea) it is connected very easily….please help me…

  72. for my airtel mobil intrnate bal and validity enquiry through *123*10# not worked. Pl guide me

  73. how to activate airtel mbl internet

    • Go to the nearest store and recharge with RC 98. Or, if you have enough balance on your mobile, you can dial *567*14# to activate Airtel Mobile Internet (Rs.98 would be immediately debited from your balance). This way, be aware that the subscription renews itself at the end of 30 day period if balance is still over Rs.98.

  74. 1) In RC98 plan. can i talk with my frnd by using google talk to google talk.
    2) I want to know any other unlimited packages for 6month or 1year

  75. I want to check the airtel gprs usage.But when I dial *123*10# it says requesting and then “invalid service code”.What should I do?

    • It only works for prepaid users with activated Rs.98 service (or smaller recharges too)

      • wHat is the way to check data usage 4 airtel postpaid custOmor who have opted 4 rc 98 plan?plz gv me a soltn,at least tel me any software 4 samsung metro by wich i cud chek my usage?

  76. hey
    i am using airtel 98 rs plan and it is working really nice for me.Downloading speed is 22 kbps with idm and i am using nokia 6085 for connecting.How i can connect by using samsung corby GT3650.

  77. this 2 gb can be used as downloading also please tell me…
    thanks in advance

  78. Hi Sriraj,

    Just going thru some site i came accros this blog. I would like congrats. You are really doing a great job is explaining people.

    I too have one query… Tell Rc 98 is only for unlimited browsing and not for downlaods. Because if i am am downloading any thing from free download site also i am charged for the same.

    Can please advice on this


    • Unlimited browsing is just for a show off. It’s actually limited to 2GB. But if you are using it only for your mobile browsing, you will never reach any where near 2GB of data.
      To answer your question, you need to first understand the basics of data transfer or bandwidth.
      Whether you simply browse any website or download something, you need bandwidth (simply say ‘Data’). So it doesn’t matter what you are doing with the data plan, download, browse, or something else, as long as you stay below 2GB, you will not be charged.
      As said before, you can check your RC 98 balance from time to time by dialing *123*10#. This balance is different from your main account balance which is called the ‘voice account’ (*123#)

  79. Hi,
    I am using U100i mobile right now, i bought airtel 98 Rs card but even then i am getting charged for browsing… is there any setting that needs to be configured i am not aware of?

    • Are you sure your mobile is using the ‘Mobile Office’ APN (access point) while connecting to the Internet?
      I’ve not seen U100i phone, but if there is any setting to edit the connection priorities, set Mobile Office to number 1.
      But then, after every session, balance will still be reduced, but from your Internet Account. When you recharge with Rs.98, the Internet balance on your phone will be something like Rs.2097. As you use the APN, the balance will be coming down (check by dialing *123*10# )

  80. u got an iphone ……..why to use that plan..find out some better plan..for atleast iphone’s shake.

  81. Karanbir Singh

    can i operate the airtel RC 98 gprs connection using opera mini? Please tell how to operate in opera mini!

    • Yes you can. No special settings, just recharge with RC 98 and start using Opera mini. If it asks for a connection type, select ‘Mobile Office’

  82. i’ve airtel’s Rs 98 internet plan and access with nokia 6233 bluetooth connectivity. its speed is very slow pages are open in long period.
    How to increase surphing and downloading speed.

    • This is not meant as an alternative to your broadband sir, it’s just for mobiles.

    • Dude i also use it through 3110c and get about 10 kbps of avrg. Max 19 kbps of dwnloading.
      What u hv to do is:
      1. Install win vista it is best for net .
      2. Get DAP 9.3 or grter .
      3. Install google crome brwser .the best.
      4. Try to use 98 , at mrning 5 to 9 am . It’s the time of bet network speed .

  83. shouldn’t you use b instead of B? as in speed is around 120 kbps whoch translates to 14.x kBps.

