Thursday , 22 February 2018
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India will win the World cup – Here’s why

Okay, these are not any technical reasons but more of a ‘hope so’ kinda one’s. First, the schedule. It is very clear that this World cup schedule is fixed to favour Home teams, more so for India. For example, Sri Lanka (except for the final group stage match) and Bangladesh play all their matches in their backyard, but in case …

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Live cricket updates on mobile as SMS

Just like free news alerts on mobile as SMS, there are many ways to stay in touch with the action on the pitch. Especially at a time like this with the first ever Champions League tournament just around the corner and a bunch of other series to follow, Indian cricket fans need a tool to get themselves updated with the …

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Guess how much Dhoni earns per year?

Keep aside what might be Dhoni’s salary for the moment but look at this report from Forbes that lists Dhoni as the top earner in the cricket’s history. According to Forbes, Dhoni is the one and only cricketer ever in the history to reach the $10 million a year mark which is a good $5426 for every run that he …

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