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New Rupee Symbol, Software updating & Keyboards

Now that our Neta’s found some time and finalized the Symbol for Indian Rupee, efforts should now be put in full strength to make it a recognized Symbol across the world. It is interesting to note that this selection is not from one of those 5 symbols shortlisted earlier. However, from all angles this looks to be a better choice than any of the earlier shortlisted symbols. The new Symbol looks like the Hindi letter ‘Ra’ with two parallel bars stroked across horizontally at the top which is also fairly easy to write on. New Rupee Symbol

India now joins the league of United States, Great Britain, European Union and Japan that has their own currency Symbols, Dollar, Pound, Euro and Yen respectively. But, to make it internationally recognized, it has to be accepted by International Unicode consortium’s Unicode technical committee. India being a part of the consortium, this should not be a problem. The acceptance should be done the next time the committee arranges a meeting which is generally conveyed once in 3 months.

The big problem, however, that could take up to 2 years is the updating of software to be able to type the new Rupee symbol on a computer, let alone the presence of it on the keyboard. EURO, British Pound and Yen were carved out a long time ago and even now it’s only the US Dollar that is present on most computer keyboards. However, it isn’t required for a Symbol to be present on the keyboard to make it appear on a web page.

Like, for British Pound, we can type £ or £

Japanese Yen –   ¥ or ¥

EURO –   € or €

….and generate their respective Symbols just like £, ¥ and .

This is where software updating is required and that could take some months.

However, the Indian PC manufacturers like HCL are actively considering the implementation of Rupee Symbol on to their keyboards as soon as possible.

Update: There is now a HTML Unicode that you can use to graphically represent Rupee: ₹  Various OS’s, including Microsoft’s Windows, Android, iOS now support this Unicode (Sigh, my web host which runs on a version of Linux still doesn’t support this).

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  1. Presently DejaVu fonts support for the new Rupee symbol. For using in web page the HTML code ₹ and to display the new Rupee symbol in word processors by press the Alt key followed by 20B9. But check for software updation of new unicode.

  2. I feel “U+20B9” should be the unicode. Not sure how it works as there is no ctrl, shift or someother key to use this code. Please share it if anyone has the unicode for INR devanagiri format.

    Thanks in advance

  3. i want to down load

  4. We need a unicode for Rupee, as we have for Pound, Euro and Yen (these keys dont appear on the keyboard, but we can use the unicode to print these). Similarly, we need for Rupee as well.

  5. Thanks for this great information. I was thinking why will it take up to 2 years for this to recognize internationally.

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