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Distance between Russia and USA is just 4 kms [fact]

Russia, as we all know comes under the Asian continent and USA belongs to the North American continent, both two extremes of the Eastern and Western world. It’s hard to believe that the distance between USA and Russia is just 4 kms (2.4 miles) but, it’s a fact. Remember the high school lesson, that of ‘Earth and its Shape’? Earth is Spherical in shape and hence the Eastern part of the world (Russia) and the Western part of the World, Alaska (a state of USA) happens to be separated by a mere 2.4 miles.

Few other Interesting things

  • Alaska (USA) and Cape Dezhnev (Russia) are separated by Bering Strait which is nearly 53 miles (85 kms) wide. This strait has two islands namely Little Diomede that belongs to Alaska (USA) and the other being Big Diomede belonging to Russia. It is these two islands that are 2.4 miles apart.
  • Even though they are only 2.4 miles apart, they fall under completely different time zones with a difference of 21 hours (Cape Dezhnev in which the Big Diomede island falls is 21 hours ahead of its American counter part, the little Diomede island).
  • Long ago, when the ocean levels in the Bering Straits were low, it is said that the local Asian’s used to casually walk across (on the glaciers) the strait and enter the United States.
  • The little diomede has some local population even today, while Russia has pushed all Big Doimede locals to Mainland to avoid contact with other island. Russia uses the island for weather surveillance and few military operations.

Image of Bering strait between Russia and USA

The image shows the Bering strait with Russia to the left and the Alaskan state to the right. Diomede islands can be seen in the middle of the strait.

If you feel interested, you should definitely read more about this. It is fascinating.

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