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Do you have the new Rs.10 coin?

I was not really surprised when I read a recent news that the new Rs.10 coins were found missing. RBI Introduced them a good 1 year ago and many people might well have no idea how they look even now. RBI is said to have released 8 crore such 10 rupee coins but are no where found in the daily trade. There were three speculated reasons on why this could be happening:

  • Resemblance with European Union’s, EURO and hence people preserving them
  • The ‘looks like gold coating ‘ around the coin and hence people preserving them for fun and
  • Availability of Rs.10 notes and hence find no reason to use the 10 rupee coin.

While I certainly have a pile of Rs.10 coins at home, I’m not sure I preserved them for any of the three reasons above.

Being from a Banking family, I had a chance to see the 10 rupee coin long ago, probably as soon as they entered the market. At the beginning, I just used to give them to shop owners like any other coin when I purchase something. Sometime’s when I’m short of few Rupee’s, this new 10 rupee coin used to come to my rescue. The shop owners happily accepted this new coin even though it was as loss of few rupees to them. They even asked me to bring few Rs.10 coins when I turn up the next time.

After the initial bunch of 10 rupee coins that I had were distributed to various sources around me, the next bunch of coins landed in my house, thanks to my banker father and mother.

Pile of New 10 rupee coins

Now, it’s time for ‘1 each for friends and family’.

Even after all this while, people are crazy about this new thing and I certainly didn’t see 10 rupee coin any where in the market. It almost looked like I was the only source of 10 rupee coins in my locality.

Hence I slowly started preserving something that most people didn’t have which I had in possession.

What will you do if you receive Rs.10 coin from someone?

PS. I will again slowly start releasing what ever few coins I have with me in to the market in a hope that the receiving party will continue to put them in the stream and not preserve.

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