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Photon Plus 3.1Mbps unlimited Internet for Rs.750/month

So if you’ve been attracted by those catchy ads of Tata Photon plus mentioning Unlimited Internet at just Rs.950 per month, here’s the catch. While it is really unlimited, you’ll only get the photon plus speeds of 3.1 Mbps up to 5GB, beyond which the speed reduces to the normal 1x CDMA speed of 155 Kbps. So essentially, this is just an addition to the initial Tata photo plus tariff of 5 GB for Rs.950 per month, which is no doubt useful.

If 5 GB is just too small, there are two other Unlimited plans:

Rs.1100 per month plan where 3.1 Mbps speeds will be up to 10GB and

Rs.1500 per month plan where 3.1 Mbps speeds will be up to 15GB, beyond which, the speed will decrease to 155 Kbps.

Decreased price

If you didn’t know, Tata Photon plus post paid USB Modem is only Rs.2499 now. Added to that, you will get a Rs.200 discount in your monthly bill for 1 year from the date of activation. Which means that if you choose the Rs.950 unlimited plan, you’ll only be billed Rs.750 (plus applicable taxes) for 1 year, which is not a bad deal at all.

Speed concerns

A lot of Tata Photon users complain that they do not get the speeds advertised. Before you buy a Tata Photon device, please be sure that your area is served under its special High speed network. This network is different from the traditional Tata Indicom CDMA network. Please call the toll free number 1800266121 to know if your area comes under their high speed network coverage. If it doesn’t, then you’ll only get the 1x CDMA speeds of 155Kbps (even this is up to the ISP, the speed which you’ll receive will be much less). If it does, depending on the time, proximity to the High Speed tower and number of concurrent users, you should get a speed of (plus or minus something) 2Mbps (Mega bits)  or 256 KBps (Kilo Bytes).

Note: Tariff and speeds are subject to revision. As on June 2013, the tariff plans for Tata Photon Plus (prepaid) are revised as:

Rs.700: 2GB, Rs.750: Rs.3GB, Rs.1000: 6GB, Rs.1200: 11GB.

All the above plans are unlimited with speeds reducing from 3.1Mbps to 155Kbps after the mentioned data usage.

Postpaid plans are also similar to the above and are slightly (by Rs.50 or so) cheaper than prepaid.

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  1. I did INR 750 unlimited recharge in photon+ which gives unlimited browsing facilities and 3 gb downloading/uploading facilities. But because of heavy usage all my 3 gb along with special recharge have been utilized.
    Please tell me how can i do topup recharge for using the browsing services.

  2. aircel 98rs unlimited internet plan bat my aircel 98rs plan speed is not 2g my speed is 3g on 2g recharge i am every day downloading films songs i have trick yaar

  3. what does ADD-ON PACKS AND VAS CHARGES mean?

  4. Can u please provide demo testing of photon net on my home,so i can use photon net if its working fine speed.
    Further clarification pls contact

  5. I have got a plan plan of 750 and look at the fact that my speed is only is 10 kbps … please can anyone help me to activate my certain speed i am fed up of downloading slowly… i saw my network utilization only 2-5 percent..help me

  6. the tata photon is the best net in low price

  7. ashish Kumar mishra

    I want to know about unlimited plans of tata photon plus.Because i want to buy it very recently.

  8. I am enjoying plan 5GB@950 on discount of Rs.200/- per month for 12 months. My Account No. is 937——- and my indicom No. is 092050——–. My mobile No is 9419254671. Sorry to say that I am neither getting any info of my bill on my e.mail address nor any message on my mobile, details of which I have already given at the time of purchase and filling of form. Will you please activate this info both on my mail as well as on my mobile, please.

  9. airtel 98 gprs plans are best plan

  10. Please send me detailed tariff of night unlimited download as soon as possible.

  11. sir, I’m nethaji, I got tata photon plus postpaid internet i didn’t know about my plan so i requesting for send my tariff and plan details. Thanks…

  12. hi i am going to buy a mobile broadband service plz tell me which one i should buy tata/bsnl or else. It has to fast and have unlimited plan perm of less than Rs1000. I live in Arunachal pradesh,naharlagun. Plz anyone tell me. I am going to buy it on 20dec 2010. Reply me at abhayjasr at gmail.com . THANK YOU

  13. sir this is ramesh my proper place is andhra pradesh i had to use tata photan internet but now iam living in banglore so i want to use tata photan internet hear so any roming or any othetr problems phases plz tel me details

  14. SARBJEET SINGH from Ghair

    airtel gprs is very best from others. only RS 98 for one month & get 2gb free download.

  15. hey i want to know the actual price of that and the max speed also plz reply as soon as possible……


  17. bsnl evdo is not better. its the worst solution you can go for.

    they had charged me 650 pm for usage of evdo card. those people promised a minimum download speed of 60-80 kbps. however in reality thank lord Ganesha if you get even a speed of 4-5 kbps.

    they are running a corporate scam and are fooling people worse than tata or reliance.

    i have discontinued my service (even when i tried to do so i went through a thousand different harrasements) and even discontinued the 500c+ home broad band scheme, as they have slashed the speeds during the night time (2-8 am) from a minimum download speed of 160-175 or 198 in good days, to a miserable 30-45 kbps. that too is not fixed.

    i suggest getting a good smart phone, an airtel sim and the rs 98 gprs plan which provides 2gb usage.

    i use the n97 mini with airtel Sim (i got this free). connected to laptop with data cable and using IDM i get download speeds of 12-14 kbps.

    right now i am reduced to basic internet work. that too slow and painful as a conversation with your mother in law. i cant download games., no question of downloading movies and i feel that i have gone back to the days of dial up.

    i wish scrotal cancer upon the bastards of bsnl.

  18. Hello m under same plan, 1 week to get my bill have already used 6 gb. r they going to over charge me? I asked customer care but he told no only speed will reduce. but speed is more or less same as it was when i was under 5 gb. I think my area does not includes in high speed network.Please reply me.

  19. the max download seped which we get is 50 to 60 kbps normally and after 5 GB the sped is 10 to 20 kbps, its batter to purchase a 2g plan chepper and nearly the same sped

  20. I want to know the detailed information on tata proton pre paid tariff plan and all other details like its purchase cost, downloading speed, monthly rental(if any) etc….

  21. U have added correct details of unlimited plans, Tata & Reliance are providing wireless broadband, but i think they are making fools to public, they think public has no sense & mean of unlimited.thanks for giving correct details before i buying this.

  22. i think BSNL EV-DO is better. it has no fair usage policy. 750 unlimited plan.

  23. requesting for price details of usb mode

  24. Jitendra Singh Rajawat

    I want to know tata Photon high speed data card post paid and pre paid tariff plans and purchase cost and maximum and minimum downloading speed in jaipur rajasthan.

    Please provide me details

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