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Funny but true, Population stats – India Vs Australia

It’s a known fact that India is way ahead of Australia in terms of population. But this stat is really surprising, ‘the increase in population year on year in India is more than the entire population of Australia’. At the time of writing this article, it is estimated that India’s population is 118,35,20,000 (118 crores 35 lakhs and 20 thousand) and Australia’s population is 2,23,95,956 (2 crore 23 lakhs 95 thousand and nine fifty six).

But, by the time I complete this article, India would have had at least 200 more people and Australia, another 4-5.

This is based on an estimation that there is an effective addition of 29 people every minute in India (taking into account the deaths per minute) while Australia sees an effective increase of 1 person in every 1.13 minutes.

Some more interesting stats

  • Mumbai, India’s financial capital is officially estimated to have a population of 1,38,30,884 which is more than half of entire Australian population. Guess what are the sizes of both these areas?

Mumbai – 603 square kms (and slightly over), Australia – 76,17,930 square kms.

  • Just a while back, I said that the Indian population is 118,35,20,000 (Ohh, at least 100 kids would have been born by now, let’s welcome them to India). United States population at this moment is 30,97,97,996. This means that India has well over thrice as many people in the United States. Guess again the areas of India and United States?

While USA is spanned across 98,26,675 square kms, India only has a land of 32,87,240 square kms, less than one third of that of USA (but has more than thrice population than USA as seen earlier).

  • People often compare India and China when it comes to population. At this moment, China is estimated to have a population of 133,87,80,000, which is obviously more than India (for the time being) but China is almost exactly thrice the size of India when it comes to Geographical Area, at 96,40,821 square kms.

Enjoyed reading this article? You can find more such funny facts in the Facts section.

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  1. Because india lost more land than entire 0.5 size of Australia! Because india only defend aggression! Check size of india before independence from british! Check size when king vikramaditya was ruling india! Go to cambodia and check. Info on ankor watt! Do use brain!

  2. good and funny information

  3. Good information .Thanks you

  4. But do you know that Australia’s population growth rate is 1.7 percent per year, almost 50 percent higher than the world’s average of 1.2 percent per year and India’s population growth is lower then this( check Wikipedia)

  5. in population we are just few years behind china, whole world is quiet sure about us to beat china

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