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Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption

If you have a high end version of either Windows  Vista or 7,  you might have observed that there is an encryption option called ‘BitLocker Drive Encryption’ by default. As the name suggest, you can protect a drive (either your system hard drive partition or an external hard drive/ USB) by encrypting it and saving it behind a Password you …

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Trying Dell factory Image restore after Upgrading OS?

If you have a Dell notebook (or Notebook from any other Manufacturer that provides a recovery partition with Original System Image) and wondering why you are not able to use the System Image restore, the bad news is that you will NOT have the option to use the Image restore once you Upgraded (or just changed) your OS from the …

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Windows ISATAP Adapter problem

Okay, I just somehow stumbled on to the Drivers section (Device Manager) of my Windows 7 Laptop and found that there is some Yellow coloured notification beside ‘Microsoft ISATAP Adapter’. Further information tells me that ‘Microsoft ISATAP Adapter device is not working properly and that Windows cannot load the required device drive (code 31). I don’t see my Laptop having …

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