  84. Hello Sriraj,

    I have a mocromax q5 mobile with airtel unlimited internet(i.e.2Gb).
    I have opera mini browser by default in phone.
    Can I use that opera mini browser to browse through my mobile?
    Why asking this is i read on airtel site that “The 2GB free usage is available only on browsing through Mobile Office settings.”… i dont know whether this browser uses those settings are not but im able to connect to internet through opera.
    Please clarify if u know.
    Thanks ,

    • I’m not sure how the APN settings are in Q5 but you can try this way instead.
      When you browse the next time check you main account balance (*123#) and dedicated Internet account balance (*123*10#).
      Browse for a brief time and then check both balances’ again and you’ll know whether Opera is using your Main account (through Airtel Live APN) or your Dedicated Internet account (through Mobile Office APN).
      Having said that, I can guarantee 99.9% that Opera uses Mobile Office APN itself to connect to the Internet.

      • Hi sriraj,

        Thank u verymuch for the reply.
        I tried *123*10# as well as *123# but im getting response as invalid service code.
        But , ur effort to help is greatly appreciated.

        Thanks a lot,

        • I forgot to tell , mine is a postpaid a/c

          • Ohhk. Obviously those hot keys won’t work for postpaid. As I said, I’m 99.9% sure that Opera mini uses Mobile Office APN to connect to the Internet.
            FYI, When there is no WiFi in range, my iPhone connects to Internet via Mobile Office APN (through Opera or otherwise).
            Since there is no WiFi for Q5, you’ve to be sure to set the connectivity priorities, first Mobile Office and then Airtel Live.

            • I deleted ‘airtel live’ from the profiles altogether.I now have only ‘airtel gprs’ along with other service providers profiles.I’m able to connect through opera and i think its connecting through mobileoffice APN as u said.

              Thanks alot,

              • Confirming that opera mini uses APN settings of airtel mobile office and hence there will be no charge till 2GB(unlimited FUP plan).

                I got my monthly bill and has not charged any for the data transfer, so Confirming this.


        • Hi, for internet usage balance send ‘ * 123 * 18#

          This will definitely work..


  85. with the recharge of rs 98 we can able to browse for only 2gb data or it can also go further

    • Fair usage policy limits you to 2GB. But as I said, if you are solely using this plan for your mobile (and not connecting it to your PC), 2GB is a LOT of data to be used.

  86. Please Guide me abt the speed Rs.98 Plan if i m using it by connecting it to my pc.

    • It’s not meant for using with your PC. It’s exclusively for mobile. Speed of it will be limited, 14.4KB/s at max (and that too in the mornings when there are less number of concurrent users).
      Use it for your mobile with Internet access.

      • Few mins back i have done wit dis rechg by dialing *567*14#
        Now iam checking my bal. *123*10#.. its shows ur dedicated(sms) bal is 2073 .. whats this ? Let me know..
        Immediate reply will be highly appriciated…
        byeee byeee !!

        • It’s your dedicated Internet account balance. It’s not SMS balance.
          When you recharge with RC 98, the dedicated account balance (*123*10#) starts some where at Rs.2097. As you use Internet on your mobile, it’ll keep decreasing.

          • hey sriraj,
            in my ded internet account the exact opposite is happening…its starting at 0.00 INR…and it hasnt changed…its bin like this since i did RC 98…is tht normal?…

            • oh and i used opera on my phone…and after i cancelled the connection…(i hav a windows phone)…it said u hav bin charged 0.09….(i dont think i shud be getting such a notification rite?)…i already restarted my phone….browsed again…and the same msg came…its not gettin cut frm my main acc..i checkd…but im jus afraid it’l get cut later…plz advice

            • If it is postpaid, I have no idea..
              If it is prepaid, then it surely not normal

    • Hi , y can u 98 internet plan with your pc. just intall nokia pc suite on your computer . after install nokia pc suite open nokia pc suite and one click the option connect to the internet after click the option one window open and process will be start and your phone has been connected to the internet .

  87. say about airtelbroadband plan

  88. Hey so if i wanted to do this plan what do i need to do, i’m from the US so i dont know how to get this RC98 plan to work with my phone, i got an iphone

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