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Kings, Mustache and the Playing cards

Okay, I know most of you are good at playing cards, but I’m not sure how many of you know or observed the ‘fact’ that it is only the King of Hearts that doesn’t have a Mustache. All the other Kings, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs have a Mustache (Moustache in other forms of English).

While there is no official theory, the most popular belief is that the other three Kings might all be not-so-good-kings while the King of Hearts is the only Pure one out there and hence he is neatly shaved with no beard and Mustache.

Some interesting observations

  • If you also observe carefully, the king of hearts has a Sword held right behind his neck at the back. Hence, he is sometimes also called as ‘Suicide King’.
  • Some others think this looks as though the King of Hearts is hiding the Sword behind him and this along with the absence of Mustache has earned him another title of ‘The False king’.
  • Another observation is that it is only the ‘King of Diamonds’ that has an Axe in his hand and all the other three Kings have a Sword and hence the King of Diamond is also called a ‘The Man with the Axe’.

It is widely believed that each king was representing:

King of Hearts – Charlemagne

King of Diamonds – Julius Caesar

King of Clubs – Alexander the Great

King of Spades – King David.

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